1978 Chinese Zodiac: Horse And Snake

1978 Chinese Zodiac: Horse And Snake

If you were born in the year 1978 your Chinese zodiac sign is a horse, if however, your birthday falls between 1st January 1978 and the 7th of February 1978 your Chinese zodiac is the Snake. As I am covering both here I will firstly discuss horses, and please scroll down for the interpretation of snakes. Horses represent power, dedication, great friends and good luck! If you are born under the snake this indicates being cunning, able to understand people and also that you will succeed in life.

Being born in the decade of the “Greece film” and of course: Saturday Night Fever is overall positive. Being over 40 I am sure that you have made quite an impact in life as you are a strong, confident and powerful person.

So if you fall under the snake or the horse then this is a positive year to be born. You’re here to understand your 1978 Chinese zodiac and I am going to briefly go over what it means to be born under this sign and the effect of being born in this year and your personality.

I am here to help you decode what it means to be born in 1978. In 1978 we first saw the cellular mobile phone introduced in Illinois and all sorts of great things which I will briefly mention below. The year of the horse is quite interesting because it denotes your personality and how you interact with others. The horse is often used in Chinese mythology to denote “power” and it is associated with the yang force.

What does being born in 1978 in relation to the Chinese Zodiac? 

For this sign to be represented in your birth year then this indicates that you enjoy hard work, sports, and fast cars. In Chinese society, parents did feel that a girl born in this year is at a disadvantage.

This is because the year of the horse is supposed to indicate it is hard for them to find a suitable person to marry. Males born under the horse year is supposed to be positive and it was a given that the male in this year would be the breadwinner. I am not sure in our modern world how true this is.

The horse represents the purpose of life is to work and earn money to help the family. Of course, our personality holds so many interesting facts. We all have positive and negative traits.

Horses are often associated with power and being able to influence. You are admired and can quickly take over and be the most popular person. The person born under this year can also happily remove people from their lives. If you are born under this year you can get angry easily fight and will go off in a mood. On a more positive note, you are passionate about what you do in life and for others. If you are born in 1978 you will make great friends with people.

Events in 1978

I just have to cover this. I have never really looked up what was going on the year I was born (1978) but I do think that spiritually the events of the year are important. In music, the Bee Gees dominated the charts and the show Dallas (remember that one!) The first star wars action figures came out and apparently according to Australian Scientists 1978 was the happiest year according to economic welfare and unemployment was low worldwide.

How does the 1978 Chinese Zodiac fit with other zodiac signs? 

There are almost 12 animal signs including Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Dog, Pig, Rooster and finally the horse. Additionally, there are five elements that incorporate the following: Earth, metal, water, and wood. It can be somewhat confusing to try to understand what each sign means. Plus, there are so many variations.

Wealth in the 1978 Chinese Zodiac

In wealth, the horse provides so much potential in life. It’s very important to try to keep friends close. It can often be beneficial for the horse to be surrounded by people who are positive and provide rewards. Being born in 1978 can also indicate that you have reached maturity in order to progress in life. We all sometimes question our own purpose, especially if we have setbacks.

It is important to understand your strong network of family and friends around you. If you don’t have this network then that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t prosper. In business, the year of the horse can be associated with collecting awards especially between the years of 2018 and 2028. This decade is quite important to those born in 1978, as it means that everything they have learned so far will come together. If you started a family then this can indicate that there are going to be strong bonds and your progress will be vast. The horse can also indicate that you are a born leader.

1978 Chinese Zodiac Work

Work Leadership qualities are quite important to those born in 1978. Clearly, you were born into the “horse year” which means that your personality denotes you are very committed to your career. We can also indicate that you are actively involved in friendships and also community pursuits.

There is an attraction to potentially political careers and those born in 1978 generally are not easily influenced by other people. It can mean that you hold a very strong opinion and that you are unlikely to follow groups of people or trends in life stop people born in 1978 often are associated with being able to socially lending and make friends with others very easily. This obviously helps in the progression of career and work.

1978 Chinese Zodiac Love

Being born under the sign of the horse in the year 1978 indicates that we all know that the moon goes through various cycles and this means that for your Chinese horoscope the significance of the moon can bear meaning to your personality traits.

There are definitely combinations of the year and the moon coming together in order to make your future more visible. In relationships, the horse (I will call you that) can be passionate, giving, spontaneous and above all focus on what they really want. Courses generally take a long time to work out what it is they really want from life. This is still true to say that they often believe it in loyalty. When we are over 40 we often understand ourselves better and also what we want from a relationship.

If you are married and you were born in 1978 and this indicates that you have focused on finding the right partner. Those born in 1978 rarely like separation or divorce believe this has happened to you it can indicate that you are strong more stable in the future.

In regards to the horse in love, it can suggest that there are many different opportunities for growth and success. There is also initial fears of going into a long-term relationship. Relationships are never easy and can be complex, especially those that have lasted a long time. Being in your 40s can mean that you are reviewing relationships and questioning whether they’re making you feel more confident positive. With all the Chinese Zodiac signs the moon and the way the stars categorize themselves will affect the mood and also the main areas of what’s happening in ones life.

1978 Chinese Zodiac compatibility

I think it’s important to cover who you are best compatible with. The snake has positive relationships with Dragons and roosters. If they choose these to be partners and there be much cooperation in life. It can suggest that there is going to be fantastic relations.

If however, the snake chooses a rabbit, another snake, a tiger, sheep or pig then the compatibility conflicts. There may be vast amounts of disagreements. In regards to the horse (born after 7th February 1978),  they are compatible with Tigers, she and rabbits. Their intimate friend may be a snake and they should avoid rats, foxes, roosters and other horses.

What is the 1978 Chinese Zodiac element?

In Chinese Zodiac, the Earth horse falls between the dates of February 7, 1978, on January 27, 1979.  In 1978 the horse element was the wood horse.

This indicates that you would do anything to help others that you are likely to be quite moody, optimistic for the future but are easily annoyed by others. You have a high moral standing.  The earth horse can be very successful in professions such as banking, e-commerce and also sales. Those that are born under the earth or sign or work hard but play hard.

Being in your 40s can also mean that you have reached great things already in life. The earth element is quite interesting in the Chinese Zodiac. It can be associated with working hard but being down-to-earth. the Air Force has great business sense but they also like to socialize. People born in 1978 will be totally independent and often enjoy working for themselves.

If you are born before February 7, 1978, then you are categorized as a snake. The element is fire and in regards to personality, it can mean that you are somewhat cunning but also happy and sympathetic to others. The snake under fire indicates mystery and also psychic relations.

The future 2018 for the 1978 Chinese Zodiac

For the rest of 2018, the horse this year in astrology indicates there will be some positive and negative ups and downs. It is a great time to clear your mind. This is the year of being 40! Turning forty is quite a life-changing experience and indicates that it will take time for things to be focused and this does mean that you review your life. It is going to result in positive times ahead.

The future 2018 for the 1978 Chinese Zodiac

In 2019, being 41 years old the moon will go through a new lunar cycle (as it does each year) but this one is extra special. It means according to your Chinese horoscope the bigger goals will be achieved. This indicates that there will be a combination of personal integrity and also feeling as if things are going to slot into place. This is a great time to look at various problems in life and focus on your own skills and understand how you can balance your commitments at work with relationships.

The future 2020 for the 1978 Chinese Zodiac

In 2020 when you reach 42 years of age this can indicate that it is time to review what is important in life. Future wise, it can mean you will deal better with situations and people.  When you are 42 this can indicate that you are focused on the main question of life and what it is you’re supposed to do on this earth.

If we turn to the famous book “hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy” it looks at the number 42 in regards to what you get if you multiply 6 x 9. The answer to what’s going to happen to you when you are 42 lies in the fact that you will focus on what you feel life should be like. And then the following year in 2021 will be full of understanding what is important. I hope this has helped you and check out other parts of my website for more predictions.

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