April 23 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 23 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Keywords: Conservative, concrete

English Name: The Bull

Ruler: Venus

Birthstone:   Ruby

Motto:  I am a natural born leader

Exalted:  The Moon

Element:  Earth

Shape:  Hyperbole

One word:  Bubble

Quality:  Fixed

Strength: Big heart

Weakness: Irrational expectations

Best Color:  Brown

Most compatible with:  Capricorn

April 23 Zodiac

Hello. And welcome to my website. When you were little did you gaze up to the sky and stars in awe and wonder? Yes, it is truly a great sight. And, the sky and astrology help us understand what it means to be born on a certain day. Astrologically, can help us understand our incarnation, our own life and some of the challenges we face. So here we go!

23 is a great number to have in your birth date. Number 23 equals a 5 in numerology. (2 + 3 = 5).

Being born in the last decent (10 days) of April means you fall under being a natural chemist and great at business. So lucky you!

There is a focus on financial supremacy and all obstacles in life are overcome.

Although your mind shows certain philosophical tendencies. You tend to be a materialistic person with pure practical passions and tendencies. You are benevolent of demeanor and attached to the love of money. As you age, your longing for peace and desire to reach your goal intensifies, becoming increasingly unrelenting.

Some people say that you are emotional and sensitive, but you are usually stable and strong. In terms of career, you like to express significant artistic ability and intuition.

You are the type of person who likes to travel – and are happy to save for a while in order to get that holiday – that is the 5 (numerology) in you. If you are a woman born on April 23, you will still be full of youth and have a longing for love. And, men who are born on this day strive to make a fortune with a realistic chance for success! So good for you!

Characteristics and Personality of April 23

I am going to briefly go over your characteristics and personality. Being born on April 23, you possess so many talents but you are the type who will wait for an eternity for the right conditions which will suit you in your work or life, making you rather demanding, sorry to say. At times you look for “perfection” in life you sometimes due to this you loose out on some opportunities.

At times, you take a leading position in life which means that you show influential characteristics. Many of your friends will say you are hard working and can stand for what you believe in until the end, this is because you are born on the 4th of the month. April people always achieve in life.

On an emotional level you are quite passionate and caring. You are incredibly independent and like to provide a sense of security to others.  It is a trait which is associated with most Taurus people. Financial security and success are the most significant things in the life of those born on April 23.

The number 3 in your birthday means that you are the type who doesn’t like an isolated life and thus, it is important for you to show your “influence” to everyone around you. If you engage in careers such as being a doctor or a lawyer, then you will need to train and keep focused.

As a business owner: I know at least two people with their own business that share the birthday of the 23 April. In fact, in most books, I have read on astrology those born on 23 April have a business (normally later) in life. It is important for you to remain calm and have a certain amount of individuality in your business or you might end up losing interest not only in your work. You have an inborn sense to balance work and prove yourself! You also don’t make a big deal out of your accomplishments.

While there are those who will put a resistance, many go along with you because they know they are going to benefit. Your focus is in a situation which is a win for everyone including yourself.

April 23 Zodiac sign – Taurus

I have already April 23 touched on this but your zodiac sign is Taurus.  There are certain traits that you hold such as being quiet, very strong, and calming. There is a natural talent for reassuring those around you and that is why people are attracted to you.

Great traits: I think one of your best traits is that when you achieve something, you don’t go about bragging about it and instead, you tend to demonstrate to those around you, why are considered as a pillar of society and why you are trustworthy. To you, actions speak louder than words and you ensure that you walk your talk, when you tell people something, you ensure that you stand by your word.

Love and Relationships of April 23

When it comes to your love life 23 April children are very loving. In 2019 – 2025 don’t move things too fast things will just develop. You are going to rise in love during 2019/20 especially in committing to another – but make sure that you don’t move too fast. You may find it hard to control your fast-moving instincts.

Freedom: In life, you require more freedom – compared to others. This type of emotional freedom is important to you since it is more enjoyable and comfortable for you than to be suppressed or under someone else’s control. In general terms, those around you tend to love you and you don’t have a problem finding a lover for yourself. You are well remembered for being good lovers and successful.

As a lover, you are likely to show your partner that intimacy is something which requires trust completely, and trust is what you have. You tend to be a supportive love due to your birth date being on April 23, giving out the best comfort and advice and you expect the same to be given to you. Security in love is what you yearn for, as in other matters in life.

Honest and faithful is what you possess and you know how to show emotions, not being unapproachable and closed as lovers. Due to your need for security and safety while in love, it follows that you have a few meaningful and long-term relationships, and since you are often afraid of being betrayed, you don’t get involved in many love affairs.

You exhibit Taurus emotional qualities such as inner strength, calm, and stability.  You are in a position to calm others and that is why you can make a great partner for those who are emotionally volatile. If you get involved with someone who is all over the place with their emotions and ideas, you can become a great partner as you will offer them stability.

But the problem comes when you demand your partner to also show the same emotional stability as you.

April 23 Planetary Influence

As a Taurus born on April 23, Venus is your ruling planet. This is a lovely planet to have as your ruling planet. It means you are emotional and are focused on love in life. April 23 is also a five which means you hold empathy!

April 23 Element

The element on April 23 is Earth. You have a tendency to hold things together but there are certain issues that affect your personality. You are like a tree in life and grow with time. Once an idea is planted deep into the earth, it will be held there. This is like your ideas in life. This applies to your personality.

Career and Purpose of April 23

Well, what can I say? April is a month of people that like to set goals, the 23 indicates that you Everlasting glory, a famous name, and great status. You will strive for career goals that you set yourself. Here are some more “career” type positive traits:

  • You tend to focus your work on goals as you are numerically a 5.
  • At times, you will need to have autonomy in your work and in cases which are extreme, you can transform your energies.
  • You can surprise your boss with how creative you are (the 5 again in numerology)
  • You are hard working and you know what you want in your work and you might just be idealistic and there is a need for you to learn self-control.

Ok, those are the main positive traits in your career. It is possible for your life to have a harmonious career, and thus, you should expect success in life. You are keen to take advantage of opportunities and the many talents that you hold.

It is a journey where you will have a helping hand as there will be many people willing to help you. You tend to make a good worker as well as authorities and in great positions, there is no difference in your devotion when it comes to specific projects.

What you can learn from your work journey is to always turn your flaws into a win situation, not focusing on your weakness and all the negative parts of your journey, but on the positive and your strong points.

With a solid education and more active in your social life, it makes it a winning combination for you, ensuring that your contribution to the world becomes greater and if you activate more of your talents, you will be more satisfied. It is a reaction and a cause which model your behavior, the more you are pushed to produce, the more you become effective.

You don’t have to complain due to the fact that, most of the time, your freedom, excellent opportunities, and abilities are provided for and thus, all you need to do is to utilize them. Best positions for you are leadership, supervisory and managerial positions as you have a way of exhibiting organic leadership.  Without raising your voice, your entry in a room can make people working with you to do what you need them to do and that is what you are blessed with. If you can develop this part of your trait in your personality, you can be promoted very fast and many times in your lifetime.

Health and well being of April 23

It is easy for you to settle into a routine when it comes to your health and gets stuck in there. You need to understand that, what worked for you when you were in your teen years may not work for you in your forties and thus, a need to constantly adapt and modify to increase your chances of good health.

Ensure that you do the same work out the year in year out and you try and experiment on cross training. Back problems and arthritis could be your big concern, so it is important for you to eat healthy food and keep flexible with regular stretching or yoga. Meditating, wearing, or being surrounded with color brown will be able to encourage you to be more spontaneous

Luck and significance of April 23

The brown color is your lucky color and which is the earth color. Earth is known to be both dynamic and nurturing, but at the same time, dry and stagnant, which are the two extremes that affect your personality. Other colors that could bring luck in your life include yellow, blue, and beige.

The lucky numbers in your life include 33, 17, 9, 6, 5, 46, 12, 18, 29, 30, 47, and 57, with 8 being your power lucky number. Daisy is your lucky plant. Chinchilla is your lucky animal. Ruby is your lucky stone. Professions that could bring luck into your life include a dentist, sociologist, and flight attendant.

April 23 Positive Traits

As a person, you don’t believe in the existence of problems instead, you believe that you can be surrounded by issues. Problem attracts negativity while an issue is a technical in nature which can be broken down, diced, and sliced and come up with a solution at the end of it all. What you focus on are the issues and not problems and that could be the reason why people get attracted to you.

April 23 Negative Traits

Stubbornness is what affects your personality negatively. As you grow older, you tend to start relying on things from your past.  It is important to remember that, change is inevitable and you have to keep pace with the new information out there or you will be left behind. That is what you don’t like and you would rather rely on your past rather than embrace change. That is what is holding you back from the big opportunities that come knocking at your door.

April 23 Tips

You are equipped with all the good ingredients which can make you a great person; being well respected, knowing what you are doing, and mostly relying on your experience. You are someone who is very dependable, never starting anything that you know you will not do your best to finish. This makes you be a very dependable person.

But all that might just go to waste due to your stubbornness. Remember that change is a process and it is the only constant in the world. If you allow yourself to be immersed in the process of change, you will come out when you are better, stronger, and smarter than when you started. It is a reality and you need to embrace it.

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