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February 11 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 11 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Amber

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Line connecting two circles

One word:   Burnt

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Passionate

Weakness:  Impulsive

Best Color:    Gold

Most compatible with:   Aries

If you were born on this day, it brings with its originality and ability to concentrate on your work. You have the inherent gift for getting to know others and getting into their shoes. You are attached to worldly things and you ensure that you get others directed and show a talent for political intrigues. You are characterized by stubbornness and persistence.

In spite of losses, you don’t hold back. Your passions are explosive, strong and riveting. You easily succumb to your emotions and feelings. Most of the time you seem as if you are not honest, but you remain sympathetic and polite. You should avoid your passions leading you excessively astray.  Although you are strong and able to make your own way in life with your strong energies, you don’t have the strength to take your own feelings and passions.

When your passions are in full force, you are capable of rushing and being impulsive. Although you can achieve victory over all the enemies you have externally, your internal enemy remains; your own unwanted passion.  For you to survive, you need to always be happy, you don’t give in to your impulsive indiscreet outbursts and rash which could lead you to put your career at risk. You need to trust in money matters.

You are aware that, money is not your goal in itself, but a means to achieve your goals. You desire to keep and conserve your power wisely so you ensure that, your resources are used wisely, thinking carefully about each step. In the process, you look very carefully. In spite of all this, your greatest danger in life is the excessive optimism which might lead you to unpredictable deeds which are dictated by a vision of a future that is very bright.

Characteristics and Personality of February 11

You are unusually different and you are someone who thinks that you are always at the top of the world. You are impulsive, but can still make good friends, first and foremost an advisor that wants to help others so that you are remembered as someone who made a difference for the better.

Your reward is helping and seeing the results of your assistance. You are an observer, forecaster for the future, and what you are forecasting about depends on your nature; it can be optimistic and positive or pessimistic and negative.

On the negative you are incredibly impatient; you don’t like it when something doesn’t happen fast, according to your expectations. You are someone who is anxious; you hate to wait for a long time for anything in your life, even when you know that, rushing is going to give worse results. You cannot help yourself from rushing things in order to achieve faster change.

Life without rushing things and stress is not the complete life for you, therefore, whether deliberate or not, you can neglect something essential in your life and then regret later in life. You need to learn about how to wait and to notice things that are significant and small things which make life great.  You are entertaining and always surrounded by great opportunities, colorful friends from all over the world.

You are very adventurous and you love the unknown. Fear also describes who you are. According to you, you fear that staying in one particular place for a very long time, will limit you in many ways than one.

February 11 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Your zodiac sign is Aquarius and it makes you be a lover of things which are unusual. You love traveling, new ideas. Money does not interest you, but what interests you is what money can buy for you. Personal gains are not your driving force.  You believe firmly that you will not take personal gains and money when you die. For you, you know that experiences and personal connections are what you will take with you.

You believe that life is meant for living and that is what rules your life. It is a rule that has its own limits like for example when you decide that you want to be stubborn about the principles you believe in, you only end up hurting yourself.

Love and Relationships of February 11

For you, love is a very important aspect of life and whoever comes into your life as a lover is very lucky. You take a lot of love and give even more than what you receive. Your partner will get from you, curiosity, cuteness, a person that is well educated and informed, always exciting and genuine.

Your good qualities are reflected in the many friends you have around you. And all your friends might be the ones who share your interests and the humanitarian fight for others.  Your partner will definitely be proud of you in society because of your high intellectual imaginations and value and a certain warmth.

You are the type who will always be with your lover, you are gentle and warm, and very genuine. If you happen to fake anything, then your partner will easily know because you easily give yourself away.  Just the way life is not perfect, so are you.

You are not an individual who is committed to one partner and thus, anyone who doesn’t want to have competition for your love should never dare enter into a relationship with you. At times you are superficial and empty and not interested in your partner’s difficulties, attitudes and joy at all.

You are naturally charming and thus, you don’t need a lot of struggle to get noticed in front of strangers before you charm them. The reason behind it is because of your curiosity. When you get to meet new people, they will definitely see that, you are genuinely interested in knowing more about them.  But that doesn’t mean that you are interested in them romantically or to be their best friend; your interest is all about knowing what they have to say.

February 11 Planetary Influence

Uranus is the planet that governs your life. While it is said that Uranus is distant, remote and cold, its impact on consciousness is what is impacting on your personality. Uranus deals with a consciousness that goes beyond your personal identity that is immediate. This planet is appropriate for you because you tend to put up with a lot in order to ensure that your principles are realized.  You don’t like being wrong.

February 11 Element

Air is your element and its aspect of being visionary is what impacts your personality. You have a creative flair and are always hungry for knowledge. Air is similar to knowledge as it sustains and enriches you. Without air, it is very hard to live.

The same thing applies to your attitude towards your own personal vision and knowledge. You are someone who is driven by principles and you have this feeling that, you cannot be able to be alive unless you stick to your principles no matter what is happening around you.

Career and Purpose of February 11

You can be too fascinated with your business ambition and end up failing to perceive the essence that happens around you realistically. Even with all your imaginations, you can miss some things. In your work environment, you are someone who is very ambitious in a way that you begin to craze yourself with very significant achievements and ideas.

It can be something that holds you in a kind of good motivation that you like.  You can soar up to that extent of the work, and your life is reduced to only working. And at the end of the day, your life will create a success in the business plan which will cost you your emotional hurt and in every other way. Your social life will be zero or you will only be socializing with colleagues and end up choosing a life partner with colleagues.

When you find your dream job, you are responsible and efficient workers, who cannot wait to climb the ladder of success. You will not be fooled, but you must have the freedom to do your job in your own way and this is what will bring work conflicts.

If you become a boss, you are great in the way that you respect deadlines which in the process, contributes to better and faster performance continually, appreciate everyone’s idea and respect other people’s opinions. You can socialize with others because you are flexible and confident, but you don’t like being burdened with family problems as you are not interested in it. You show much more impatience than you can tolerate in your employees.

You are best suitable for jobs involving persuasion, sales, and public speaking. This is something you will learn and not that it is inborn. Due to your interest in other people, you learn to pay attention to some great public speakers and then you start practicing your craft. If you stick to it, you are likely going to become a great future sales, business or public speaker.

Luck and significance of February 11

Gold is your lucky color as it is valuable because of its versatility. It is used as an industrial input as well as jewelry or money. It has so many uses. You love people and are driven by principles and that is why you are gold.  You don’t have to allow yourself to be tarnished and get covered by the intolerance glime. The negative thing is that, as you get older, you become more impatient with the point of view of others. Your other lucky colors include gray, olive and blue.

Your lucky numbers are 42, 40, 36, 24, 12, 1, 52, 50, 31, 28, and 18. Your power lucky number is 28. Your lucky animal is an Irish Wolf Hound. Your lucky stone is amber. Your lucky plant is Poplar tree. Your lucky professions are a policeman, lawyer, and bookkeeper.

February 11 Positive Traits

When it comes to public speaking, you are great. You can easily rally people and know how to push the buttons and that is what makes you a charismatic person. You have a charisma that is very natural. You shouldn’t let it go to waste by idly sitting on it. You need to polish it by expanding your comfort zone and keep practicing. If not, this valuable skills will start to decay.

February 11 Negative Traits

Your negativity comes from being principled to the wrong things in life. While your life is guided by principles, you need to put a limit on how far you are guided by them. At times you need to use practicality. But due to your stubborn side, you use a lot of your time, fighting fights which are not worth. It might have been a noble thing some time back, but with changing times, you need to be flexible and utilize your time well. You need to know your limits or otherwise, your principles will be your own downfall.

February 11 Tips

You have some sort of dual nature whereby it is easy to see your idealism and compassion for those people around you. On the other side, you are hard to get because you have your reasons for sticking to your principles long even after they are no longer fruitful. You will need to challenge your long-held ideas and you will be shocked at what will be revealed to you. You will likely find out that, you are hanging onto things which you shouldn’t be hanging too.

Avoid going to the extreme. While it is good to be guided by principles and to develop a character that is solid without being hypocritical, you need to adhere to practical limits. You don’t have to take things to an extreme to the extent that, you don’t enjoy life and you start seeing others as enemies so long as they don’t agree with you.

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