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February 12 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 12 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Opal

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Semi circle

One word:    Reflection

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Relationship awareness

Weakness:  Passive

Best Color:    Black

Most compatible with:   Leo

You are a righteous person with various interests and sympathies. Your mind is progressive and interesting, with no superstition.  Authority and tradition do not influence you. When someone comes in contact with you, you gaze upon them with calmness and seriousness, maybe even expressing some interest and kindness.

No politeness or courtesy will keep you from searching for the truth that is pure.   It should be noted that your character shows itself only in people who have reached the right level of development. When you come in touch with an average person, you are normally expressed and silenced, quite poorly. You derive pleasure in working where you exert efforts with great perseverance and diligence.

You are interested in educational and political matters, social movements, and your profession is normally intellectual. You are reasonable, careful, sociable and popular and you speak publicly in front of a large crowd without fear. You can form a great relationship with an association, partnership, club, society or even become an initiator of some social movements that will unite your effort with the rest who are struggling for common interest.

Your life path is warrior-like and aggressive. You are not in a rush and you can always wait. The more you wait, the clearer you begin to see everything around you, and the deeper you are in a position to penetrate every problem. You are free from arrogance and vanity; you never pose. You are threatened when, after several years, the final results of your effort will close to realization and you will end up being lost or ruined forever.

Platonic love and disconnection from the company await you. If you are a woman born on this day, you might end up not being fortunate as far as love and marriage are concerned. When you get married, you might give birth to sons who will in the future, become the source of problems in your life.

Characteristics and Personality  of February 12

You are adorned with the patience, peacefulness, and non-destructive. Most of the time you are inclined to philosophy or a higher order of thinking, and often find your occupation in something that is associated with this aspect or else, that will be your hobby. You are a refined individual who is humane.

You love music and all arts without an exception in general. If you don’t find yourself working in an art department, you will enjoy doing it as a hobby. You need to showcase your creativity in one way or another. Internally, you are thoughtful and reasonable; you are real, unlike other Aquarius who like to imagine most of the time.

You have a good memory, clear notions concerning life and the right facts. You know life well and all its aspects. You can be great friends and give good advice.  You love to work with all types of intellectual or mental work and it pleases you a lot when you do that, making you at times being a workaholic.

You love power and dignity, liking all types of reforms and continually operating with progress but revolutionary ideas. You are noble, kind and generous and you expect the world to understand you and accept you, which rarely happens. In a way, you are a person who is a bit strange to the environment, but you can become an exceptional friend. You have an inventive spirit and have literally skills.

You are well known to be fiercely independent. You subscribe to ideas that are interesting which others find to be unorthodox, downright weird and unconventional but you care less. These are the ideas that drive you forward and you know it. They make you gain a great confidence, calmness, and power from them.  It is important to understand that, there is a limit to everything including your ideas to give you power for your personality.

There is a time when you will need to pay attention to what the rest of the people consider objective reality and allow it to influence your beliefs that you subscribe and choose to follow.  If not, you might find yourself being driven to a limit by your beliefs which in the process, can have a negative effect on your relationship with other people.

February 12 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

If you are born on February 12, it means that your zodiac sign is Aquarius, making you be a very interesting thinker. At times you are irrational while on the other side you can be quite resourceful and clever. Once an idea enters into your head, you find it impossible to let it go.

You don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort refining and criticizing the idea, but instead, you are an idealist who is very stubborn. It is very hard for you to separate your personality from your person hood in the ideas that you decide to believe in.  And that could be the reason why you find yourself emotionally connected to your own personal world.

Whenever your ideas are attacked, you feel as if you are being attacked too.  While at times you are adaptable and achieve so much with your life, it is your stubborn nature concerning your personal beliefs that becomes an obstacle. It is important that you work on this weakness you have in order for you to become more successful in all aspects of your life.

Love and Relationships of February 12

In love, you are the type of person who likes to shock due to the fact that, you have a cosmopolitan viewpoint to experiences of love and have an inventive and revolutionary mind which has modern insight. You like to gather experience and are always interested in what is advanced and interesting and what is modern.

Those around you, see you as an idealistic, rebellious and constrained spirit, and that you are not a good partner for everyone because not everyone can deal with your character. Others describe you as original, independent, unusual and crazy in love.

You are someone who is ready for unexpected actions. And since you have your unique habits and interests, and you want a partner whom to share them with, it means some with similar interests will attract you.  You are attracted to the intellectual companionship who also have a free and rebellious spirit like you.

You enjoy stimulating and interesting conversations with people who have opinions and attitudes different from the beliefs and views of most people. But no matter how great lovers you become, you cannot be called romantic in the real meaning of the word, orientation and practical action towards the realization of effective emotion and communication is necessary.

You are, therefore, more friendly in communicating in which you will be able to express your altruistic and humanistic beliefs and to discuss social issues in society but to express most profound emotions and feelings in love. So for you, it works well when it comes to communication about the day to day happenings in the world instead of expressing tenderness and passion in love.  But all this doesn’t deny you the chance of being a great partner and lover, and eventually parents. You know how to love in your own way.  You take time to process and share your true feelings because you think before speaking it out as far as relationships are concerned.

Due to the well-known fact that, most relationships break up because of people being thoughtless with their words, it matters to you that you need to think about the words you want to say before you say it. You only say what you truly mean because you live by your heart and take seriously everything that you speak out.

That is why some people find you to be a great romantic partner.  When you give your word, you stick to it and even if your partner is being unfaithful and abusing you, you will still have the strength to hang in there. You can be so stubborn as far as your beliefs and ideas are concerned in regard to love to the extent of putting yourself into harm.

It is the way your personality is configured and it is hard for anyone to advise you and you adhere to it. When you give your heart to someone else, it is as if it becomes hard for you to take it back and move on.

February 12 Planetary Influence

Your main planetary influence is Uranus because you are an Aquarius. The aspect of Uranus that governs your life is its gravity field. Even though Uranus is distant, it still has a strong gravitational force and yet it is quite a distance from the sun.

That is the what is reflected in your tendency to hang onto ideas for a long time even when they are outdated. There is a need for you to let go otherwise you might find yourself trapped in unproductive or relationships that are very harmful to you.

February 12 Element

Air is your element which pairs up with the Aquarius in you to impose some qualities onto your personality. When air is heated and compressed, it can quickly blow up. This applies to your imagination because there is a great sense of energy that is explosive which you get when you think about the ideas to which you believe in.

Your driving force is not money or social status, but your ideas. You get emotional sustenance from ideas and they give you comfort and an identity. That is how important ideas are to you, but there is a need for you to become choosy as to which ideas to absorb. If you don’t, then you are likely going to live a life which is enslaved to ideas that hold you down all the time.

Career and Purpose  of February 12
You are blessed with great organizational skills and this makes you be a carrier of new methods and new thoughts on communication with ideas that are very original, which can be used for education, literature, science, journalism, computer technology, and television.

You can work in all types of fields because you are capable of showing your skills anywhere. You are a true worker and you prove your work through commitment and hard work.  You need to achieve freedom of your existence which could be reached by living with your principles. You are the type who wants to change the destiny and the consciousness of the entire humanity and generation.

But it is impossible for you to escape from your nervous characters which prevent the realization of ideas. In such situations, you can become eccentric, confused, and impractical, with relationships at work becoming poor. You have great creativity, personal brilliance, and tremendous intuition and that is why you are good in fields like the arts, science, and drama.

When you go to meetings, you attend when you are well prepared and with an anticipation of what other people will say. You ensure that, whatever role you are given, you expand it in order to bring it to life. You can be a great actor.

Luck and significance of February 12

Your lucky color is black which is the absence of color and thus, a sense of purity to it. There is no line with the color black, it is either it is black or some other color. And that is the reflection of the black and white fluctuation of your emotional realities.  Your other lucky colors are battleship gray, teal and yellow.

Your lucky numbers are 52, 39, 33, 24, 13, 1, 8, 17, 40, 55, 57, and 59. Your power lucky number is 2. Your lucky plant is Pear tree. Your lucky animal is Stingray. Your lucky stone is opal. Your lucky professions are a chimney sweep,  mailman, bookbinder joiner.

February 12 Positive Traits

You are someone who is very loyal. If someone is lucky enough to be friends with you, then they are lucky because you will hang on with them in both good times and bad times, in health and in sickness, in richness or poverty.

You are also very brilliant because you are capable of mastering ideas and making things happen through your clever way of solving problems.

February 12 Negative Traits

You are your own victim of your thought pattern. You define things in extreme and absolute terms that you end up finding yourself in relationships that are not profitable to you at all but instead, are harmful. And because of who you are, it is very hard for you to let go.

You are stubborn emotionally and this makes your lover and friend spit in your face and you don’t find the energy to let go and move on without them. It is something that is likely to rob you of a lot of peace, joy, and happiness that you deserve.

You need to do yourself a favor because you deserve better than you are currently receiving from your personal relationships. If there is nothing positive coming out of them, call it quits.

February 12 Tips

You will need to consider cutting yourself off from people you think are toxic in your life. Even though you have greatly invested emotionally in these people, it is time to let go. If not, you are putting yourself in a tight spot.  You can still be casual acquaintances or distant friends, but avoid being too close.

You are fine as far as getting along with people and ideas, but you have a weakness as far as your emotions are concerned. You will need to reexamine all your relationships and ensure that they give you positive results or else, let go of them.

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