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February 20 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 20 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: submissive, searching

Ruler: Neptune

Birthstone:  Opal

Motto: I believe

Exalted: Mercury

Element: Water

Shape: Payne’s gray

One word: Hardship

Quality: Mutable

Strength: Depth

Weakness: Obsessive

Best Color:   Sea green

Most compatible with: Scorpio

You are sociable, friendly, and talented and you live in harmony with your family and surrounding. When you have successful social relationships and family, it brings you much happiness in life. Because of your longing for wealth and a life of prosperity, you ensure that you approach your business with care and scrupulousness towards your clients. You show a sense of justice and truth in everything you do.

You would like to govern others and influence your surroundings through the power of conviction as well as realize your life goals by your remarkable ability to adapt to the circumstances and conditions. As a business person, you are in for success if you manage to put together two factors of contradicting nature which will let you create new possibilities of general interest. In this way, you can easily connect two forces which could be ineffective or incomplete if left apart, into a single, useful entity. When it comes to social matters, you are very loose.

Due to your innate politeness, you would like to make everyone promise and obliged everyone anything you want. But after some time, you forget about your promises or dismiss them. You ensure that you dress carefully and with a certain degree of taste. You talk excessively of your own deeds without mentioning your mistakes, errors, or illnesses.

You are a merry person but you can also be heartless coquettes especially if you are a woman. If you are a man, marriage usually helps you in development and inner rebirth. When you enter a happy marriage you become satisfied and happy with life but it is possible for your marriage to be disharmonious. You are an individual with a nature that is double and thus you are able to reach inner harmony only through reason and self-control.

Love and Relationships of February 20

You are the type of lover that has an exceptional understanding for those people around you. You can see deep and most hidden desires and your advice even if not acceptable is always for the good of everyone. You are the pillar and rock for your partners. You are not the type to dominate when you are in a relationship and you adore the feeling of being needed.

The feeling of your partner not depending on you and that they can live without your input in their lives is what keeps you going in a relationship. You don’t seem to take care of yourself and you tend to believe that, you are here to live forever and you act as if you believe it from deep down your heart.

Your problem has to get to do with finances or emotional and also exhaustion of health which is not normally robust but can withstand consequences. If you have psychological problems, you can experience health issues. You are the type if you fall into a depression, you automatically lose weight.  You at times tend to live in loneliness and a deep understanding of truth that you cannot express.

It is at times very hard for your potential partners to understand you as you represent eternal riddle to those around you. You represent the riddle of everything that surrounds you and your friends or those who love you must use all imagination to understand your strange plans which move in your head and your emotions that are very hard to figure out.

Unfortunately, while your reasoning is most of the time unusual in all matter, the unhappy contradiction in character is as if you were impeded when it comes to feelings. You leave intuition there and you don’t want to hear and see anything which would through bad light on your love.

Due to this, you usually have several bad experiences in love before you finally find your right partner in life. You are someone who is full of surprises and are stronger and wiser than it is usually thought of you.

Characteristics and Personality of February 20

You share several characteristics with the Pisces sign but things are not easy for you as they seem. You have easily recognized due to a special look in your eyes; a special sad look which is suggestive of restlessness and melancholy under the normal surface of things. You have beauty both inward and outward. People get attracted to you since you are unusual and extraordinary in everything that you say and do.

February 20 is a date when most of the dreamers and poets were born; restless, sensitive, intuitive and imaginative people who are at the same time both comic and drama kings and queens. You are at times a crybaby as well as a speaker of wisdom and truth. You are an individual who is creative as well as lazy. You have two sides to yourself which are both equally strong.

You are someone who is very imaginative and you know everything concerning human relationships and negative aspects of human nature. You could be tempted to embrace darkness starting with yourself and others as well. Mostly, you prefer to live in your perfect and generous world, in which you perceive everyone to be happy and in alliance with the laws of nature. You stick to your beliefs even when you know that things are far from perfect.

In case react becomes too rude, you will tend to hide behind your pale illusions that protect you from making practical decisions. You are indifferent to various types of constraints unless they deprive you of your freedom to feel and imagine in your way. You are indifferent to insults, mutual accusations or any other attitudes that are harsh. Few things can make you become violent in your behavior or reactions but it is not uncommon.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely mild and uninterested in the world around you. And sometimes, you change your mind. If something doesn’t make you react, you can become sarcastic and dull and even go to the extreme of becoming very irritable. But you can as well go with a line of lower resistance, waiting for anger to pass and cool down.

Someone needs not is fooled by your independent behavior, restraint, or even extraordinary business ability that you sometimes show. You are sensitive and gentle, with your actions managing feelings, while at the same time, being skillful and able to take good care of yourself if that is what is necessary for you.

Career and Purpose of February 20

You can find interest in some type of creative work but at times, you can end up not achieving anything major in your life and thus, be part of the useless mass. If it happens to you, then it can be a shame since you are blessed with beauty and so many talents.

You are a good listener and thus, your work environment loves you and you make good solutions for heavy situations. You can look for the fastest and best exit to whatever problem that comes your way. You are capable of raising mountains and your possibilities are normally unlimited especially if you have an ability of creativity or possess some gift and which most of the time, is the case. Your problem arises when you decide to be lazy or you don’t want to work hard enough.

Luck and significance of February 20

You are under the influence of Uranus and Neptune since you fall under the Pisces zodiac sign and the planets are responsible for what is happening in your life. It is normally a symbol of eternity and death. Your element is water and that is why you have a changing nature all the time.

You are capable of many great things in life and also for the things that are destructive in life and you can remain an underachiever because of that. Your color is sea-green and number four is your lucky number. It is a number that is symbolic of a human with all his flaws but still with the ability to improve you and to develop.

You are also under the influence of number 2 which is the number that brings all the opposite things which can be found in life and in your character.  Your other lucky numbers are 59, 49, 44, 34, 19, and 15. 19 is your power lucky number. Your lucky plant is Chives. Your lucky animal is Grizzly Bear. Your other lucky colors are pink, yellow, and gray. Your lucky professions are model, astrophysicist, and watchmaker.

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