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February 21 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 21 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: Submissive, searching

Ruler:   Neptune

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Quality:  Mutable

Best Color:  Violet

February 21 seems to be the day when something that is new is about to start most likely, several things at once, and that could be the energy behind the pull you are having. Your relationship with your parents and siblings can turn you into a rational, cold individual, while your emotional world naturally protests and you are always having an inner conflict of personality occurs.

Characteristics and Personality of February 21

You are described by those around you as someone who is very understanding. This is because; you try and often succeed in the process of understanding. You are moved by the need to change the world by the process of understanding; you are someone who is very sensitive just like the rest of the Pisces.

You become socially friendly since most of the time, you find yourself in the company of various people. You are one person who likes to give everyone a chance. You are understanding and not judgmental, understanding that the dark exists in some people and you accept it willingly.

You willingly accept to emotionally fit into other people’s lives, making understanding your greatest motive. You like to support others and that makes you happy and pleased and thus, your presence is essential in any matter which is accepted.

You are characterized by empathy and expressed emotive capacity you can mistakenly recognize what you feel or the feeling of others because you can hide the feelings with some words, but you find it hard to feel for yourself. And that is the trait that makes you have the great ability and your liability at the same time. You need to deal with this challenge issues all your life.

Due to the water element in your life, you are often more in-depth than others and you tend to consider difficult things that life brings to make them feel fulfilled and happier. When you are interpersonal relationships, you can be unrealistic, you can be too attached to others and you can disable or burden the development of events that shape your life.

Although you are known for your wisdom and intellectual curiosity, you sometimes have expectations that are unrealistic and you are too drawn into the world of the imagination and that is why you disappoint yourself several times in life. And since you are dramatic and overly emotional, you end up in deep sadness and depression.

You can willingly take the role of the martyrs in order to gain attention which is not necessary. If you can learn to set healthy limit, you will be able to feel comfortable in the real world which is a lesson you need to learn in your life and it could make your life more comfortable.

February 21 Zodiac sign – Pisces

The sign of Pisces in your life can bring some confusion your way and it is important for you to be seen as a representation of a connection between entities that circle you, and one of the true suns that you choose to circle.

It is within your reach to recognize where the light and creativity come from and what simply reflects it. As a Pisces, you are very emotional and this could be due to the fact that, the symbol of the Pisces is two fish. The fish lives in water and water are naturally unstable and emotional. Apart from your emotional state, you have a tendency of being impressionable.

You give people benefit of the doubt. You are empathetic that a lot of people think that you are gullible. You allow yourself to look vulnerable in order to reach out to people. You have a nature that is patient and gentle. You try to cultivate people. You try to nurture and encourage them.

At the same time, you have a sense of kindness which tends to be abused by people whom you try to help. Even though it might sound harsh, that is the reality because you are dealing with people who take without limit and giving very little or nothing in return. When things are not working you start to blame yourself instead of just acknowledging that, you are dealing with people who are not worth your time and space.

Love and Relationships of February 21

You are very romantic due to your birth date. You are hopeless and incorrigible romantic that you often fall for the wrong people. Throughout your lifetime, you will attract the romantic attention of a wide range of people.

You need to be selective because the people who come into your life are likely going to treat you like you are an emotional doormat. You might be bothered in your mind and that this is going to take you by surprise, but it is the truth of the matter.  You live to love and be needed and your heart yearns for irreconcilable romance. Loving, gentle, and unconditionally generous, you are an emotional individual who emanates deep emotions which can be incredibly strong and with the ability to change things.

You are a passionate lover who has the need to feel a connection that is real with your partner. It has to be a connection that is very strong, everlasting and complete. Short term affairs, relationship, and adventures are not unique to you. And when you find yourself in a loving relationship, you are blindly loyal and in love with your partner to a point where it becomes irritating.

You like to give and to make your partner feel valued and unique. Nothing is too expensive or too good when it comes to your love. You are a gentle soul who makes best friends with those around you and you put the needs of your friends before yours. You are dedicated, committed, and compassionate.

There is no problem that is too big for you and you will always give your support and help. Whether is a problem in the family or amongst your friends, you will do your best to sort it out. You are deeply intuitive and this makes others feel that there is something wrong before it even happens.

You are naturally expressive and you don’t hesitate to bring people around you as you feel. It is not surprising for you to write a song for your partner or buy a gift for them that has a meaning. When you communicate with your partner, you consider it to be the most important trait that your partner can potentially have.

February 21 Planetary Influence

Neptune is the planet of influence in your life. It is associated with sensitivity, idealism, intuition, and compassion. It also brings a lot of imagination into your life and thus, you can do great if you tap into compassion, empathy, and imagination that your Neptune brings into your life.

February 21 Element

Water is the element that pairs up with Pisces in your life to bring the emotional turmoil that you experience. Naturally, water is volatile due to being highly fluid and it changes all the time. Unless you freeze it, it is hard to achieve any sort of solidity as far as water is concerned. You are most of the time moody and your emotional state is unstable.

You end up blaming yourself for everything that is happening in your relationship. Nobody needs to be blamed because you are who you are and those around you are who they are and that is the fact you need to accept and move on.

Career and Purpose of February 21

You tend to take a lot of work for your team and in the process, believe that you are doing your team a big favor by doing most of the work. While in the process it helps you to become indispensable, it can as well make you feel frustrated.  There are people in your group who will fail to work and at the end of the day, take credit for your hard work.

Most of the time, your team will excel and you will be the one spending most of the time in the office working and not getting enough acknowledgment out of it. It is not unusual for you to be left behind by people who know nothing and are less competent than you.

You need to ensure that you get credit for work done. You don’t have to shy away from requesting for the status and acknowledgment that belongs to you.  You can be a great social worker, an athlete, an architect, musician, veterinarian, a designer, and lawyers.

You are the best in a situation where your creativity is allowed to flourish. Your interests include occupations where care of people along with your animals, creativity, work is in the first place. What separates you from the rest is your order of working on a certain job. You need to believe that, what you are currently working on is right.

You have to be persistent in your endeavors. You have the inspiration to make a difference in the lives of those around you and you don’t have limits on the extent of your help. You will go to the extent of even hurting yourself. Since you are sensitive, valuable, deeply compassionate, and reliable and dedicated, you can reach the core of things. You can be great at solving all kinds of problems.

When it comes to money matters, you don’t attach any importance to it. You are more preoccupied with your dreams and goals than money. But for everything, money is needed so you will ensure that you have enough to achieve your dreams and goals. You can be an extreme miser or an over-spender.

Luck and significance of February 21

The lucky color for you is violet, which a rare color is and its rarity is manifested in your tremendous sense of generosity and compassion. You are willing to give to the people around you. You can even give them your most valuable asset which is your time.  You will need to pick the right people in your life to spend your time on.

Your lucky numbers are 45, 27, 19, 18, 7 and 5.

February 21 Positive Traits

If you were born on February 21, it means that you are loving, kind and care deeply. You don’t have a problem of being mean and failing to care genuinely about other people. You are an other-centered person which is an amazing gift. You need to utilize this gift on the right people.

February 21 Negative Traits

You tend to hang onto romantic relationships and friendships that are imbalanced for far too long. While having a small imbalance is not bad due to most people having it, but yours is very negative since you are aware that you are in an imbalanced relationship. You deserve the best from your friends and romantic partner. You don’t need to allow your low self-esteem to get the better of you.

You need to ensure that you insist on your right and thus, if you feel that your current relationship is imbalanced, causing some harm to you, you will need to place it on a lower tier in your life or avoid your friend all the same. You don’t have to hang to a relationship that is toxic.

February 21 Tips

You need to avoid toxic relationships because after all, they are just going to because you harm. You need to change your mindset that you are better off with less love than no love at all. If you don’t change, you will move from one failed relationship to the next. Don’t go with the validation people gives you because you are worth more than that. Learn to love and accept yourself and you will see a difference in your life.

It is easy for people to mistake you to be needy and clingy and which is not entirely fair. In actual sense, you are a giving person. You find some satisfaction to heal others in whichever way and be there for them when they need you. It is good, but you need to ensure that you pick the right people to be caring and loyal to.

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