February 28 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 28 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: Searching, submissive

Ruler: Neptune

Birthstone:  Aquamarine

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element: Water

Shape: Arrow pointed upwards

One word: Piercing

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Aiming high

Weakness: Rough

Best Color: Indigo

Most compatible with: Scorpio

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

You are born so close to the leap year but not. This is significant. It is as if in life your goals are already written. Does that make sense?

Those born on this day hold the Pisces zodiac sign. And, you have special characteristics, I do feel that you have significant skills that you wish to direct into one particular goal. From all my books on astrology, those born on the 28th of February can indulge in serious studies, learning the secrets of nature through persistent efforts. Your mind is amazing and in astrology books care about your immediate surroundings.

People have a hard time trying to properly evaluate you, as you are often misunderstood. The good news is that have great perseverance and a natural sense of loyalty. Even when you have doubts about something, you do not step away from your principles and you stay faithful to your beliefs.

In so many words people can describe you as: affectionate, cunning, and sensitive, sometimes having two of everything, for example, two professions or two homes. Due to being born under the number 8 – life is full of duality. If you are a woman born on this day, there is a likelihood that you will be in two marriages. I do feel that life is at times extraordinary and you’re full of adventures!

People like you because you can be counted on and entrusted with a position requiring a lot of responsibility. In time, you naturally achieve a prominent position but you are still in danger of anxieties which you will try to challenge your mind. Whether you are young or old, as long as you were born on this particular day, you will tend to have large amounts of inner modesty.

In most cases, you will eat healthy when in your youth but with age relax a bit more. With age, you become more corpulent. If you are a man born on this particular day, you will likely be more systematic about your habits than a woman. In life though, we all have bad habits its just natural.

A child born on February the 28th: If you give birth to a child on this particular day, your baby will tend to be oversensitive and easily surrender to external feelings and impressions and this will lead their character to know what is going to happen. The caregivers of such children need to develop their independent thinking ability and awareness of the material side of life.

The child needs to be taught happiness and frugality. This is quite a lucky day to be born on! The child’s great talents will then have room to develop as it should.

Characteristics and Personality  of February 28

Tell me if I am wrong, but you prefer to live in a world where everyone is happy and compliment each other. If your surroundings are too rough, you will escape into a dream world. You tend to hide behind your pale illusions and dreams that serve as a key to making practical decisions. Oh, and you are not indifferent to any kind of restraint if you are not given the freedom to dream, sense, and feel.

Things that annoy you include accusations, mutual accusations, or attitudes. There are very few things in the world that can make you, the Pisces, the fish, a violent person or yeild a violent reaction. Only people who don’t respect others.

And you know the art of changing – much like a chameleon. If you fail to make it react, you know how to both unite and be sarcastic and sometimes, very elusive. As a Pisces, you choose a lower resistance line and you will be expected to cool and become angry.

You are more concerned about how your emotions tap into your intuition. You believe that all people have the truth inside them. Unlike others who believe that the truth is something that they explore by living their life on a daily basis, you believe that people realize the truth.

To you, it is something you can encounter if you dig deep enough (within yourself) because that is where your spirituality comes from and where you draw your intuition. Most of the time, this will pay off well. But when it comes to the larger things in life, it can actually hold you back because you are actually just looking at one part of the puzzle.

February 28 Zodiac sign – Pisces

As I have mentioned at the start, your zodiac sign is Pisces and it is the one making you be impressionable. Those born under Pisces are water-based, emotional beings, who want to believe that you are in touch with your spiritual side but in the process, you are involving yourself in all sorts of mystical things. From where you stand, you feel that it is something good.

But those around you seem to see it differently, especially the ones who truly care about you, they might think that you are impressionable and gullible. It is not the right thing for your spiritual side involves you getting in touch with your intuition.

Your intuitive sense can provide you with a great insight into any kind of situation, with some of the situations which you have not yet come across. The situation in life, according to you, is not really different from one another. They follow a specific pattern and this is true especially when it comes to people.

In your life, you will meet people who can teach you things about how they see the world as per their perspective and how they get along. If you are a good student of your experience, you are likely going to develop a better judgment.

Love Compatability

Pisces is normally compatible with other water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer. Many lovers will be inclined to think that you can live practically and often you act as if you are really independent. In terms of problems, these can be financial or emotional but very often, then impact negatively on your health.

You must always try to use your imagination in love, somehow this will help in terms of attracting the right person. As you are a water sign your emotions is very strong and hard to figure out sometimes, especially if you are in a relationship with another zodiac sign.

Love and Relationships of February 28

In love your element is Neptune, this can indicate that you hold secrets and others are happy to reveal how they feel. The problem is, at time, you can be hot as water and easily lost. Sometimes you are not always sure of the facts, but you know how to act in order for your lover to feel special. You are excessively romantic and sensitive and have a sense of creating something in your love life. You will suit a partner who likes: painting, music, and poetry, as these are some of the ways you express yourself.

At times you struggle with someone around you all the time. In terms of body parts, the Feet are associated with Pisces due to the fact that, they carry the whole weight of the body. As a Pisces, you are known for carrying and taking away all the troubles in the world. As a lover you are mysterious, indirect, romantic, selective, and hypersensitive.

Although you understand better than others, you display traits of being emotional, and reliable, and are a great leader at work. You live in the world,  you have a strong intuition and your mind is an excellent association with the media world. You are always looking for a perfect partner. You have the ability to make a special event out of the first meeting with your charm.

Family Relationships

Sometimes you can be very close to the surface and what makes you happy is when you share your deepest emotions with a loved one. We have all faced things in life, and the number 28 means that you will fall in love quickly, there is also unsuccessful people that might try to get ideas from you.

Leaving a relationship

When you decide that it is time to leave, you try to avoid any scenes that are unpleasant and instead just sleep. In order for you to achieve a successful relationship, you need someone that is romantic, vulnerable but strong to rely on for strength.

Love Compatibility dates: You will get along with people born on the 13th 6th, 15th, 4th, 17th and 31st of any month of the year. You will also get along with people who are born under the zodiac signs of Cancer and Scorpio (as I have already mentioned) since they are also romantic and sensitive. You can also have a good match with the zodiac sign of Taurus since they will offer you with stability and protection that you lack.

When you are confused, you may need to focus on those people who will help you find the “meaning in life” just as you and the love of your life help in every difficult situation.

Generally, you are someone very romantic and it is very easy for your friends to tell others that, you are hopelessly romantic. Despite (friends) advice for you, you keep falling for the same type of man or women – because you find it hard to let go of a certain type of pattern.

You fall in love with the idea of love. There are people on this planet who don’t deserve the love you are trying to shower on them. Remember, you need to give your love only to those people who deserve it.

February 28 Planetary Influence

Being born on February 28 means that,  the planet governing you is Neptune. While it could turn out to be a planet that is great with an  authoritarian streak that could be powerful, it is also known to be a planet of depth, deception, an illusion.

According to scientists, there is a vast area of Neptune which are unknown. It is an aspect of you which sometimes excites you because it makes you feel that, it is where you draw your power. But it can also be a trap for you.

February 28 Element

Your paired element is water because your zodiac sign is a Pisces. Water is generally unstable and the primary element of the emotions. You are someone who is very emotional and you manifest it in various ways. It is portrayed in an almost slavish devotion to your own intuition.

I like to think that your intuition is as powerful as your ability to connect and experiment with others. It is true to say, you base on your current experiences on past events. As you become older, you start becoming theoretical and that is the point where you reach diminishing returns as far as your intuition effectiveness is concerned.

Career and Purpose of February 28

Researching your personality, it is clear that you like working in careers that give you freedom. If you don’t get to feel free, then you will feel unfulfilled and depressed.  Your goal in life is to combine what you are passionate about with your career. This is the only way you can make progress in your life. The best jobs for you are the ones with art and creating new things, ideas that are visionary and things like that are the best for you.

Many say that you are goal oriented, though you miss practicality in your life. In the end, you always find a way to fulfill your goals and make a significant improvement in your business and life in general. Sometimes, you tend to mix personal feelings with your job and that is why at times.

It is hard for you to take criticism. You are unpredictable because most of the time, you allow your intuition or spiritual side to control you. Even though trusting your intuition can allow so many doors to be opened in your favor and you achieve a lot of things, at times it limits you.

When it comes to your career, a little bit of advanced planning, logic, and hard work can pay off tremendously. Other careers that could turn out to be appropriate for you include fashion design, photography, and modeling.

Luck and significance of February 28

Your lucky color is indigo which is a beautiful blue color. It is the color of intuition. It is also normally linked to certain rituals and an addiction to certain mindsets. It can also be used to indicate stubbornness. Your other lucky colors include baby blue, yellow, and cream.

Your lucky numbers are 29, 18, 17, 14, 9, 7, 2, 8, 16, 48, 50 and 56. Your power lucky number is 29. Your lucky animal is a donkey. Your lucky plant is Ficus tree. Your lucky stone is aquamarine. Your lucky professions are a plasterer, sculptor, and prosecutor.

February 28 Positive Traits

When your imagination is working, there are several emotions that come to your mind. This makes you somewhat, sensitive. You are great when it comes to talking. Your visions can excite so many people. But if you want to be successful, you will need to develop your practical side.

Apart from dreaming of things such as scaling the mountains, you will need to put into research and planning that is needed to build the rocket ships which will take you to the mountain of Mars.

February 28 Negative Traits

Big dreams and aspirations challenge you. And, you can end up blocking everything else out. You start filtering people “out” based on your intuition, which has a limit. The reality is that you are always shutting out people in your life who have what it takes to help you live up to your full potential.

February 28 Tips

Try to resist being overly pessimistic and superstitious. You need bare in mind that, there is a great difference concerning intuition that is based on theory and one that is based on facts and lived experience. Superstition is the former. You need to know the difference and you will start living a more fulfilled and happy life.

Realize that pessimism is a state of mind and thus, don’t expect the world to get your intuition if you have not yet proven yourself. Take intuition to be a tool and not an idol to be worshipped. Hope this helps you!

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