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February 7 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 7 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Pearl

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Square

One word:    Extreme

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Unusual

Weakness:  Torn between things

Best Color:    White

Most compatible with: Leo

You know how to be honest, while not giving away secrets. Your behavior is straightforward, you are sympathetic, studious, but not too sensitive in the way you speak. Sensitive and ambitious, you have noble tendencies and usually calm, often being a person of a few words. You greatly value independence and self-reliance; you have a strong longing for freedom in your heart.

Your many talents go hand in hand with your subtle sense of humor, which only goes up as you age. Your mind is exceptionally canny and vibrant, gifted with a subtle taste and excellent observance. You have a great sense of talent for applied art, artistry, foreign languages, and music. Your excellent memory comes together with unbiased and accurate judgment.

You have a weakness for indecisiveness and the tendency for mockery and it is what makes you waste the opportunities that life gives you.  You should not be tormented by a feeling of jealousy as it might transform into a silent depression.

If you are a woman and you were born on this day, it means that you are hard working, thrifty, and you enjoy doing housework. You are hard to be influenced.  You follow your own path and despite that, you can also be hesitant and indecisive on occasion. When you get married, you will show many virtues, keeping your promise to be faithful and loyal.

Your humanitarianism can make you be a protector of the disadvantaged and disabled. You also care for individuals who are undeveloped, the analphabets, and the ignorant. And through your pondering about the fate of others, you reach a conclusion that in most cases, leads to you being in opposition to your surrounding. You like to analytically explain the facts of day to day life activities. You are fearless in your studies and you know not remorse, shame or false.

Characteristics and Personality  of February 7

You like to express to the world, many new and exciting ideas and you always bring something new to live. That is, your motivating factor and what is prominent in your character is the need for a change.  You try to present revolutionary ideas in the world or in the environment you live in and you look toward the future and you are always enthusiastic when you are looking into the future. You are full of positive attitude and optimism towards life which is necessary for the change in the world to be made.

You are an advocate of equality among people because all that you want is to see a world with positive changes happening in it and that is why the ideology of social equality is under the control of your ideals. Your intentions are mostly honest and you never mean to be bad, but you can be a specific conflict with your life, but even when that happens, you will always see a favorable opportunity.

You always seek for the equality in every personal relationship in your life and you want to see that in the world. On the negative, if you are born on February 7, it means that you are unstable, without the ability to achieve relationships that are quality, and friends can make you be very much distressed. You are untrustworthy, irresponsible, and unreliable.

You are someone who is blessed with a lot of intelligence and that is what makes you feel that you are wealthy. You are not deprived of beautiful things and that is why others see you be a very fortunate person.  Deeper into your mind, you are capable of reaching high levels of consciousness and in a way, you can be religious and very spiritual. It is this aspect that goes to the extremes when it comes to you since you have that line of a character in you.

February 7 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Because you are born on February 7, it means that Aquarius is your zodiac sign making you be many things to different people. Regardless of whom you meet, you will make it to their good side. You are capable of doing this due to the fact that, it is very easy for you to invent yourself depending on the person whom you are talking to.

While your character can be likened to that of a chameleon and requires a lot of effort for other people to learn who you really are, it is second nature to you. Unlike a Gemini zodiac person where there is always a dark side to their ability to get to the good side of others, yours is purely good natured. You have it in you that, you need to please others.

You don’t like getting bored because nothing makes you feel crazy like having a boring, flat, and lifeless conversation around you. Everything around you is always spiced up and it is not unusual for you to attract a crowd due to the fact that, you are a crowd pleaser.

Love and Relationships of February 7

You have an independent nature as far as love is concerned because of being an Aquarius.  And for someone to become your partner, they need to accept the independence or you will definitely break up with them.

You are the free person of this world, ready for experiences in sex, love and interpersonal relationships. People intrigue you in every way. You can be found everywhere because you like traveling and you are a bit artistic. You have a thirst for miraculous things. Many people find themselves interested in you, but it is very hard for them to penetrate through you, as you seem to have come from another sphere, very complicated. You are different, original and distant; different from those around you.

For someone to come through to you, they need to be strategic, have an open heart and be intellect, because nothing interests you especially something superficial. You are always a rebel of an alternative. You can give up love due to your principles being betrayed and thus, it seems you have a problem establishing a balance.

You are comfortable with people who are intelligent, beautiful and rich. You are an elite being or at least you behave like one and thus you need a partner who possesses the same qualities and it is best if you found such a partner or else, you will remain unhappy in the relationship.

According to you, love is unfeasible, unrealistic, and imaginary making the ideal hardest to imagine or even live with it. For you, you are optimistic that one day you are going to find someone who will meet your description of what love is all about.

February 7 Planetary Influence

Being an Aquarius, you are ruled by the Uranus planet. Just like Uranus, you are always on the go, looking for the next best thing that might be bigger than the last one you discovered. It is especially true when it comes to your social interactions. Your curiosity is tremendous due to the mysterious nature of Uranus that is controlling your personality.

February 7 Element

You are paired with air as your element. The nature of air being pervasive is what is paired with your personality. Air, even though invisible, it is everywhere and you cannot live without it. Air likes spreading all over just the same way you like spreading yourself in terms of being socially everywhere. In most cases, you find yourself in all types of places and you will never lack words to express yourself.

Career and Purpose of February 7

When it comes to purpose and career, you are very flexible and versatile. Whatever social situation you find yourself in, you will never lack things to talk about. Even if you have met with difficult people and you are trying to talk to them, they might first seem hostile, but you have the charm to get through to their soul and make them smile.

You tend to like jobs involving sales or any kind of public relations. And unlike other zodiac signs, you love to be around other people not because you can get things out of them, but because you want to learn more about them. You have a lot of social ideals and also very curious.

You like choosing conservative positions and it doesn’t come as a surprise for you to choose uncreative and traditional jobs because according to you, a perfect job will come later on in your life, but it doesn’t happen always. Deep down, you need to be free and make decisions that are independent. You are open and cosmopolitan oriented; you love telling the truth about everything.

You always stand on the weaker side and try to help others and even if that is not your primary occupation, it is something that is going to definitely occupy your mind. And that is why you will be found helping at the Red Cross and organizations that are similar to that. You can also be intelligent, knowledgeable and love to look into the future and that is why, you can be a good scientist, astronomer, computer genius, inventor, or astrologer.

Deep down, the established systems and tradition means nothing to you and it is only a matter of aspects whether you will respect or not the determined rules and that is the reason why, in your life, you tend to change occupations quite often. You get connected with great social events; you deal with social and human affairs. In interpersonal relationships, including work environment, your basis is built on unconventional beliefs and principles that you see are right and good.

Luck and significance of February 7

Your lucky color is white, representing the collection of all colors and it is very bright. If there is darkness, it will definitely light it. And the same applies to your social skills, they can lighten up the mood of whatever room you find yourself in at any given time. Your other lucky colors include gold and brown.

Your lucky numbers are 41, 35, 32, 24, 16, 9, 1,    2, 27, 48, 50 and 56. Your power lucky number is 29. Your lucky professions are mathematician, philologist, an electrician. Your lucky animal is the Killer Whale. Your lucky plant is Snapdragon. Your lucky stone is Pearl.

February 7 Positive Traits

Because you are born with a great knack for interacting socially it enables you to interact with different people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter who is in front of you because you will always find your way to get on their good side. This is something that is helping you in various aspects of your life. it is possible for people to misunderstand and miscommunicate with each other. You are able to cut through all sorts of potential conflicts and get a common ground to agree on. That is the reason why, people around you, look at you as a natural social leader.

February 7 Negative Traits

You might be great with people but you have a problem developing friends who are really close. You tend to mix up with a wide range of social circles due to your curiosity as to what people think and how they are. You are very curious regarding all types of cliques and groupings. Your network, even though it is wide, it is not deep.

You could be friends with a lot of prominent people and people from all walks of life, but when you need help, you don’t know where to run to because there is nobody that you can consider a very close friend.

February 7 Tips

You should avoid going to the extremes when it comes to other people’s emotions. Even though you can influence people in a great way, it is important that you know your limits. Remember that, there are so many people who hang onto your every word and if they realize that you are using them or leading them the wrong path, they will not be happy with you. Utilize your talents wisely.

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