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February 9 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 9 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Sapphire

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Wave

One word: Confusion

Quality: Fixed

Strength: Divine love

Weakness:  Vulnerability

Best Color:    Silver

Most compatible with:   Sagittarius

You are always satisfied with yourself, philosophical, loving others in simple ways, and you have a tendency for solitude. Your sensitivity is so strong that it can pass through an iron wall. Your hunches turn out to be accurate and you often experience dreams that are prophetic. You love deep studies, and you also express organizational abilities along with a talent for managing large enterprises.

You are interested in both serious studies and sports. You approach exercise with diligence and treat sports seriously while at the same time, avoiding to be snobbish about it. You can make a prominent speaker and are an expert on people, gifted with an outstanding ability to read the character of other people. You are also characterized with a good musical ear.

Those who don’t understand you, accuse you of an inability to concentrate and being excessively passive. But it is only an illusion as the delay is caused by your desire to learn about a situation and gather more material for observation as you can. You would want to base your conclusion on a wide insight. There are situations in life which you struggle, especially when you are faced with unexpected difficulties and the situation requires you to act decisively and quickly.

You would always want to settle everything amicably and reasonably based on logical conclusions and common sense, avoiding drastic measure that is sometimes necessary for life.

Characteristics and Personality  of February 9

You have a gentle side which is very sensitive. You are a true caregiver and you want to help everyone around you. You act this way in every situation in your life, in love and in business and you are not calculated.  This doesn’t add up that you are too open. It only means that you have a caring heart.

You love to laugh a lot, but at the same time, you are very serious when it comes to ideas and you have a warmth in your soul that is very visible and there is no need to grab beneath the surface. You mean no harm. You are very truthful and you do not flee from your nature, even though you will not display your real emotions. You only show your intentions, which are honest.

At certain parts of your life, you can become a conformist, sometimes persistent and sometimes stubborn. You feel that you know everything and everyone in their pure form. But it doesn’t mean that your environment will understand and accept you. Some people see you as someone who has special tenderness and that you are very attached to your family. It is believed that you will rarely have a rough appearance or a strict view on anything.

You are well educated and ambitious and often find yourself in a position for a loss of a large group of people and you will handle such a job very well. You feel that it is your responsibility to make the world a better place where everyone does not suffer. It is a goal which is unachievable, but you will still focus on it and ensuring that you do your part in contributing to making it happen. You will suffer along the way because you believe that, you have the potential to do more than you are currently doing.

You need to have a clear focus if you don’t want to sink into self-pity and mystery which can happen any time in your life.  Generally, you are fun to be with. You are very witty and spontaneous.  There is never a dull moment in your company because you come up with all sorts of connections that are weird and great ideas to share with those you are with.

Despite the fun part you have, there is another part that is unreachable. Someone might think that they know you well only to start a conversation and you go cold on it. You act that way because you don’t like people becoming too close to you as it makes you uncomfortable.

This is because you are avoiding to be hurt. And that is the main reason why you portray a personality of being a person that is hard to please. You are only trying to defend yourself against other people hurting you. Apart from that, you are a very intelligent, brilliant person.

February 9 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

You are under the zodiac sign of Aquarius because of being born on February 9.  Due to your birth date, you are an extremely gentle person who loves people. You don’t love them not because of what they can give back to you for what you do for them, you just love people. It is because you are very curious. You like to wear other people’s shirts so that you can see the world from their point of view and it is a very valuable gift for you.

You are naturally empathetic and compassionate. When you are faced with a situation, you tend to see a solution from various perspectives. When you combine this with the fact that you are a thinker who is rational, that could be the reason behind you being an effective leader.

You truly understand that the more people claim to make truly logical and rational decisions, they are only driven by emotions. Since your nature of being empathetic enables you to step into other people’s shoes and look at situations from a unique perspective, you can tie this into common objectives and common agendas to create solutions for a win-win scenario.

Love and Relationships of February 9

When it comes to matters to do with love, you are very emotional, devoted partner and faithful. You tend to love long-term relationships which are not a characteristic of Aquarius, but just unique to you because you are an Aquarius born on February 9. You want peace and you will always strive for it together with stability in love.

A significant part of your character is, you idealize love and this makes your life hard to find a partner who will be right for you.  You are a dominant lover even it doesn’t seem like it, you are a calming caregiver and you have a compassionate nature.

You are attracted to energetic and strong partners whom you share your vision of the meaning of love. According to you, love is a perfect union of two where it is possible to have enough energy that is created so that you can be able to change the world to a better place. Your feelings are mostly hidden and it is not because you are untrue or dishonest to your partner, but because you are just a complex human being who is everything but not simple to understand.

A person who dares to love you need to accept that you are a complex human being and it is not simple to understand you and that, it is impossible for you to change. In some cases, you can be provocative and enjoy secrecy; this can lead to having secret affairs and a tendency to cheat. But it is very hard for you to lose your site that your lover should be in the first place a companion and a friend.

Your partner’s life with you can be very interesting since you are withdrawn and modest in life, but you are usually very intriguing and appealing in some particular way that is always great to live and see. You are reasonable, honest and sensitive. You have an aura of discontentment and at times you strike people as being aloof.

Your “hard to please” appearance needs a persistent lover to break through to see what is in your heart. The good news is that, once you get committed to somebody, it is going to be very hard to get away from your partner. You believe in the long-term relationship. You can be counted on to be an encouraging, loyal and nurturing partner for life.

February 9 Planetary Influence

Because of being born on February 9, the planet that governs your life is Uranus. It is a planet that is remote, distant and mysterious. You are quite unpredictable meaning that, your personality draws quite a lot form the Uranus planet.

While from a distance you are easy to see, the more close someone gets to you, the less they tend to know about you because there are certainly large areas of your personality that is unreachable. You can best be described as a study in contrasts.

February 9 Element

Air is the element that pairs up with Aquarius to affect your personality which is reflected in your tendency to animate and float. It is the oxygen in the air that makes it animate and give life. Oxygen is needed for all sorts of activities. It is mobile due to being light which describes the theoretical and idealistic personality you have.

Career and Purpose of February 9

You can make an excellent political organizer, scientist, and union organizer. You are creative, brilliant, and to crown it all, you like other people. Your curiosity about what people feel and what is important to them is very genuine.

You are greatly talented and it ranges from crafts to arts to theoretical sciences, you can do it all. Even when your creative skills are not a call in real life, you tend to show themselves in that sphere or through some hobby, or you will choose an original work that will satisfy your artistic needs. You need to feed this artistic and creative urge that lives in you.

You easily relate this to other information and ensure that you gather and create a win-win situation for you. Even though you know that this is not always the case, but people can always count on you no matter the situation.

Intellectual outsiders, challenging discussions, debate, these are the things that you adore. You will enjoy whatever job or life occupation that will lead you to this aspect. Any job that doesn’t have an intellectually challenging aspect doesn’t appeal to you and you will lose interest in doing it. That is the reason why you will always choose some sort of educational occupations so that you can prove yourself in this way while achieving your social agenda slowly.

The best possible results regarding your career can be achieved if you can work even if it is in small parts as fighters for humanity to live in a better world. Such an approach can act irresistibly when someone first meets you, but at the same time, it is hard to understand you because you are partially a genius. You are inventive and an original worker and in a position to deliver creative and incredible solutions so that you are able to change the world or at least, a smaller part of it.

You are a visionary, an intellectual, and a humanitarian because your main aim is to change the world. Other occupations that can be suitable for you include professor and astrologer.

Health and well being  of February 9

In your youth, you tend to be sickly and not happy. But as you grow up, your life situation improves and you become good and steady. This is possible due to your oversight and finding your way in your environment and making the best of it.

Luck and significance of February 9

Your lucky color is silver.  Silver is a brilliant metal that is very valuable. It is a practical metal which is used for various industrial applications. It can also be erratic as it needs a lot of polishing and storing in ideal conditions or else, it will begin to tarnish. That is exactly what some areas in your life are.  Your other lucky numbers include black and blue.

Your lucky numbers are 32, 20, 76, 24, 23, 11, 8, 30, 35, 36, 45, and 50. Your power lucky number is 4. Your lucky animal is a cat. Your lucky plant is a Snapdragon. Your stone is a sapphire. Your lucky professions are an artist, professor, and astrologer.

February 9 Positive Traits

You are a pleasure to be with because of being very creative and intelligent. You know what is important to people that you are dealing with and you always ensure that you come up with a common solution. Unlike other zodiac signs, you don’t compromise instantly instead, you look for a situation where everyone involved, wins. You ensure that you come up with solutions where everyone feels that their desires have been met. Even though it doesn’t happen all the time, it happens quite often in your life because you were born on February 9. That is the reason why those around you consider yourself to be a natural leader.

February 9 Negative Traits

On the negative, while you tend to have other people’s best interests in mind on most occasions, you tend to say the right things to the wrong people, at the right time. Apart from the words coming out of your mouth, people also pay attention to your facial expression and other body expressions matters a lot.

When you mix all that with your general tendency towards being unpredictable and being temperamental at times, it makes a puzzling mix. After failing a few times, people will see your potential and at the end of the day, they will start seeing you in a different angle; someone who is not very serious.

This, in turn, makes you feel frustrated because, from your point of view, there is a solution already yet others are seeing it differently.  Maybe you need to focus more on how to bring out the right words whenever you speak to enable everyone to come together.

February 9 Tips

Avoid trying to keep people at arm’s length. If anyone comes to you wanting to be your friends, allow them to be. You might have been let down by a friend in the past, but that doesn’t mean that you shun everyone who approaches you with a friend request. You never know, maybe they are the genuine friends you have been looking for all your life time. As long as you make sure that all your senses are alert, you will be able to see all the zeros and heroes entering into your life.

At the moment, you have a lot going for yourself. Your greatest contribution to humanity is your ability to instantly connect with people. You will need to polish it in order for it to work well for you. While you are gifted with seeing things from various angles, and come up with a winning solution, you need to polish your communication skills so that people can easily understand and accept your solution.

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