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January 19 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 19 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords: ambitious, decisive

English Name: The Goat – Sea Goat

Ruler:   Saturn

Birthstone:   Spinel

Motto:  I Use

Exalted:  Mars

Element: Earth

Shape:  Zig Zag

One word:  Connecting

Quality: Cardinal

Strength: Sensitivity

Weakness: Loss of Direction

Best Color:   Yellow

Most compatible with:  Virgo

You are careful, eager and strong. Most of the time you act with patience, seriousness, and calmness. Your mental capability is outstanding and your intellect is eccentric and that could be the reason why you seem to be strange when you are around others. You are always alert, aware and perfectly knowledgeable about yourself.

Your awareness is clear and mature and it is very rare for you to lose sight of your life path and in almost all instances, you manage to achieve your goals. Your actions are governed by rules which are strict which you utilize in your life with certainty and precision of success. You have a character that is independent, sure of yourself, self-confident and persevering. You enjoy to travel far and wide, discovering things along the way, and sometimes you take an interest in astrology.

Your life path teems with prosperity and your effort normally brings you a lot of success. You can fall into either of the two groups that characterize people born on January 19: you can either be devoted contemplation pure and persevering or completely consumed in your ambition. If you are a man, you will long for care for others and patronize them in the process while if you are a woman, your weakness will come to the surface and you will long for a man to help with tenderness and grace.

If you are a man and you were born on January 19, it follows that you are very ambitious and if you are a woman, you will easily adapt to the environment in which you find yourself in. If you are such a woman, it will be very hard to focus and develop your own goals. All it will seem is that you will want to be on the right path with everyone, trying to please everyone. You long for social approval and success nothing more.

As a woman, you will not shy from making any effort to ensure that, your son, brother, a father, or husband’s career is on the right path. When it is love matters, you can only be interested in a man if he promises to marry you.  When you manage to arrange the lives of the men in your life, i.e. your sons, father, or husband, you will go to the extent of arranging the lives of the children of your friends and relatives. Due to the fact that marriage and love is a very important aspect of your life, you will want to make the most out of it.

Being a woman born on January 19, you can easily reconcile arguing friends, arrange relationships for others, mitigate family tensions, and remove misunderstandings due to your diplomatic abilities.

Character and Personality of January 19

Bearing in mind that you were born on the last day of Capricorn, and just when Aquarius is about to rule, you have characteristics of both signs, both negative and positive. You have somewhat conservative and tactical nature, but you have a slightly extravagant touch due to the influence of Aquarius, a sign of original humans and moody. You seem to be more stable than expected. You have the character of the newborn and newly discovered ruler.

There is nothing that scares you and you are less likely going to change yourself and you are strict in a way.  You are considered to be a revolutionary person who can change and demolish obsolete norms and systems, whether it is outdated principles and attitudes. That is what sometimes leads you to become the society leaders.

The best word that can describe you is; contrast. While you are capable of working hard and driving other people to do what you want, when people talk to you, they might think that they are not talking to a Capricorn because you are always eager to let go. You don’t know how to engage with other people and at times you use unorthodox means to communicate.  You are very open-minded and you can be mistaken to be a water or earth sign. But deep down you are focused, very driven, and results oriented.

You command a lot of natural loyalty and although you don’t make a big deal of yourself admiring the top position in a social environment or career, you end up getting to the top all the same or close to it.

January 19 Zodiac sign – Capricorn

Your zodiac sign is Capricorn, but you have traits of both Aquarius and Capricorn, meaning you are a cusp sign. As far as your personality traits are concerned, you are a hybrid. You can also be a very reserved, dependable and conservative person who tends to stick to traditions and how things are done.

You approach life in quite a materialistic style. At times you express things in emotional or even idealistic terms. You are never content to focus on what you can see, but you also go a step further in focusing on how things around you can be improved, which is a characteristic of Aquarius.

In case you want to adopt a hybrid strategy that is good, you can decide to draw strength from both your personality and this can make you be very successful and at the same time, quite effective on your person.

Love and Relationships of January 19

Because you are under the influence of both Aquarius and Capricorn, you are an average looking person with something unusual in your looks that attracts potential lovers.  You are an excellent parent, reliable, stable and protective.

You spend many years on the fence before you decide to venture into matters concerning love. But it doesn’t add up that you are not into relationships. What it denotes is that it takes you a long time to give your heart to someone you consider special. Meanwhile, you are working on your job and relationships with your other family members.

Before you enter into a love relationship, you will have to fix all those things in your social and professional lives. So your first priority is working, the family and lovers are the last things on your list. You know how to show respect to your partners and at the same time, fight equality among partners. You believe that both of you are partners in the relationship and thus, you are equally important and each one of you has a role to make the relationship work.

Bearing in mind that you consider your job to be top of mind, then it means that, your partner can rely on you. Although you are not very romantic, after choosing your partner, you normally become more relaxed and more intimate.  You prefer people who have similar beliefs as far as life is concerned, that job is the first priority.

And in case you enter into a relationship and then you are betrayed, it will take you even a much longer time to enter into another romantic relationship with someone else.  In most cases, you stick with very unrealistic expectations concerning your relationships and this can put a lot of stress and pressure onto your person, and to those, you want to be in a romantic relationship with.

January 19 Planetary Influence

You are ruled by Saturn and on this particular day, it focuses on limitations and boundaries.  It manifests itself in you by your ability to have self-discipline and to practice it. Even if you find out that there are easier paths that you can follow with all sorts of distractions, you will be able to stick to what you are focusing on.  You always look at the game ahead and proceed accordingly.  That might be the reason why you keep on attracting several rewards along the way.

January 19 Element

Because you are a Capricorn, the earth is your element, with its influence on you giving you the ability to concentrate. You will make sure that you focus on the work at hand and ensure that it runs to its logical conclusion.  On the side of quality of standards, you can be quite solid, exhibiting traits of a perfectionist due to the earth orientation in you.

Career and Purpose

Your main goal as far as a career is concerned is to achieve the highest leadership position. You always want to be on the top as far as business is concerned and to be considered the best. You value time and you ensure that you use it very well, making yourself the best organizer that you can be.

You are original, creative which is embedded in your time management skills and your plan execution ideas. You make wise, well investments due to seeking for security.  Your bosses and supervisors tend to love you due to mixing the two very important traits in any kind of work situation; ability to think in abstract terms and to have a drive.

Whatever industry you will find yourself in, you will definitely excel.  The best jobs which will come top of mind for you include, but is not limited to; science, entrepreneur, and business. You are not only able to work with what is, but also your energy and power drive will lead you to explore what could be. When you are in a scientific setting, you tend to become an organic leader, people naturally gravitating towards you because you always lead by example.

Luck and significance

Yellow could be your lucky color because of being born on January 19. Just like the sun, it radiates a lot of possibilities and positivities because of having a lot of power. Having the ability to focus enables you to give a lot of power. You should never let that power to be wasted.

Because you were born on January 19, your lucky numbers are 49, 32, 17, 24, 16, 13, 5 and 4.

January 19 Positive Traits

You are very reliable due to your birthday. Even if you find yourself being assigned a boring job, you find a way of enjoying it. You are always looking for possibilities and this enables you not to only turn in at work on time, but ensure that you turn the best work amongst your colleagues.

You don’t talk much about concepts, but rather, you spent your time doing something about them and providing examples that are solid to those around you.

January 19 Negative Traits

Your happy, normal, go lucky outside can change overnight if you feel somehow being insulted on your deeply held values. You have a scary ability to ward people away from you. When you stop listening to people, it is bad, and it can even be worse if you start ignoring them completely and dismissing them from your life. You will turn into a very formidable opponent.

In a certain context, you can become very reserved and stiff. When you become stubborn, that is the worst negative trait that you can portray. Once you have decided on what other people are, it will be difficult to be convinced otherwise.

January 19 Tips

Take it positive when being open-minded about the people around you. Just because you are having conflicting values with other people doesn’t mean that they have nothing to contribute in your life. If you try them out, you will be shocked at how much value they can add into your life.

Although at the beginning you will have this impression that they are wasting their time, destroying their lives due to their opinions, stay a bit longer and you might just learn something meaningful from them. Don’t always be quick to dismiss others or even write them off. If you do so, you will only be restricting yourself from learning about new opportunities.

You are prone to deep levels of bullheadedness and insecurities which makes you be quite stubborn at times. You might not be seeing that because most of the time, you tend to describe your Aquarius side of you. You have an exterior that is approachable, airy, but deep inside you, you can be quite set in your ways regarding new ideas and your attitude towards those around you. In case you manage to confront these and make peace, then you will be able to get along so well with many people.

Pick ideas that will enable you to push your life to a higher level of happiness, success, and accomplishments.

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