January 27 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 27 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Aquamarine

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Curve

One word:    Divide

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Individuality

Weakness:  Stressed out

Best Color:   Yellow

Most compatible with:   Sagittarius

You have a demeanor that is quite philosophical with an ability that is analytical. You are an intellectual, who follows the progress and ensure that you take interest in things that are eccentric, unusual and extraordinary.  Faithful, patient, perfectly knowledgeable about those around you and your antipathies and sympathies are very clear and distinct. Despite your intellectual level is high, you stick to facts instead of theories.  Through gentleness and politeness, you can do a lot of things in your life but in most cases, you are unwilling to listen to orders given by other people or you allow yourself to be manipulated.

You possess great inherent abilities which you might not even be aware of and if you were to fully develop them, you would become a very important person in the society that you live in. But in most cases, it doesn’t happen. When you are underdeveloped, you change, reacting to various impulses and passing cravings. All the time, you are seeking advice from other people even about trivialities and at the end of the day, you don’t follow it. You will politely ask about an issue but after you have been given the answer, you will tend to forget it immediately.

You have the skill to pierce other people’s minds but you don’t know how to protect your own interests in even the simple matters of life. Although you possess various abilities, you tend to be unable or lazy to focus and thus, your gifts are wastefully disregarded or even lost.  You always become a victim of your own indiscretion. You will find yourself in danger where you least expect it and for men, you will find yourself being hurt by the women in your life.

Practical actions in your life don’t come with knowing the truth for you. Your nature is stubborn and impulsive and this in most cases, leads to serious conflict with others. You will need to strive for learning to keep your promises, avoid whims, hesitation, procrastination, and having to postpone things in your life. You should also work on overcoming your over the stop sensitivity.

Characteristics and Personality of January 27

You are a problematic person because of your date of birth – January 27. Others will never be safe around you because you don’t know what you feel or think. You have high esteem and are always sure of yourself. You love fair and honest relationships in whatever part of your life; whether professional or personal. You tend to appreciate and welcome people in your life who exhibit the same characteristics while hating liars and fakes.

You like to talk about those things that you find interesting in your life and you can be critical and exclusive towards those who don’t fit in what you perceive to be your ideal world. You love attention but it reaches a point, without notice, you will withdraw, retire and leave, without saying a word.  This leaves people surprised by your unusual behavior. You act according to your heart and instincts which are pronounced.

At times you seem like you are a cold and sanguine individual with a lot of melancholy in your eyes. You are irritable and capricious but calm until anger sets in. You are indifferent to your fate and to the dangers around you. You are someone who can easily and quickly overcome obstacles and most of the times, you are confused as to how to react to a particular situation in your life.

You have some sophisticated feelings with some being weird while others are humane. You very know the human psyche and quickly read the other person’s character. You are able to predict events instinctively because you have an intuition that is very powerful.

Sometimes you are incomprehensible and complicated to others. Sometimes you are surprised by your actions since your imagination is rich. You are always kind to other people you know and love while at the same time, being rude towards strangers and people you cannot understand.

January 27 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Because you were born on January 27, your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Being an Aquarius born on this day means that, you feel that your job is to save the world. You are an idealistic person naturally and at no given time do you think small. Your main problem is that you always think big.

You think so big to the point that, in your plans, there are a lot of big gaps which become very hard to fill.  You don’t get around in planning your big plans and what you always focus on is the final outcome of something big and you keep hoping for it to happen and at the end of the day, you remain with your hopes and dreams and achieving a tiny fraction of your goals.

Love and Relationships of January 27

As a lover, you are fickle. And this is not because you are a flake, untrustworthy, or that you change your mind all the time. No. Your problem is that you are a highly idealized view of love that is possessed by very few people.

You want to be loyal to your partner, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise your independence. This means that, at times, you will feel indifferent and insensitive to your partners and thus, you are unpredictable and ludicrous when it comes to matters concerning love. You are spontaneous, open, communicative, dreaming of a time machine that would take you to the future, looking for adventure; and all that is what you consider to be love for you. You value them more than anything else.

You are very emotional and you look at relationships and the world in a modern way and above all, you value your freedom, conquer depending on your partner’s nature. You will ensure that you dress up in the qualities that will attract a certain partner just to fascinate the would-be partner. Your intuition is what helps you to get your secret wishes. At times you are an opportunist when you fall in love because you cannot bear to surrender to your whole being.

You are very sensitive and emotional no matter how uninteresting or cold you become. It is not hard for you to be hurt by those around you. You can be naïve at times and your partners need to be aware of this quality as you can become vindictive. You require respect and attention when in a relationship.

Without censorship, you will directly show how much your love worth is and who you are. You believe in awareness of personal dignity and will let people on your interpersonal relationships but to you, everything has its own limit. Your partner’s disrespect and stupidity are inversely proportioned to self-awareness. You will always remain passive about your partner’s flaws and mistakes while at the same time, you will place them in a virtuous place where they will be hurt, confused and frustrated.

January 27 Planetary Influence

You are ruled by Uranus. Uranus being a gas giant, from afar it might look small but according to the scientist, it is a giant planet.  If you were to compress the solid elements of Uranus, it is quite a small planet and thus, its large size is due to the gases that surround it. This applies to your personality. If your personality is compressed from the many ideas that you have, which are gaseous in nature, it will remain very small. The practical part of you takes a very small space and that is what you should work on to become successful in life.

January 27 Element

You are paired with air element because of being an Aquarius born on January 27. It is this air which reflects your personality traits. Air being found freely all over the world, it has no boundaries and does travel freely, wherever and whenever it feels like.  Your mental life is reflected by this air. You are someone who is sustained, powered and inspired by ideas.

Career and Purpose of January 27

Geniuses are born on January 27 because your creativity and intellect are well developed. You are attracted by new researches attract you, you are skeptical and original and you like to explore. You are not the favorite with your bosses or co-workers because nobody wants to be a colleague to someone who is always questioning everything they do, going to an extent of doubting everything. You can work well independently and if not, then you become a failure.  If you find yourself working in a team, you are the one who will have the best ideas and most productive when working as an individual.

You can risk your projects and jobs, apart of saving others, at times for no apparent reason because you get bored with your ideas. You often opt to concentrate on revolutionary activities and if you are insulted, you don’t respect the culprit, and that is what is dominant when you are working. For you, respect begets respect.

You are going in discoveries and inventions especially in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. You have an optimistic and energetic imagination, a persistent and original gift, a quiet will which will enable you to realize your original ideas. Concepts that are advanced about the society seem to attract you and you often try to put your ideas into work.

You are endowed with inventions, especially in the fields of aviation, electrical engineering, atomism, the radio, engineering, and missiles. You deal with all natural sciences, cosmology, art, and especially literature, and theatre as well as social issues.

Luck and significance of January 27

The yellow color is your lucky color. It is a color that is life-sustaining and that is why it is very important to you. It is the color of the sun too. It is very warm, unstoppable, and it permeates rooms. It is all these aspects of the yellow color that reflects your personality. You have such an optimistic and idealistic personality that makes people feel overwhelmed when around you but it is a spell that is normally short-lived.

92, 69, 54, 37, 22 are your lucky numbers.

January 27 Positive Traits

You are someone who is driven by what is possible. Ideas turn you on and thus when an idea is wild, it becomes more speculative to you and it excites you more. Your goals are gotten by your being forced to be more realistic.

January 27 Negative Traits

Your weakness is to avoid living the theory. You have a unique way of living in an alternative universe than the rest of the people around you. Although it might seem to be an ideal situation which will sort out problems in the now and here, you are likely going to overdo it. You will end up being caught up in your idea and then it will result in being the most impractical person. You will have to live in the reality.

January 27 Tips

While it is okay to have a wide view, it is a bad thing not to turn your views into reality. You are a person who has a lot of ideas in your head and you let them pass by without capitalizing on it and within no time, time and old age will catch up with you when you have accomplished nothing in your life.  don’t allow that to be your destiny but instead, capitalize on one idea, turn it into reality by devoting your firepower to it.

If you don’t succeed, try out the next idea and that is the way you should play your game. If not, then you will be running in circles the rest of your life and achieve nothing at the end. You are too valuable and too intelligent to live your life in a circle of nothingness.

Avoid getting in over your head as far as your idealistic nature is concerned and start living in the real world. Even if you are idealistic, you will still have to work with some physical and social realities that govern your world. If you refuse to do so, then you will definitely be inviting disaster in your life.

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