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January 29 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 29 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Amethyst

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Wave

One word:    Flooding

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  A sense of purpose

Weakness:  Poor boundaries

Best Color:    Platinum

Most compatible with:  Aries

You are imperious, strong, with significant abilities and you can easily make your way through any obstacles and adversity. You are a fearless person with various interests and wide views. You are gentle and quite calm in your day to day activities, especially when dealing with your loved ones. But when you face struggles, you are clever and keen, constantly moving forward. You usually have high ideals which you successfully propagate in life and can fight heroically when you are defending yourself.

Not all the time are you logical and you don’t like being conducted by those around you. Your intuition is excellent and that is what gives you the perfect insight into what happens around you. When you are at the right level in your spiritual development, you can easily see through secrets of nature and bring forth the deepest of the world’s creative inspirations, not allowing yourself to be misled by delusions of the senses.

Grounded and persevering, you are surrounded by many positive people who influence you and increase your development spiritually. You don’t like keeping your opinions and views to yourself and thus, you ensure that you propagate them and spread them all over your environment. You always struggle to make the environment in line with your ideals. The bad thing is that your mind is excessively critical and too energetic and this causes a lot of antagonism and resentment from those around you. Your actions are characterized by simplicity and great speed.

After marriage, your life situation improves and it is mostly harmonic. You prefer to have fewer children or none at all. You need to be wary of the danger of sadness which will mostly be caused by women in your life. They will definitely lead you astray from your industriousness.

Characteristics and Personality of January 29

If you celebrate your birthday on January 29, then it means that you are a modern person in the society and you will always go ahead of the rest of the pack. It doesn’t mean that you go against anything traditional. No that is not who you are.

You hate it when people behave rudely and vulgarly. It makes you be repulsed. Even though most of the time you don’t show it, you are someone who needs a lot of gentleness and it is understandable since naturally, you are a reclusive and shy person. You will always seek understanding from people and you will expect from them full acceptance and if it doesn’t happen, you become sad and disappointed. You love it when people seem to understand your interests.

You hate infidelity because you are the type who enters a relationship with an open soul and heart. Your intuition helps you to know how to read between the lines and so anyone who wants to befriend you needs to be aware of these and not fuss over it.  You will do what is necessary and when you need to do it without considering the circumstances. You are capable of managing yourself in any difficulties and situations.

You have developed community awareness and you will often take action in this area. You give your presence and not sacrifice.  You respect others and you would love the same from them. You don’t like your independence being interfered with because you have this feeling that, everyone has a right to live by the rules which they deem to be right. You have the purity of the heart and are governed by the law of logic.

In summary, you are crude, idealistic, empty, alert, fearful and sharp with compassion crowning and overshadowing the rest.

January 29 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Because of being born on January 29, your zodiac sign is Aquarius. You are a very compassionate person and always will readily step into another person’s shoes and feel their pain. You are able to see the word from another person’s perspective, feel their pain, and be empathetic. Unlike other Aquarius who tend to go overboard in the respect of idealism, you are a more practical person.

When it comes to charity, you know when to draw the line because to you, the best way to help people is not to harm yourself in the process. You are aware of the emotional vampires out there who would like to suck your positive energy and leave you high and dry. You have a lot to give and you know in the process, some will try to abuse it. You know how to detect backstabbing and deceit. You are generally a very supportive person.

Love and Relationships of January 29

Love for you is something hard, but worth waiting for. This is because, when you decide to throw in the towel, you have beautiful features that your partner will like.  You like feeling and understanding your partner and the love partner has to be one that has a passionate enthusiasm. Your ideal partner is one that can provide a whole relationship full of support and understanding.

You love to spend time with your lovers in discussions that are intellectual in nature and for a very long time, visualizing on some of the life principles and how you can make the world a better place to live in.

You are great in bed because you are able to read all the signals that your partner is sending by emotions and their body. You are then able to give your partner what they are looking for so that, they not only feel good but feel cherished, treasured, and complete. That is what true love making is all about and you are able to fulfill that.  You are always ready, eager and willing to give yourself not only in a physical way but in other ways that matter like providing emotional support to your partner.

You are very supportive. Always ready to sacrifice the little you have in terms of time and money to ensure that other people feel comfortable and loved. If not keen, you might end up in an abusive relationship where your partner will take advantage of your support. You will end up getting stuck with people who don’t deserve you.

You strive for an ideal love partner and just like is it is not a goal, but a roadmap that is perfect, it is possible that you are likely to accept a love partner that has all the virtues and defects. This, in turn, can become the greatest love because of accepting your partner for who they are with all their pros and cons combined.

Ensure that you polish your ability to detect deceit and avoid being betrayed.

January 29 Planetary Influence

Uranus is a gas giant and it is the planet that rules your life. Just the way the gas develops the mass around Uranus so does your concerns and compassion for other people envelop your personality and that is what drives you forward on a day to day basis.

Even if you were to come off as a selfish person or a jerk, it will be because your internal compassion has been twisted by some past which was negative due to life experiences.

January 29 Element

Air is the element that governs you. A combination of air and the Uranius gases to fill in the spaces that are relevant to your personality. Air expands and it is available everywhere and that is exactly how your compassion is. It is like a cloud which brings in the much-needed rain on cultivated lands. And in the process, people are happy because they know they will get a bumper harvest.

Career and Purpose of January 29

You like careers that excite. You hate daily, boring and monotonous jobs. You are born a rebel and are there to destroy the natural order of things. You are always ahead of your age mates and it is very hard for those around you to follow in your footsteps.

You are always fascinated with everything that is extravagant, new and unusual and you will always search your career bearing that in mind. You are the type of person who can do strange jobs as long as you will find harmony in that particular unusual job. You need to have that feeling of goodness around you and you will never engage in a job that will take away your freedom. You feel great when you can take care of your environment.

Social service can be a great career for you or working in a school setting where you can give the students lessons of their life.  Your job needs to be in correlation with your morals otherwise you will not do it. You can also work in nursing and certain medical practices.

Whether you will choose to be a  physician or not, the ability you have of feeling the pain of others makes you be appreciated especially in that hour of need. Your calming presence is always detected by those around you and they will always crave for your attention and that could be the reason why you can easily develop a natural form of leadership.

When under pressure, you don’t lose your head, but instead, you remain collected, calm, and supportive and that is why so many people gravitate towards you. Other professions that can work well with you include tram driver, judge, and computer scientist.

Health and well being of January 29

There is a possibility of you suffering from blood circulations ailments or nerve indispositions that appear mostly on women who are born on this particular day on January 29.

Luck and significance of January 29

Your lucky color is represented by platinum.  Being one of the most expensive metal, platinum makes you be an expensive person to be afforded by those around you in case they want to possess you. It is almost similar to silver.

Being a reflective color, platinum reflects your personality because, in whatever dead situation that is presented to you, you breathe life into it. You have an inexhaustible and tremendous capacity to love and be kind to those around you and that is why you are precious. All you need to do is to ensure that, you are selective in who you show your compassion to avoid it from being misused.

Your lucky numbers are 82, 65, 49, 45, 19, 9, 14, 20, 36, 42, 43 with number 10 being your power lucky number. Other colors that are great for you include scarlet, pink, and beige.  Your lucky stone is amethyst. Your lucky animal is Pufferfish. Your lucky plant is a Wisteria plant.

January 29 Positive Traits

In any room, you will stand out to be the most supportive and caring person. You like to show kindness to people, especially those who are shunned by others or even pushed against. When your generosity is met with insults or even lack of gratitude, you will always continue to show your kindness to people until they give in to you. That is the natural you.

In the process, you tend to get used to it, valuing how others benefit from you and in the process, you at times get caught up in their cunning schemes. You get used to being kind or your kindness being diverted in order for someone somewhere to benefit from it.

January 29 Negative Traits

You are too optimistic. You seem to be too idealistic in your view of other people that you continue to practice compassion despite the red lights being put on. You end up giving your compassion to people who really don’t deserve it.

They might be suffering and need help but the best you can do for them is to stay away because they will repay your support and kindness with a lack of gratitude and harm you in the process. Such people do exist and you need to be on the lookout for them and avoid them completely.

They will feel happy if they dragged you into their misery and emotional negativity so that you can despair with them. You have a lot to give to those that deserve your support and kindness and thus, the need to avoid this group of negative people.

January 29 Tips

You should shun away from people who abuse or misuse your compassion. As much as you love to be of great help, you need to set your limits. In most cases, the love and compassion that you want to share with the whole world can be perverted, twisted, and channeled into negative things that will end up harming you in the process. You will need to play by the rules and limits that govern the world.

If you let yourself to be pushed forward into idealism, then you will end up stepping on traps and creating a lot of backlashes. You will end up getting something that you least expected. You might end up being jaded, discouraged and cynical.

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