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January 30 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 30 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone: Goshenite

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Dot

One word:    Afterlife

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Protection

Weakness:  Negative beliefs

Best Color:    Gold

Most compatible with:   Libra

If you were born on January 30, it means that you are someone who is interested in technology, aviation, latest inventions, cinema, and the radio. You also like to study the human soul, determining the diversity of other people’s character and longing for learning in general. You also have a passion for the natural life of plants and animals as well as fellow human beings.

You like gazing in the past where you express your love for archeology. You will go an extra mile to help the needy and the youth to develop. When you are in love, you tend to theorize and thus, your feelings are mostly platonic and nothing more. You get easily discouraged. When you find yourself in more complex situations, you always act expectantly and passively. You know the people around you and you will take a hold of their weakness and funny side immediately and use it to mock them.  When you do so, you don’t have any malicious intent, but it can still lead to misunderstandings.

You are full of extraordinary deals and ideas. You express your ability of organizational both of the good and the bad. You have a knack for reformation as well. Your flaw is that you easily lose your head and find yourself unable to put together their deeds and thoughts. It might happen you ascend to life due to your enemies, who unintentionally will influence your career. You have to be taught punctuality, and the need to keep up with your promises.

Your soul is very subtle and thus, can be likable and captivating. But when you are opposed or treated unkindly, you become excessively critical, restless, and touchy. You express significant faith and righteousness in your ideals with your surroundings dominating you.

Characteristics and Personality of January 30

Other people describe you as someone who is eccentric or even weird; you are someone who has a sympathetic sense of irony and cynicism and you don’t mean any harm to anyone. You make people entertained, happy and at times, you can give them advice.

You can easily irritate other people and your life is riddled with so many conflicts with people who don’t seem to understand you fully. The conflicts can be anywhere; at your place of work, in your friendship, love relationship or life in general. If you celebrate your birthday on January 30, it means that you are full of opinions and you will readily avail them to people no matter whether they are ready to believe in them or not.

You are creative and compassionate and not afraid of change that instead, you love change and you will always embrace it. You like to take risks in life. Other people seem to be attracted to you due to your seeming originality and uniqueness that you portray. But your uniqueness makes other people view you as someone crazy and not fit to associate with.

You are a very encouraging person, always looking at the positive side of everything and ensure that others are also able to see that positive side. Even though it is a tough thing to do, you try your best to achieve it. While you are at it, you should always remember that there are people who are naturally pessimistic and regardless of the many positive things going on around them, they will always look at the negative. They believe that they are owned by failure and there is nothing to do about it. It is something most people suffer from.

You are the type of person who can wake the pessimists from their negative side and they start believing in themselves, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It is a unique gift that you possess and it is a contagious form of optimism.

January 30 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Because you were born on January 30, you are an Aquarius. All Aquarius born on this date are very encouraging people. Whenever you meet a new person, you always look for something positive in them even if they come insulting you.  It doesn’t matter if the person comes threatening you physically, you will always try to step into their shoes and ensure that, you neutralize the environment on the positive by looking at it from their perspective and understanding them.

You are not trying to act, but that is who you are naturally. You are not trying to impress anyone but it is an impulse that comes from deep within you. That could be the reason why many people come to you for advice.  Even though those who approach you for advice include acquaintances and friends, but the majority of them are strangers. They tend to see your natural aura to be that of someone who will be of much help to them. You are unbiased, and you possess infectious optimism.

Love and Relationships of January 30

You are afraid of being tied to one person and that is what scares you from forming loving relationships. It is a notion that is motivated by the fact that, you think committing to someone else will rob you of your freedom and independence. Your first love is independence and freedom.  You love to be independent and free in all aspects of your life. It doesn’t mean that you don’t value long-term relationships with a person you truly love and care for, but you will always defend your independence and freedom at all costs.

You are someone who will tell people about your desires even those negative ones, and in case you are talking to an ideal partner, they may be shocked at your narratives and especially what you want for them to qualify to be part of your life. You could even scare your would-be partners away because they might just realize that they are not even close to the imaginary partner you are looking for.

Irrespective of your imaginations, in practical life, you are a very rational person in practical life both in love and at work. So when you finally settle on a partner, you will have thought thoroughly and that will be a long-term relationship.  When it comes to your endeavors, even though you are non-active and never rude in nature when in the love area of life, you are very persistent.  Even when you are going something silly, you remain original and thus you are likely going to impress your potential partners. In the end, you are an exciting and excellent lover, and it is hard for anyone to make a mistake of falling in love with you.

January 30 Planetary Influence

Your planet of influence is Uranus. The gases around the Uranus planet are very important to you. You are a force of nature due to your contagious optimism. It is like people find it hard to resist your positivity. You don’t use this positivity to cash in on people or force it on them, but instead, you use persuasive language due to the pronounced change that they feel when they are close to you.

Even though you are not able to show the bright side, you make sure that people see the emotional reality of the positivity. It is this gas powered, an unbound ability that brings out your Uranus nature.

January 30 Element

By the virtue of you being an Aquarius, it means that the air element brings some components into your life.  The air has the ability to fuel combustion and that is what is relevant to your personality as someone born on January 30. Your contagious nature is like watching a piece of wood go up in flame. The fire can only burn the wood in the presence of oxygen, thus the air is necessary for fire to burn. You are the air and the fire is your positivity and optimism.

Career and Purpose of January 30

Because of being born on January 30, you bring enthusiasm to the work due to your extraordinary ability to exploit your imagination for business purposes. You will be attracted to a career that allows the development of concepts and demonstrations that can fit with you. Not everyone knows how to make successful careers and money by exploiting their ideas and creativity but you do.

Your work is always based on your knowledge, and experience is waste and very important; you have a great combination of high intellect with readiness to share your talents. You inspire many who work in your surroundings. You belong to the ideal people where you like to work in jobs that make humanity better. In terms of money, you have a talent to keep the balance between saving and spending money. When you go out to shop, you are in love and you will do everything that is glittery and extravagant. You don’t have a problem with taste and you can find your chosen career in decorating other people’s home – an interior designer. You are well adapted to your sense of style and are not afraid to show it.

You can find your career in writing, performing art, photography, teaching, or pilots. When you are in the best environment, it gives you the freedom to solve your problems without having to follow strict guidelines. You are unconventional, and if you have the opportunity to share your talent, you can achieve great success.

Luck and significance

If you are born on January 30, your lucky color is gold. Other colors that work well with you include yellowish, gray and yellow. Gold is important to your personality because, regardless of how much dirt accumulates on the outside of gold, it still remains a gold. You can still cash it in exchange for money. That is how it is hard to contain you and unbounded your optimism can go.

Your lucky numbers are 62, 42, 31, 27, 22, 1, 49, 41, 18, 16 and 1. Your power lucky number is 29. Your character is brilliant, audacious, self-sufficient, brusque, immoderate, willful, and self-sufficient.  Your lucky careers are a farmer, ophthalmologist, and sailor. Your animal is a stingray. Your stone is goshenite. Your plant is a eucalyptus tree.

January 30 Positive Traits

You are someone who is very encouraging and your optimism is very catchy. It is no wonder that, people tend to gravitate towards you and ask for advice. You don’t care whether they reciprocate or not because you believe that, your payoff is the fact that, you are able to go out there and help someone who is in dire need of your help.

January 30 Negative Traits

You think in terms which are too simplistic and that could be your major negative trait. This in most cases, makes you be a target of ridicule with many people dismissing you as hopeless and corny and idiotically idealistic.  But you manage to turn this around, because, the moment they accept to hang out with you, you automatically convert them to your side of thoughts and they realize that you are real.

You are not a fake, you are a real deal. The more you radiate this optimism in those around you, the less they resist until everyone around you is converted to your school of thought.

January 30 Tips

You should avoid encouraging people with goals that are unrealistic. While it is important to lead your life with passion, you also need to be skillful. Unfortunately, you are the type who likes telling people to be happy in life and this might lead them to be broke and living an incomplete life.

You will need to channel your optimism to people in a way that encourages them to overcome the problems that they are currently facing and stare at that which is exactly sucking them so that they can be able to build real skills and achieve victories that are real in the now and here. Otherwise, it might end up that you are encouraging others to build fantasies with your optimism that is contagious.

You will need to draw a line as far as people being encouraged by you is concerned. Your ability is very powerful, and thus utilizes it to bring the best out of those that are pulled by it. Try to exercise a little bit of caution and a dose of reality that is strong in some situations because that would work well and it can also do a lot of good to everyone in your circle.

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