March 1 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 1 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Searching, Submissive

English Name: Fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   quartz

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Big Circle

One word:  Spacious

Quality: Mutable

Strength: Positive convictions

Weakness:  Haziness of Mind

Best Color:    Yellow

Most compatible with:  Scorpio

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Wow, Pisces, there are so many great qualities that you exhibt. Being born on the first day of the month is a spiritual omen for being lucky, fair, brave and impulsive. Many would say that you are quite industrious in your actions and occasionally having careless spells, putting you at risk of danger. As the number one is part of your birth date, you are of a sensitive mind – this is a great trait. In a negative light, you may intuitively feel the sadness and happiness of those around you. When the moon passes through your zodiac sign, you will feel energized by the need to help those who suffer. One thing that you dislike is limitations and when you are at risk of them, you feel very restless.

As you are a pisces, you exhibit artistic abilities and the range of your mental interest is quite wide. If you  feel attracted to everything that romantic and unusual then this is “normal.” I will speak about this at length below but as a water sign, you will gladly live under water and go on long trips to enjoy beautiful sceneries. Oh, and beauty in whatever form strongly influences your soul.

At times, you value solitude and moments of quiet contemplation, especially when you are unappreciated or misunderstood by those around you which is a common occurrence. At times, your faithful to your friends and you can sacrifice material posessions for your loved ones.

Being born on the first day of March means you hold a lovely sense of humor and certainly satirical skills which makes it possible for you to touch the feelings of those around you without them even wanting it. You don’t wish to harm or hurt others. What a lovely person you are!

If you are a woman born on March 1, you are emotional and submissive, able to show a lot of devotion and sacrifice for loved ones. You enjoy pleasure, entertainment, and comfort, but you don’t show a wide spectrum of mental interests for all your helplessness and benevolence.

In a negative way, you can be somewhat irrational and have moods. But, you do have the capability of neglecting your duties for pleasure and entertainment. Try to stay composed because when you lose your calmness and surrender to your passions, you can be at risk of danger and be dominated by the will of individuals who are stronger than you.

Characteristics and Personality of March 1

Being a Pisces, you are gentle and sensitive and enjoy spending time in your own mind, daydreaming and experiencing the world through your own eyes. Pisces is the dreamiest and the sign (yes you like your dreams!) is a sign that is most emotional of all the zodiac signs. So, you are an emotional being!

The biggest problem you have as a Pisces is a minor split personality which can cause you a lot of problems, if not handled in the right way. This means that you can at times be very ambitious and in the next moment, you portray your dreamy attitude, the switch between your personality results in feeling gloomy and this prevents you from making a move forward.

This is not something that you do intentionally, but it is because you have mood swings which prevent you from always motivated to move forward and make a change in your life for the better. Although you are a dreamer, it doesn’t automatically add up that you are not effective in whatever you do.

The devotion and loyalty you express to those you love are incomparable and you at times extend it to strangers. I feel you are always prepared to help people when they don’t know since you have a developed sense of empathy and you know it when others need your help.

You are someone who is very creative and you love to express this creativity in different ways. In terms of work, you enjoy doing work which allows you to fulfill your dreams and if you are not passionate about your job, you will not be able to do it. You hold a strong belief that everyone is good and kind which at times doesn’t work that way. So, the gloominess and indecisive nature (that you sometimes have) is what I believe is your negative side.

When things seem crazy in life, you often get confused by the many options you are getting and making a decision can come hard for you. You can often be gullible and people can misuse your “trust” because of your kind nature and love for everyone. Of course you love giving your time to others – and you would even prefer to suffer and be hit with all sorts of  insults and abuse instead of making other people’s feelings feel bad. This leads to sometimes lying to please others.

You don’t get hurt yourself because you can take it graciously. Why do people like you? Mainly as a number one you hold a strong reservoir of gentleness and patience which is almost unreal. Ensure that, you hang out with the right people who deserve you! I’m sure you know what I mean!

March 1 Zodiac sign – Pisces

Zodiac wise, being born on March 1, means are a Pisces. The fish sign is inspirational and optimistic. Even though you like to sometimes be alone, you are the person at the party everyone wants to talk to, you are naturally charming as your optimism leads the way.

At times you go into highs and lows. Verhy much like: a bright light in a very dark place. It is the challenge to overcome some dark times that really gets you down. There is a sense of possibility is what draws people to you. Your ability to always look at the positive side of life – is what draws others to you. However much you are criticized or how formidable your critics are, you never flinch.

You try to hang on to your optimism and always becomes a rallying cry for people who are tired and sick of the negative things happening in their lives. Thus, this leads to attracting a lot of acquaintances and friends due to your natural and easy optimism.

Love and Relationships of March 1

Right, love wise things are often complicated. You often tend to associate with the wrong people due to the fact that, your perception can be a bit off. It is because you are so trusting (seeing the good in everyone) and you see what you want to see. However, you do have an open mind and understanding, but you find it hard to spend a good amount of your time in the lust of understanding people you just don’t get!

As a fish, you are very hesitant, sensitive to criticism and other feelings. One important thing in your life is love and great romance making you be prone to greater emotional enthusiasm and illusions. When you are in love, you are intensely and deeply in love. You become very committed and ready to make a great partner and your partner should expect maximum romance and support from you.

You often experience fatal. You are simply in love with love and it is very hard for you to be realistic, so you never know what you are. Being ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery and illusions, it gives you romance and cunning in all areas, but it also brings the property to drink, narcotics, alcohol, and in the process, flirting from the real world of roughness in which you live in.

Love Compatibility

Because of sympathy, emotions, goodwill, and sociability, you are very popular. People describe you as having a lot of friends and acquaintances who are very loyal. As a fish, you can easily understand other people’s problems and price your friends so it is a special luck for others to have you as a friend. You are best compatible with people born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Cancer because they also enjoy affection and romance.

You can also be in a great relationship with the Taurus zodiac sign people as they will give you great protection and attention and thus, a perfect match for you. You can get well with people born on 13th, 6th, 8th, 17th, 26th, and 31st of any month of the year.  You have a fear of natural disasters. You need to concentrate more on remaining romantic without going above your hopelessness.

March 1 Love Life

I have covered a little about “who” you are compatible with above. You are a person who is hopeless in romantic is one that has a ticket to be used for one way to despair and heartbreak. If you apply some of your natural optimism to matters of the heart, then you are likely going to bring into your life the partner meant for you. It is very fast for you to find yourself stuck in everynot in a balanced position and very toxic relationship.

March 1 Planetary Influence

I have mentioned before you are ruled by Neptune as your planet. Neptune is a symbol of the 12th house of the zodiac and it represents your darkest and deepest fears. This means that you seem to be a very emotional person and this could be as a result of yourself being very reactive. You do however, have an assumption that, people will not like you. Why? Is my question! While at times you are a very optimistic person when it comes to your emotional state and you are easily thrown off track. Plus, your easily frazzled.

March 12 Element

You are paired with water as your element and that is why you tend to overflow with emotions. While it might not necessarily mean that when you are emotion, it is negative, when it comes to romance, when you are too emotional, you can end up with tough situations. You don’t need to be in those tough situations.

Career and Purpose of March 1

So what type of jobs do you suit? Anything in creative arts. For example, you could control the film industry, actors and directors and that is why, during the Oscar awards, people born under the Pisces dominate the night. You are simply able to feel events and people and race have nothing to do with it. Your ruling planet Neptune is able to gift you with living dreams because you often feel that you have once more, seen the multitude of what is happening to you and have experienced it.

There is a tendency to remember and sensitivity to other influences may be irritable to those who, unlike you, have tighter boundaries because as a Pisces, you don’t have them, as you have no sea or ocean. At times you need somebody stronger and more balanced, someone who is more grounded, on whom, with total confidence, you can rely on.

What type of job will you be good at? It is important for you to choose a job that can give you satisfaction and that is why, you choose your occupation for your occupation and through it, you realize the deep need for mankind and helping. Because of the feelings and empathy for other suffering and pains, hospitals, humanitarian organizations, social services, and other similar closed-type facilities, are placed where the typical Pisces is more than good at swimming because in activities involving the care of others, you enjoy and you find it the meaning of life by doing these type of jobs.

Some sort of artist is a great start – because you are best suited for this type of occupation where you use imagination and creativity. This can be an actor, painter or musician. Yes, you do fit all sea-related activities such as maritime affairs, fishing, and tourism. Plus, your a great talker. You just love talking.

When it comes to facilitating talks and picking other people’s brains. You can make for a great talk show host, lawyer, mediator, and college professors. This is because your someone who is very creative when it comes to getting people to talk and share your perspective.

Luck and significance of March 1

Your lucky color is yellow, which is reminiscent of the sun.  And, as your someone who is very optimistic you radiate a lot of warmth and your sense of possibility and not downright infectious, but enviable. You will need to do yourself a favor and cultivate this side of your personality more. You need to try and let your mood swings don’t get the better of you.  Your other lucky colors are purple, cyan, and red.

Your lucky numbers are 43, 28, 26, 19, 8, 11, 58, 41, 57, 53, 54,and 4. Your power lucky number is 35. Your lucky plant is an umbrella tree. Your lucky animal is Bearded Dragon. Your lucky stone is quartz. Your lucky professions are a sculptor, welder, and headmaster.

March 1 Positive Traits

Well, let’s start with the fact that you are very easy to get along with. It is very hard for you to get angry and be offended. People say you try your level best to ensure that, people are drawn together. As your at the forefront when it comes to compromise and reconciliation.  You have a strong musical side of you as far as your traits are concerned.  Most of the time you are gentle, wise, and considerate.

March 1 Negative Traits

Of course, you will need to improve on your sensitivity. Most of the time, there is nothing that is making you be sensitive and it is only that you are reading too much into a situation. Things are not as much as you think. But due to your natural number one in your birthday – being attached to things comes naturally.

March 1 Tips

If you learn to mellow out and have a different perspective, in a more even-handed basis, then you would be able to achieve so much more in your life.  You can become quite fragile and naïve. Your naïve nature can be quite amusing due to the fact that, at the end of the day, it translates to the great amount of optimism. Your optimism translates to a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is the one that is making it possible for things to work out after a long haul. The fact that you believe in the positive side of life – makes it possible for things to work out for you instead of against you. I hope this helped you lovely!

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