March 11 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 11 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Keywords: Searching, submissive

English Name: The fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Moonstone

Motto:  I will say to people how I feel

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Three Dots

One word:  Man

Quality: Mundane

Strength: Energy

Weakness: Imbalanced

Best Color: Red

Most compatible with: Taurus

Your zodiac sign is a Taurus if you are born on this day. March the 11th is a day of the starter, someone strong who can take on the world! Many people are baffled by the Zodiac, in particular, undecipherable ancient hieroglyphical symbols and codes. For almost 30 years I have been studying astrology, there appears to be a mysterious power that covers those born in the digital and duplication of the number one.  The number 11 is significant! The sign that falls on March 11 is Pisces. This means you are a water sign and rather emotional.

What does 11th of March mean biblically? The number 11 is found 19 times in the Bible. Number 11 is quite important symbolism connected to change but also rebellion. I like to sometimes review the Bible when looking at one’s zodiac meaning. In Genesis there was 11 men who rebelled against God and built the tower of Babel.

This is quite significant because I believe that biblical numerology can be connected to our own birthdate.

The appearance of 11 is quite regular in the Bible, for example there are 11 new Testament books. Additionally, Scripture this 11 high-ranking Kings who were offended by the truth. Being born on 11 March is also connected to wisdom and also a sense of rebelling against others.

March is the 3rd month and therefore in numerology is associated with wisdom itself.  There are many different national days are celebrated in March, in particular, March 11 includes national napping day (zzzzz) and also world plumbing day. March 11 C 70th day in the calendar.

In numerology number, one represents the beginning, a fresh start and also the focus of mankind. There is also the consideration of the relationship between different planets but we need to look at how this affects your astrology chart and above all your personality.

The position of the various planets such as concern, Mars, Saturn and also Mercury can determine the personality and above all the love compatibility. Looking at the sun for those people born on March 11 this can indicate you love nature and your true to yourself.

Strong and full of energy with a demeanor that is “controlling” but a natural leader is my best description of someone born on March 11.

You are an individual who is prominent and who acts skillfully and quickly. People born on March 11 have a mind that is sharp and inquisitive and their executive abilities are very high. In my years in business and the corporate world, I would often come across executives who were born on March 11.

I am going to talk as if this is your birthday now, as it makes my writing much easier! As far as directing efforts to a single goal, you are very decisive and this makes it possible for you to attain excellent results. When it comes to your private life, you are not always successful I am afraid. You continually construct fantastic and lofty projects as a result of your business power and creative imagination. You are the one that always has business ideas and you want to try many things all at once!

Secrets: 11 is also quite a secretive number. There may be two parts to you: you are either involved in secret experiences or have some special secret in your life. The secrets of others are learned when you become inquisitive while yours, you shroud them in mystery, Stubbornness and determinations are part of your nature and thus.

It is unlikely that anyone could accuse you of arrogance, but the fact remains, it is very hard for you to be satisfied. It is hard for others to learn your true intentions and what you are up to. Even when you are in the midst of adversity, with your unerring instinct leading you to your goals it is very hard for you to cave in.

Many people describe you as being: Sympathetic, adapting and skillful – so that is a great trait to have! You enjoy the changes and exciting things that happen in your life.

Born on 11th March for a woman means you are graceful, and your mental life is subtle. For a man, then you are happy and since your nature is focused, you have contradicting tendencies for conflicts and arguments, it is possible to find yourself in depression, especially during winter. Let’s look at the 11 in your birthdate for a moment. 1+1 = 2.

A numerology article I read in the London press (1930) stated that to have a 2 in your birthday means that TWO important things often come into your life.

What do I mean by this? Two jobs, two lovers, two children etc. You could even end up having two professions at once or two apartments or two homes!

Characteristics and Personality  of March 11

Ok, I am trying to think of the best word to describe your personality. Determined is the one word that best describes you. This is due to the fact that your approach to the situation is not one of logic but that of feelings and you will keep on trying. Being friendly and social is what you do most of the time, making you find yourself in the company of all types of people.

In an emotional sense, you are always ready to give yourself time to focus on what you want! Though others feel good for your support, you too require that support. Artistic talents and being intuitive are part and parcel of who you are, whereby you instinctively have an understanding of life cycles and thus achieve one of the best emotional connections. When you are too devoted to other people, certain events in your life will suffer. Try to look after yourself more.

March 11 Zodiac sign – Pisces

As I have said before your zodiac sign is Pisces, which means you are a loving, compassionate, and loyal friend while at the same time, quiet and staying reserved.

When you are around people, your presence is very reassuring, you might be shocked to know that sometimes you are a shy person. Speaking in public and public interaction with negative emotions makes you feel a little nervous.

Love and Relationships  Compatibility of March 11

You are always in search of romance!! You are Sensitive, gentle, and unconditionally generous. You are a passionate lover and you always want to feel the real connection with your partner.

Adventures and short-term relationships are not entertained in your life, but you normally find yourself lost in searching for love and falling into emotional chaos.

Giving out gifts and presents to your partners or make them feel special is something you enjoy. In matters concerning love, there is nothing that is too good for you.

Partner: You best get along with people born on 29th, 27th, 23rd, 5th, 2nd, 14th, 11th, and 9th.

Friendships: Being friends with others comes easy for you and you often place the needs of your friends before yours. Dedication, commitment are some of the attributes that you attract and compassion with no problem being too great. Whether there is a big or small problem in the family, or among your friends, you will always do your best to ensure that it is solved. You are deeply intuitive, and you can always imagine something is wrong before it even comes out.

March 11 Planetary Influence

Neptune is the planet which governs your zodiac. It is so “strong” to the point that you release the emotions in a healthy way, or allow yourself to express positive energy.

March 11 Element

Elements are important in astrology. They basically give us an idea of our development. Now, your life element is water and that is the reason why your heavy emotionalism is the way it is. This might come as a surprise to you and make you wonder how? Even though you are silent, you are thought to be very emotional.  It is very hard for you to express your emotions due to the fact that, they are very deep. They are bottled up and you feel very strongly about them. And because they are bottled up, when you release it, the results might be explosive.

Career and Purpose of March 11

Naturally, people born on March 11 are controlling. It is not uncommon for you to buy a gift or sing a song for someone who means a lot to you. You expect others to be open to you. Communicating with others is considered to be the most important thing.

Often a dreamer and very intuitive, you are best at a position where your creative abilities will come to fruition and especially for purposes of humanity. You are best in careers such as architect, lawyer, musician, veterinarian, designer of games, and a social worker.

Luck and significance of March 11

Did you know astrologically certain colors bring luck depending on the date you were born? Well, your lucky color is red because of the 11th in your birthdate. This means that when you wear this color you connect with others.  If red feels too bright remember that there are various muted tones of red. Red is sometimes connected to danger (so I know you might not want to wear this) but you could wear a number of red accessories.

Try and ensure that you express “red” in a healthy way, it could be something simple but wearing a red ring or necklace if the hue is too bright. The additional lucky colors include purple, blue and gold.

Numbers  8, 30, 34, 36, 41, 58, 25, 48, 61, 93, and 88 are your lucky number with 9 being your power lucky number.

Verbena is your lucky plant and your lucky animal being a crocodile.

Moonstone is a stone that brings you luck.

Professions such as a spy, (yes a spy!), caretaker and architect can bring you great luck.

March 11 Positive Traits

Well, let’s see! I would say your best trait is your silence. If people could only hear and see what you think, then your life will be full of dramas. There would be a lot of conflicts and collision, but you know how to hold your peace and due to this, your personal life is full of peace.

There is a limit to all this. There are various circumstances where you need to make your position known. If not, you will have this feeling that others are taking advantage of you and this can be there for a very long time.

March 11 Negative Traits

Depression: For men that are born on the 11th (I have briefly mentioned this before) suffer disappointments making you fall into depression and you feel abandoned.

What happens when things go wrong? When something doesn’t go hand in hand the way you want, you are inclined to isolate yourself. Resistance to things happening around you is very hard. Most of the time you don’t have the strength. It is very easy for you to become a victim of drug and alcohol abuse when you are in your low moments.  It is very hard for you to resist anything negative or positive happening in your environment.

Your biggest challenge is your tendency to let things run their own course and this is brought about by the strong opinions you possess. There is a certain picture of how things need to run that you have, but instead of speaking out, you remain silent.

March 11 Tips

Ummm. Being a one means that you will have a good life. What about tips? Avoid remaining silent and speak out. You have your reasons why you have a strong feeling about certain things and why you have definite opinions and deeply developed. It is hard for people around you to understand your point sometimes. You need to let them know that you are not pleased. You need to object when you are not happy with something instead of remaining silent.

Oh, and Allow yourself the luxury of self-expression because – the more you express your views, the healthier you are going to feel. So the main advice is to avoid keeping feelings bottled up.

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