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March 2 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 2 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: Searching, submissive

English Name: Fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Talc

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Semi-circle

One word:  Evolution

Quality:  Mutable

Strength:  Width of Perception

Weakness:  Naive

Best Color:    Bright red

Most compatible with:  Taurus

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Oh my! Your spiritual life can reach a high level of development. And when it does, you always show benevolence, tenderness, justice, compassion, and peacefulness of those who are suffering around you. You are loyal to your friends, you support them in the good and the bad. What a great day to be born! The 2nd means being even. Even in everything in life.

The problem you have is that sometimes you see the wrong in the actions of those you love and exceedingly believe in peoples “words or promises” and it is a negative trait to have – to some degree. At times, when in large groups of people you are not interested in their external part of life, but also in their inner content and spiritual experiences. That is why you will make a good medium.

There is a hidden exploration inside you, in that you wish to explore the life phenomena and discover the essence, searching for the work of psychic forces and fundamental reasons. You also show excellent business ability and a passion for collecting. Your ability to adapt and ordinary mental flexibility allows you to understand the inner feelings of all instances of life.

If you are the undeveloped type (born between 3 am and 6 am) then you are sensitive and care about everything that happens around you, but you don’t take an interest in human matters and don’t express a wider spectrum of interests. So, one would conclude you may lead a rather passive life, allowing your passions to guide you and demonstrating indecisiveness and instability.

At times you demonstrate extraordinary stubbornness, unable to accept any logical explanation or argument. The more people try to persuade you, the more stubborn you become. It is important that you don’t show much in the way of consequence in mental matters.

When you finally adapt to a view which previously you were against, you immediately claim that you believe in it strongly from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, you do have great aspirations in life and are usually able to attain some higher position. But when you don’t raise the “bar” high, it might turn out that you are in danger of a catastrophe with trouble and turbulence happening in your life.

Characteristics and Personality  of March 2

Mr or Mrs loyal are how people describe you. Yes, you are very loyal in your interpersonal relationships and you display this behavior towards your friends, family members, and business partners. You see the trait as something that is a great virtue and tries to live your life by it.

When you accept that your loyal “people” will remain with you for a lifetime and it is very hard to change or give up on your relationships. You have strong interpersonal relationships that it is very hard to break them. Some people see you as someone who is a little bit strange and your loyalty might be overwhelming so that your relationship is unpleasant and tense, but that is the way that you work.

There is something that you must accept. If you have problems at work then you may need to work for yourself. This is due to your different evaluation of systems and wanting your entire environment to be in harmony with you, which is not always possible but sporadic. You need a lot of freedom and at times, you prefer to choose your own way, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t respect others or love them.

When at work, apart from easily accepting all tasks, you can also be completely exclusive to other segments of your life. If you do some creative work, you become isolated from the world and very unilateral personalities.

Despite the need to be in control, you will sacrifice and always possible to turn a seemingly irresistible situation to your advantage. Whatever the results, you are happy because you know you have done your best. Oh, and you are not prone to sadness and melancholy, but you can be very reclusive and shy at times.

So the good news is that you are honest and persistent and loyal towards those around you. Yes, at times you be stubborn, especially when you are trying to convince others that your opinion is the correct one and this makes some people see you as rigid. But all in all – you are an idealistic person.

Your idealism tends to involve primary emotions and you do not ideas like the Aquarius people. There is a feeling that, there is a certain way in which people are supposed to behave making you have various expectations of others.

And when the expectations are not met, it makes you feel somewhat depressed. You feel let down and discouraged. You need to remember that, reality revolves on its own axis, has its own agenda, and rules. Once you wake up to this reality, you will definitely become happier in life.

March 2 Zodiac sign – Pisces

So, your zodiac sign is Pisces and that is why you greatly appreciate your imaginative, idealistic, and creative nature. Regardless of the circumstances that are surrounding you, you don’t lose hope. You understand that, at any given time, there is always a way to get through things.  If you don’t get through things directly, you find an indirect way to get a side entrance.

If you are blocked from taking the side entrance, you will try to duck, flyover, or tunnel underneath. You don’t give up when it comes to possibilities and that is what makes you be popular because the rest of the people around you seem to get discouraged very fast. While you have these great traits, it makes you a great leader. So long as there is someone else doing the donkey work, you will always remain hopeful.

Love and Relationships of March 2

I will firstly say as you are a one you are a true family person and you strive for big and happy unity with a dedicated and loving partner and a lot of children by your side. That is what you think is true love and you see in the picture, true perfection.

Nothing else gives you a more significant feeling of fullness than when you are in love with the person who gives back those emotions to you. By nature, you are shy and cannot be a dominant partner. The greatest pleasure of yours – is to satisfy your lover in any form or shape, all the time and that is your view of what ideal love is all about.

Your ideal partner is one who protects, inspires, and when it is necessary, descends on earth from your imaginary world. And, your secretly seductive and most of the time, you utilize this weapon in the loving game. Though it might sound fake, it is not as you will act mysteriously and make your courtier want even more desirable.

A relaxed love affair in which there is no need for controversy and your ideal partner is the one who inspires you to become better and more successful. Because you know that you live with the feelings that you are not enough by yourself, you need that perfect person, so you are complete.

You are a lover of emotionally and of course – generous. What rocks your boat? You love to please, being in love with you will bring so many gifts. Your partner should be a friend to whom the well-being and happiness are more important than your own happiness and prosperity. As you value friends in your life and love, your always there for your friends and whenever they need you which is simply lovely. If they are sad, you are there for them!

This is because of the intuitive nature that you have, you will know how a friend feels before he realizes your feelings. I like to think that those born under the 2 understand other people’s feelings, better than anyone else, and it is called emotional intelligence. You can also come in phases when you are incredibly reclusive and when you are avoiding people.

Once you are satisfied with your solitude, you will return to society refreshed – yes you need that alone time.  You are considered to be quite idealistic in your love life. If you are a person who is a little bit idealistic, it can help you in a way because your romantic lives are in a creative way, too much idealism can lead to dead ends.

At the very least, you need to hold yourself up to whatever standard you expect from other people. To do otherwise will be hypocritical and it is very easy for others to brand you cruel. You seem not to know the line. You get up, making all sorts of demand on your romantic partners that you end up forcing other partners out.

When you loosen your standards, you are likely going to be happier. It doesn’t mean that when you compromise your standards, you no longer have standards. The truth is that ideas don’t exist. You need to reorganize yourself so that, some realism is placed into your romantic relationships. You are going to be a better-balanced person and much happier.

March 2 Planetary Influence

As a Pisces born on March 2, Neptune is the planet that rules you. It can be accepted and nurturing. It can also involve emotions which are all-encompassing and deep. There are certain unknown and unreachable parts of Neptune that can lead to emotional, depression and mental instability.

March 2 Element

Water is your element as you fall under the Pisces zodiac sign. This element affects your personality as far as your creativity and imagination are concerned.  It can be quite exhilarating, but at the same time, it can be scary and unnerving. Try to bear in mind that, imagination and creativity mean going off to waters that are unchartered and imagining things which don’t exist.

Career and Purpose of March 2

In many astrology books, your best suitable for jobs that require creativity, idealism, and imagination. Anything to do with arts, architecture or filming might fit you like a glove. You can also try your hand at philosophy or theoretical academic discipline. Other jobs may include a great writer, actor, musician, or poet. There is a focus on keeping up with practical things and by doing simple day to day activities, you will likely maintain contact with the real world. I say this, because at times you like to hide away.

Being involved in physical and social activities, group sports and activities that require a large number of people.  There is a difference between coming up with ideas alone and communicating them. You need to work on your communication skills.

Otherwise, you might find that you are “marginalizing” yourself. There is no one who is holding you down from a career that is great or preventing you from achieving great rewards for your job. It is just the attitude is the problem. You could be creating unnecessary enemies due to your demanding and uncompromising nature.

Advice: Here is my advice! By learning how to let go every now and then, there is a possibility that your career will take off. You don’t tend to warm to managerial positions or management due to the fact that, you are vulnerable, and at times can lack confidence and self-discipline for these types of jobs.

Anything that is related to the heart and spiritual and mystical side of life interests you. You are incredibly creative and you can use your skills of creativity or use your understanding of people to inspire others. You are not persistent in your path to the goal and never reach the level of glory you might have. Try to stop yourself from doubting your qualities and strength.

Luck and significance of March 2

Your lucky color for March 2 is the color of tomato which is a bright red which leads to passion. In getting this color, you need to be very creative. This says a lot about your personality.  Your other lucky colors include blue, orange, and yellow.

Your lucky numbers are 68, 24, 79, 78, 2, 1,11, 17, 28, 47, 36, 31. Your power lucky number is 12. Your lucky plant is Buttercup flower. The lucky animal for you – is Chinchilla. Your lucky stone is Talc. Your lucky professions include actress, actor, mathematician, and politician.

March 2 Positive Traits

I must run through your positive traits – well you are very attractive to everyone due to your boundless idealism.  When you rally people behind something which you believe in, everyone sits up and pays attention. People get motivated by such creativity, idealism, and passion. If you are asked to do heavy lifting or dirty planning, do the actual work, you will always balk and fall back. You need to know your limit if you are born on March 2. Otherwise, you can be held back by your positive traits.

March 2 Negative Traits

You are quite imaginative and creative. Possibilities can really excite you. The problem arises when you realize that there is so much involved in making an idea into “something that is detectable” and that is the time you start to back out of the deal

Try to not doubt yourself. If you start to believe that, however impressive your dreams and hope may be, you are going to take a lot of time and work to materialize and in the process, you become depressed.

It boils down to a profound, deep lack of self-confidence. You feel that you don’t have what it takes to roll up your sleeves and work hard physically to turn your ideas into reality. It is all in your head! Remember, because you do have the capacity so long as you believe in it. Don’t approach things too quickly, think about the emotional side and you will be shocked at how successful you become.

March 2 Tips

So now I come too near the end I want to give you a few tips. As a number two being even is important and avoid being easily depressed. You also need to understand that the big victories of life don’t come from thin air – but you need to work hard on them. It requires sacrifice, effort, and in many cases, hard work. The more sacrifices and hard work required, the greater your reward is going to be.

Yes, at times, you can be your own worst critic and thus, you need to give yourself a break. Try to look at things differently because not everything is not what it seems!  When you learn to let go of your fears and push yourself to work harder at your goals in order to turn them into reality and that is life. I hope this has helped you lovely.

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