March Zodiac Background
March zodiac background

March 20 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 20 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 20, Zodiac Sign: Pisces

English Name: The Fish

Ruler: Neptune

Birthstone: Cymophane

Motto: I don’t finish when I’m tired. I finish when I’m done

Exalted: Mercury

Element: Water

Shape: Two crescents facing each other

Quality: Compassion

Strength: Determination and persistence

Weakness: Loved ones

Best Color: Wheat

Most compatible with: Cancer and Scorpio

Pisces 20 March zodiac

Hello lovely Pisces! I am going to spend some time here looking at your zodiac. Many of you have contacted me about what it means to be born on the 20th and I have a few friends who’s birthday falls on this day. This day is interesting as essentially in numerology 20 equals 2. This indicates that if you’re born on March 20, you have an open, clear and accurate mind. On March 20, in regards to astrology, there are some significant things that happen on this day.

The March equinox normally falls on this date which indicates that the vernal point the Northern hemisphere and the autumnal point in the South. Perhaps you didn’t know but, March 20 is the one marking the end of a good astrological cycle of the year. And those people born on this day are gifted with special qualities. Astrology can sometimes be complex and understanding the planets can help us understand more about our own personality and inner traits.

The benefits of understanding your birth date is to help you understand your desires and needs. The zodiac is motivated by the elements. The water signs namely cancer, pisces and Scorpio are emotional and represent the occult and spiritual pathway. I’m so glad you’re here and that you can fully understand some key traits about yourself.

Did you know the international day of happiness is also celebrated on March 20? Even though this is quite a new modern celebration I thought that you would like to know that there is positive energy on your birthday. This leads me to say that you might be “gifted” with qualities but also the hardest problems in life. I do think the reason you might find that you have more difficulties than normal is that you need to learn important lessons in life. So, if you’re born on this day, remember that you have a great potential and good things are probably waiting for you at the end of your journey.

The talents you possess are limitless and can help you achieve many things in life. People born on this day have high goals and great potential to achieve most of them. However, they often forget to direct their focus on the things they want. Instead, most of the time, they focus on the negative things they don’t like to experience. Remember a positive mind, will attract positive things! If you’re born on March 20, you have to remember this!

Instead of letting egoism guide your path, let your heart take over that task and take you where you’re supposed to go in life. People who are born on this day have one important trait that other people lack. Persistence. If you put your own mind to something, you will accomplish it no matter what it takes! And no matter how long does it take. So, what I am saying here is that if you’re born on March 20, you’re probably a strong individual who’s persistent.

Recluse: We all want to hide away in life at some points but those born on this day can take it to the extreme! At times, you can hide in your shell, meaning you won’t hang out with people unless they bring something to the table. If you decide to hang out with someone, the person must be positive and hard-working. You practically despise lazy people without any purpose in life. Working on yourself is one of your main tasks throughout the day because you take time seriously.

You’re aware that it’s not unlimited and we have to make the most out of life which is never a negative thing.

Family: Family born on March 20 are direct, sometimes demanding but they also have a big heart. They’re loyal and devoted to the people they love. They would do just anything to keep their family and friends safe and happy.

March 20 partner relationships: Let’s now move onto relationships. If you have a partner born on March 20 then please read on as this might be quite significant to you! When it comes to relationships, it takes a lot of time and effort to get them open their heart to you. However, once they do, you gain a partner for life. But there’s something about their personality they’re not very proud of. Jealousy and demanding attitude. They don’t want anyone to mess with what’s theirs. They’re passionate lovers. However, some are prone to cheating on their loved ones if they feel unloved or lonely. When it comes to children, they’re polite and kind. They never take their anger out or show strength to weaker people. They’re non-violent except when it comes to confrontation with enemies who’ve been stepping on their nerve for a while.

Love compatibility

If you’re born on March 20, you can establish communication with people born in November, October or December. When it comes to love, your best match is someone born in July or August. Meaning, someone born in the sign Cancer. In terms of love you will need some time to get things right when you first embark on a relationship. You are an emotional sign but you can be sensitive at times.

Characteristics and personality

I’m going to talk a little about personality and general characteristics. People born on this day have one of the most developed signs that represent the progress and evolution of human species. They’re very good at making decisions but bad at waiting for the final result. They want to see a result right away and that’s what leads to disappointment.

If you are born on this day, you better work on your recklessness because it may ruin some good times of your life and make you fight even harder for the things you’re born for. Some say that people born in the Pisces sign have problems to deal with their past. Perhaps there is some truth in this saying, however, it’s a problem until they accept that they can’t change anything and move on.

One of their biggest issues and personality traits they cannot change is their endless hope. No matter how much they pretend not to care, deep inside, they actually do. They can feel people’s pain and suffering. However, they’re not compassionate for unreasonable people because they know that everyone’s life is shaped by their own decisions and moves. If you’re feeling or living miserable, it’s your fault. Sometimes, people born on this day are stubborn and jealous, while other times they’re oversensitive and patient. It’s all up to their current state of mind.

Their mood can change drastically in a short period of time. I have mentioned this before about “reading people well” but this is why they don’t hang out with just anybody. They’re easily triggered and don’t think twice to attack when they’re feeling endangered or threatened. They have enemies but they also have loyal friends who would do anything for them and always have their back, even in the most challenging situations. However, as I have mentioned before, they have trouble with waiting for something to happen. But they have to learn that good things that will take time.

Another trait that’s not very much in their favour is their compassion and the ability to understand people who manipulate them. Sometimes they’re under the influence of high-level people – they consider powerful and worthy of their attention and time. However, once they realize their real worth, nothing can stop them from speaking the truth to other people. Sometimes they’re self-doubtful but most of the time, they’re self-critical. You think it’s the same trait, but it actually isn’t. Being self-doubtful is questioning yourself and your decisions. However, being self-critical is questioning worth and abilities, purpose and life. And this is one of their hidden powers. People born on March 20 achieve their goals with the help of criticism. They don’t submit a project before it’s completely done and seems perfect. Or leave an unfinished job just because they’re tired and unwilling. Self-criticism can be helpful in most cases when it comes to career and achieving life goals. They always aim to achieve more and do it in a better way. Or find a more efficient, innovative way of doing things.

This is something that affects their love life too. They’re judgmental and critical, even with people they like, especially with people they like. They want to make sure they’ve chosen the right person to get inside their heart and learn all their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. They have trust issues due to previous negative experiences. But once you gain their trust, you’re welcome in their world. People born on March 20 can at times be depressed and anxious. But having real people around is what helps them overcome these issues.

Most people born on March 20 have a kind heart and want to make everyone happy. And even though they’re the last sign in the zodiac, they’re never last at anything. In fact, they aim to be first at everything they believe they’re good at.

If you have a Pisces child in your life, you will never lack life support and a helping hand. However, if you’re born under in this sign, you do have a high self-esteem but watch out for toxic people.

Born On March 20, Zodiac sign, Pisces

I have spoken allot about the star sign already, if you know someone born on this date or alternatively you yourself was born. If you’re born on March 20, your zodiac sign is Pisces. You should feel grateful because this sign is teaching you how to love life and how to appreciate people who appreciate you. Loyalty is what matters to you most because, with true friends and loyal partner, you believe that you can conquer the world.

Nothing matters more than your family and friends to you. And everyone who knows you, know that. It’s not recommended to reveal your weaknesses because evil people or your enemies might take advantage of them to hurt you. Even though you think you’re untouchable, know that you’re not. You know how to say the right thing at the right time and gain the wanted result at the end.

You hate being manipulated but you don’t have a problem with manipulating others. Your smile is contagious. And it’s one of the main things why people want to hang out with you. Most of the time, you’re positive. When you’re surrounded by people you dislike, you cannot function properly because you’re not used to pretending and trying to be something you’re not just to be liked by somebody. You act cold, but you’re the kindest person.

March 20, Love and Relationships Compatibility

If you’re born in the sign of Pisces, you’re a hopeless romantic. Romance and flirting are extremely important to you because you want to make other people happy and feel loved. However, one of your biggest mistakes is jumping too fast into intimacy without taking time to know the person you’re with. You love being close to your love, but you don’t want to risk getting your heart broken and your pride ruined because of it.

Pay attention to actions instead. They reveal more than words. Perhaps you need to take a step back from love. Learn how to be alone and enjoy it. Practice independence. True love will find you.

You’re open-minded, playful and always flirting. However, it affects your relationships in a negative way. If you can’t commit to one person only, perhaps you shouldn’t be in a relationship. Why don’t you date without commitment? Or start dating yourself instead? You’re impulsive and passionate. You’re literally the best lover your partners ever had. However, you shouldn’t feel pride in hurting people in the past. Karma exists. You have a hard character and excellent memory. Meaning you don’t easily forget things.

March 20, Planetary Influence

Neptune is the planetary ruler in your life. And Neptune is a water planet, the aspect that has influence over your personality comes from the planet’s gravitational field. You’re humble but you dream big. Somehow, you always limit yourself because you believe that greedy people never end up well in life. And you are right. They don’t. But modest people don’t either. You have to learn how to realize your ideas and get what you deserve. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put in use your many talents and expand your potential. You will be surprised how much you can achieve.

March 20, Element

If you’re a Pisces born on March 29, it means that the water element is paired with you and your personality. It’s the one responsible for your hard attitude and turbulent life. As you probably know, water is unstable, turbulent, inconsistent, meaning it may affect your mood and make you feel both miserable and happy at the same time. One of the bad traits of this element is that it can lower your self-esteem.

If you already have a low self-esteem, the advice is to become more aware and find your own way to boost your confidence. It’s you who makes all the decisions in your life and who paves your path to success.

March 20, Career and Purpose

If you’re born on March 20, you’re probably a natural leader. You’re fearless and born to lead the crowd. You’re trustworthy and have the charisma and positive energy that makes people believe your judgment. At work, you’re the one who always tries harder to achieve a certain goal and make your boss and your colleagues proud. But some people might not like you because of your luck and leadership capabilities. You are always ready for action and know how to plan things and realize your career goals. You try to build a successful career and make the most out of your talents. You also make tactical moves and you always follow your intuition. Sometimes you’re impatient but you’re often ready to do whatever it takes and wait for things to happen because deep inside you know that good things take time. You love adventures and you love to travel worldwide.

Luck and significance of March 20

If your sign is Pisces, beige is probably your favourite and lucky colour. Although it does not seem like a very cool and exciting color, if you pay close attention, you can notice it is everywhere around you. Meaning, you have established a connection with everything in your surroundings. Other colors you might consider lucky are pink, purple, and cyan. If you’re interested in learning your numerological number, know that people born in the sign Pisces should stick to numbers 1, 2, 25, 44, 8, 9, 30 and 38 if they want to try out their luck in some games or simply rely on these numbers for other things in life. It’s interesting to know that cymophanous is your lucky stone, and people born on March 20 are most likely to become violinists, lecturers, and paediatricians in the near future.

A Boss born on March 20: If your boss is born on this day then they may be hard to work or. People born on March 20 have many flaws. However, in time they accept their flaws and turn them into strengths. Also, they never take “no” for an answer when it comes to their career and their higher aspirations. They always take failures as an example of how to do things differently in the future and win. They love winning. They love victory, especially over their enemies.

People born on March 20 are skillful and make smart decisions. Well, most of the time they do. However, they always learn from their mistakes and they NEVER let their past define their future. Or who they are in their heart. Letting go of toxic people is one of their strengths. If a person born on March 20 isn’t satisfied with your attitude and how you treat other people, he or she will leave your side no matter how much they care about you. They respect family and friends, but if you show disrespect and you’re not loyal, they will erase that person from their world immediately. They know how to control their feelings because they’re aware that if you don’t control them, they will control you for sure.

When it comes to politics, people born on this day don’t give much importance to the news and information they read on social media because they always feel there is something more to a story. They believe things when they see things, if you know what I mean! No matter if it’s political, social or private matter.

One of their negative traits is self-doubt. There are times when people born on March 20 who doubt themselves and their purpose, especially when they encounter big problems or evil people who aren’t like them at all. They get easily disappointed but never show if they’re hurting. Some may consider them cold and heartless, however, they know that you have to pretend that you don’t have a heart with unknown people if you don’t want it broken.

Positive traits of March 20

One of your best character traits is loyalty. People see you as a trustworthy person. And even though some may not see you as special or think highly of you, know that deep inside, they actually admire your uniqueness. You’re capable of doing things that they will never even try. Also, they’re scared of your intimidating appearance. They would rather have you as an ally instead of their enemy. Also, another important good trait you admire about yourself is your modesty. You’re not greedy and you don’t like money. However, don’t let people make fool of you and take credit for your work. Learn how to get what’s yours and how to enjoy life. It’s time you do something nice for yourself.

Negative traits of March 20

One of your negative traits is self-doubt. You often question your abilities and it affects your self-confidence in a negative way. Seems like you don’t have a high opinion of yourself but deep inside you’re actually aware of your talents and potential. You’re just too afraid to admit it and become the best version of yourself. Most people fear failure but not you. What you fear most is a big success because you believe that you won’t be able to deal with it. However, you’re wrong. You’re born to be successful.

Tips for people born on March 20

Well the first thing I will say is that at times you can be hard on yourself and you need to avoid judging yourself so much. It’s true that many people don’t like you but it’s so obvious why. Everyone’s aware of your big talent and potential, except for you. Also, if you diet or anything you will easily cave into that cake. You need to have more focus! And if you want to improve your love life, open your heart to people but after you start trusting the person you’re with.

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