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March 3 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 3 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Submissive, Searching

English Name: Fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   red emerald

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Triangle

One word:  Protection

Quality: Mutable

Strength: Beliefs

Weakness:  Expectations

Best Color:    Dark salmon

Most compatible with:  Scorpio

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Howdy Pisces! Those born under the number 3 have a dual nature and often contrasting. Look at the number 3/4 this is important. You are a quarter of the way there in reaching your goals in life. This is not a bad thing! Spiritually, you have a small way to get to where you need to.

In terms of your personality, this can be hot and cold. So on one hand, you are sympathetic and emotional while on the hand you can be expectant egoist and cold. I think that you can relate to this? You always work on something that interests you with perseverance and great patience while at the same time, neglecting the work that does not seem encouraging enough for you.

Ok, let me look at your strengths – you are usually faithful, noble, and someone who is straightforward and you deserve trust to be able to work in responsible positions. Many say you gladly intercede for those around you, taking on the role of a mediator. From a positive viewpoint, you have great artistic taste, sense of harmony and great business skills are worth to be mentioned.

One would say you are especially talented for any work which requires thorough attention and high mechanical skills to detail. Your inherent special abilities make you be able to uncover the truth hidden under any kind of shroud. I have a friend born on the 3rd of March and she is very intuition – this makes you a fab detective or a judge for investigation. Generally,  your nature is emotional and strongly attached to life, with love and strong passions filling your life.

Ok, there is times you allow your feelings to guide your life more often than logic. When you get married, you will always be met with harmony and love. Your life is always connected to another, happiness in marriage and family gives you full satisfaction. If you are a woman and you were born on this particular day, you will find yourself entering into two marriages or go through longer relationships.

In most cases, you are careless, and when you find yourself pondering over your own matters, you interrupt others with your remarks which are unneeded. That will make you say silly things. You find most of the time, falling to your inner restlessness and which might lead you an insurmountable and sudden stubbornness.

There is a danger that the material life will prove problems – think of the term – never enough. You do however get enthusiastic about someone, but there is nothing great which will come out of it. Do you also tend to ask questions without necessarily expecting to get answers or waiting for them? This is a personality trait that those born on the 3rd of a month often have.

Characteristics and Personality of March 3

There is a focus on feeling preoccupied with the job you are dealing with at any given moment of your life and thus, you are a “person” of the moment.  In my astrology books, it states that you find pleasure in any engagement you are involved in due to the fact that, you are satisfied achieving goals and solving problems. This birth date (3/4) makes you be good in planning and analyzing things both for others and for yourself.

I feel that you have a clear picture of what you want to make and ensure that you set your goals following your wishes. Unlike Pisces who like to fantasize a lot, you are someone who is down to earth. Your desires are not realistic, but for you to realize them, you require a lot of energy which you lack at times. If that happens, you because exhausted or struggle with your own motivation when it comes to concretely solve problems that are critical.

I feel that your visual ability is highly developed and you often find your hobbies or jobs in these areas. You can be a great actor, writer, musician, or painter. You provide a good social relationship with business partners and people in general, love you. When it comes to emotions, you will always find a way to help a colleague or friend.  Things that are important to you are being loyal and compassionate. Especially in friendship and this means that, at times, you can be misused by others.

People turn to you in a crisis. Namely, friends and you will make sure that you suffer with them – I am sorry to say. You love new events, adventure, and new situations. Your friends will always have something good and exciting for you which will make the friendship long lasting. Because of the 3/4 in your birthday, management or managerial positions might suit you. Watch out for being too vulnerable and lack self-discipline and confidence in your job.

Your character can be described as being mysterious and unobtrusive while other people see you to be someone who can be shaped based on your surroundings since you incorporate your experiences and the environment into yourself. When you are happy, you are happy to the extreme, when you are sad, you are sad to the extreme. If this makes sense?

Due to the fact that you view things in an emotional way, your sense of imagination and creativity doesn’t work well for you. Most of the time, you feel that everything is about you and yet that is not the truth. You tend to read too much into things and you beat yourself unnecessarily.

Advice: Remember that, if you feel that you are not living your life or you are stuck, you need to blame yourself. Your emotional state is the one which keeps sabotaging you. When you start forcing yourself to be more positive and let go of the past, you will soar. You have the potential to achieve the highest levels of material, emotional, and physical success.

March 3 Zodiac sign – Pisces

Because of being born on March 3, you are a Pisces and this makes you to greatly be appreciated for your generosity, creativity, and deep feelings.  Regardless of where you find yourself you will create your own emotional map for people in that particular area. This makes it possible for you to be able to have a grip of those people you are dealing with.

When it comes to people, you know what it is that appeals to them, their hot buttons, and you have a great understanding of the kind of impression they have, concerning their perceptions of emotional signals. Without a doubt, you should consider it to be a great gift which you possess. If you are yearning to become more persuasive and be clear in the way you communicate with those around you, using the emotional map you have can improve your communication skills.

There is a danger that you tend to read too much into everything, thereby becoming your own worst critic. Most of the time, you tend to doubt yourself and most of the time, you tend to chase your own tail most of the time when it comes to decision making. You find it hard to make a decision.

Love compatibility

Well, there are so many possible lovers out there for you. Scorpio is the first sign that springs to mind being a water sign. After this Cancer and then Leo. Because you are born on the 3rd of March this can mean you will only reach 3/4 in your relationships but they will bring you happiness and love. As your sensitive many people will fall for your personality and want to be your partner. It’s easy to understand that people are attracted to you as you hold a solid foundation. Earth signs are also good. This is because of the symbiotic relationship between earth and water.

Love and Relationships of March 3

In love being a numerical 3 means that things will work out well for you, but you are prone to unconditional love, but you tend to be intolerant towards imperfection and that is what causes problems in your love life. Any misunderstandings in your business engagement can lead to serious conflicts and since you are an emotional person, you can fall into melancholy and depression.

It is important for you to learn to put yourself in the first place in front of all obligations. In this way, loving yourself, you can become what you want to be. You can at times be extreme and have mood changes that are severed and conflict of emotions.

The challenge is to use your own imagination and abilities in a productive, positive way and to fight for emotional stability by not giving your emotion to everyone else because you need to help yourself first. You are full of mystery and unfamiliar spiritual things, and you are attracted to people with the same quality.

Being realistic and having goals that are realistic is your challenge, but at the same time, you have mystical and spiritual love worlds where you interpret what you see and what you want. You do it because you want to avoid suffering and pain in the world of reality an in such a scenario, you have extreme emotions and feel bad and good very intensely.

When you are in love, you give your whole being to your partner, when you stop loving, it is intense, but unlike other Pisces, you TEND to choose the right partner for yourself.  You are considered one of the most sensitive lovers on earth. While it can be positive, to be sensitive due to the fact that it enables you to look at your own relationship from your partner’s perspective, it can be negative at times.

It can mean that you are extreme in your range of emotions. It can also lead to you being over-reactive to things and thereby reading too much into what your romantic partner is trying to say to you. So, relationships tend to suffer at the start and most of the time, they don’t last. But with time, as you mellow and mature, you start to build long-lasting relationships until you get your soul mate.

March 3 Planetary Influence

The key planet of influence for you is Neptune. In your character, you share traits of Neptune: being watery! Which is linked to caring, compassion, and nurturing qualities. All the aforementioned, are qualities that you possess. All you need to do is to fully surrender yourself to this aspect in your personality and you will be a happy person.

March 3  Element

You are paired with the “water element” due to the fact that you were born on March 3. The properties of water as being nurturing and nourishing are what is most evident in your personality. While by definition water is an emotional element, it is also nurturing.

For life to occur, water has to be present. Remember our body is made up of 80% water. This should be able to take you to a deeper truth. You have everything that you need in order to be self-sustaining.  The challenge is to learn to let go and within no time, you will be fine. 

Career and Purpose of March 3

Due to your emotional instability, you are not destined for managerial positions but you are a great manager as I mentioned before.  And when you find yourself in the world of business, you are poorly criticized, but your strong point is that you are someone creative, you are a visionary and dreamer.

You find it cool to do what you like than to achieve financial success. When you are at work, you always try to strike a balance between emotional and material goals. It is important to be content with what you do, but you don’t shy off from a good salary. You will find it satisfying for your job to offer fulfillment and satisfaction than significant profit, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t like monetary gains.

Some say your a great team member and are better in a team than working on your own because you need support and encouragement. You are committed to fulfilling your duties and are happy to help your associates even if they are not looking for you.

What a great imagination you have! This makes it possible to find solutions that are original that will not come to mind. If you get an understanding employer, they will utilize your ability and give you freedom of creative thinking without deadlines and strict limits.  You are best when it comes to jobs that involve the arts or something creative

Whatever involves coming up with ideas that will end up impacting emotions on some level will fit you well. And, you like to experiment with what will happen based on emotional impact.  Most advertising agencies will hire you due to your ability to be able to come up with something that will strongly impact with emotions at extreme ease. You don’t have to use a lot of effort to recommend a particular text or composition that will bring out the right emotional response from people. You are gifted in that line.

Luck and significance of March 3

Dark salmon is your lucky color. It is a dark pink color and pink is a color of health. It is also symbolic of possibilities. Dark salmon is a stable color. And because it is your ideal color, it means that, with a little bit of maturity, you will be successful. Other lucky colors for you are beige, violet, and olive.

Your lucky numbers are 17, 88, 25, 61, 24, 6, 9, 55, 54, 10 and 48. Your power lucky number is 4. Your lucky plant is Corkscrew willow. Your lucky animal is Bearded Dragon. Your lucky stone is red emerald. Your lucky professions are principal, gravedigger, and prosecutor.

March 3 Tips

You will need to control your urge to say “yes” to everyone that comes your way. Remember, you don’t have any obligation to please everyone. Try to be obligated to please yourself. You will become happier once you realize this. We can sometimes take on far too much. If you feel that you are obliged to people or obligated to act in a certain way, you will end up portraying yourself into an emotional corner that is tight.

Negative traits of March 3

And at the end of the day, your own kindness can work against you. You need to step out of your emotional ideals. While they might have helped you in a way, it is time to grow up and embrace the world as it is. Get to know that there are no safety nets in the world and in most cases, you will have to pay the price of getting hurt in order to move to the next level. Once you accept this, then everything will become possible. But if you refuse to acknowledge this, you will remain stuck. Hope this helps you, lovely.

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