March 6 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 6 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Searching, submissive

English Name: The Fish

Ruler: Neptune

Birthstone:   Ruby

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Wave

One word:  Love

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Belief in Beauty

Weakness: Distant

Best Color: White smoke

Most compatible with: Taurus

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Hello Pisces, welcome to your birthday zodiac prediction! when it comes your specific birthday there are certain traits that you carry alongside those people born on the 6th of March. Remember that we are all wired in different ways. For example, some of us don’t like feeling trapped in a relationship while other people will continue a relationship even though it is not the best. I will go on to discuss your compatibility, personality, emotions and other different factors based on the zodiac astrology signs. Each sign holds its own strengths and weaknesses.

Being born on the 6th of March can mean that you are sometimes suspicious and at the same time patient, however, you have great energy and work. As a water sign (which I will discuss later) you show attachment to family and home for which you especially care for.

The great news is that you can be affectionate and noble to your family and eager and stubborn in the defense of your relatives.  For your nature demonstrates a tendency to sacrifice and strong feelings for your loved ones. As you have a “6” on your birthday, numerologically, this can mean you sometimes feel uneasy regarding massive changes, and you can easily become overly withdrawn and lack confidence enough.

In terms of how you come across you can either be calm, rather passive and don’t show significant life ambitions or long to be famous (don’t we all!). Sometimes you set high goals and can be a danger of either not being able to attain that goal (career position) or when you do, you lose it! This is because you can sometimes not think about what you really want. You can also achieve a good standing in life when cooperating with others.

If you are born between 2 am and 4 am (on the 6th March), you can easily succumb to drugs due to venus passing through the sign. Every person born on March 6, becomes increasingly sensitive and compassionate to the suffering of others as you grow old, so working with older people might be a good career path. Even if it is something simple as insurance.

Due to your “easygoing” nature, you could be dominated by stronger individuals. This could be because your excessively sensitive. The environment and external conditions can have a strong influence on you. You can be at risk of getting involved in arguments and fights despite your gentle and kind character, this is because of people “dragging” you into problems.

Characteristics and Personality of March 6

Does the term “a leap of faith” mean anything? Inordinately large numbers of astrology books (that I have read) have given this term to your birth date. Positively, you are attracted by strange people, situations, music, art, environment, as well as everything that satisfies your feelings in the right way. Would you agree that you are undoubtedly led by your feelings? If so, this is something you share with other people born in March.

March the 6th is the 65th day of the year and during a leap year, this falls on the 66th day. March is a spiritual time, in that it normally denotes a full moon. If the full moon is in force then you can be aggressive, subtle and possess an attraction that is more magnetic than passionate and energetic.

Generally, personality-wise, you can be diplomatic when the situation requires. But, your lust is your principal preoccupation, in your case, the lust which turns you on meaning, you can easily fall in love with your own reflection.

What I am trying to say, is that you can be too self-oriented. If you are the type of person who feeds yourself with information: such as the news or even facebook then other people will wonder why you spend so much time reviewing others. This is a way of imagining. There is a danger that you dream too much. And, avoid living in the real world and instead, choose to think about the future or ponder on the past.

Addictive personality – Smoking and drinking: Yes, you like addictive things. In most books, your birthdate means you are an addict in a way and you like all sorts of sensual pleasures which are overturned continuously in you, but your sense of satisfaction cannot help calm the need for adoration. It is important for you to develop objectivity to have control over your life.

Advice: Losing control is not hard for you, it often occurs and you will have trouble in dealing with it or regaining “control” again.  The best advice for you is to become much more realistic, to focus on succeeding on SMART set goals, not just on sensual and touchable things in life; turning your focus towards spirituality is not a bad idea.

Looking at the present and living in the present moment should not be seen as a bad idea. At the same time, don’t forget the past times, and looking forward to your future too. You tend to be very sympathetic, accepting, and loving people. And, you have most things you need in order to succeed in life.

March 6 Zodiac sign – Pisces

So, we know that your zodiac sign is Pisces. The fact you were born on the 6th of March is also great because it means you have a “soft nature.” In regards to others, you will be greatly appreciated due to your loyal nature. You hold spiritual propensities and have a “magnetic” personality that is very sensitive is also brought about by the traits of this particular zodiac sign.

Some could say that your sensitivity is a weakness, but this is also a positive sign – making you be very sympathetic. Most of the time, you are easily perceived as an ally instead of a threat. In terms of others, they find it easy to include you in disputes. This is because of you are great at mediation!

When everything is going your way – you exhibit all positivity. But when you find a messy world around you, then you become very much challenged. If you can overcome your static view of the world, then there is a possibility of producing the best results with all types of goals you set for yourself.

Love compatibility 

In terms of compatibility, there is hope that you can find the love of your life. Sometimes in astrology (especially love), there is subjective. In many older astrology books, it suggests that sometimes you can put your own interests before those of someone close to. The relationships that you have experienced it the past have needed to be flexible and also you are looking for a partner to be somewhat – dedicated.

You will need to cultivate the relationship in some way. I will say, that you are able to find the right partner and be happy in the relationship but it may take you time to find the person. The right partner for you falls under Scorpio, Capricorn, and to a lesser degree cancer.  because you were born on the 6th of March (March equals 3 in numerology)  then this can signify that the first and that seemed to stay with the same acquaintance.

Love and Relationships of March 6

You want to feel loved though you don’t have the gut to tell your partner so and this lack of direct communication can pose a threat to your relationship. To you, the relationship is more than leaving home or the bed, you are looking for a strong spiritual bond that is deep and connection with your partner.

I do feel you believe that true love can exist between two people, and that is what keeps you searching for the perfect lover. At heart, your romantic and very focused too, and this happens when you start focusing on your partner and not yourself. You show your affection for most elegant and romantic gestures, showing your creativity and dedication to your partner.

At times, we just need our own heart to speak and guide us – and this a great and amazing trait.  In my astrology research the 6th month denotes that you are loving, compassionate and caring due to the fact that you are an introvert person. It takes quite a lot of time before you can fully express what you feel for your loved one.

When your feeling emotional: Although those around you can sense your emotional state, it doesn’t help things as far as moving romantic life from one level to the next is concerned. If you push yourself to learn about how to utilize your sensitive side, you are likely going to use your side of intuitive to make your love stronger. If not, you will find yourself making impossible demands on your romantic partner.

If you add that to your nature of being non-confrontational, it is easy to find yourself in cases of mistaken misconceptions, assumptions, and mutual disagreements.

March 6 Planetary Influence

The planet that veils your birthday is Neptune and it is the one that affects your introverted, loyal and loving nature. This means that you can be a strong team player and a loving romantic partner. But if you look at things from the emotional side, you end up reading too much into everything around you, and in the end, walking away giving others a negative impression. There is a warning to not get stuck in your relationship and career.

March 6 Element: Water!

What a water baby you are! Water is naturally emotional. While you have your positive side of being caring and compassionate, the emotional side can be quite corrosive. Most of the time you take things quite emotional. In your quest to soothe and placate everyone, you end up selling yourself short. Try to be more “open with others” this will stop you feeling as if you need to be alone (to get away!)

Career and Purpose of March 6

I must move onto your career, your purpose is normally a creative type profession. If you land in a job you don’t like that does not fulfill your expectations and your life passes by, not as per your plans, this can get you down.

As far as any work environment is concerned, without careful planning, this can be catastrophic, and your fantastic creativity and ideas are lost in between. You have a memory that is photographic and it often happens that, you can not get rid of a person or a situation which you only notice for a moment; you need to utilize this ability instead of abusing it. Working with children attracts you.

You can at times find occupation in designing interiors, teaching, police work or something creative! At times you can you create an unrealistic image of what life is supposed to be like, and the world does not look at what it is, but what you would like it to be. You are attracted to all occupations that deal with beauty and beautiful things; any job in the beauty industry is the right one for you.

I feel you are suited for jobs that require high imagination. You are someone who is quite imaginative in the emotions field. Apart from the beauty industry, you can also be great in branding, advertising, and public relations.  If you are confused about your career path try to spend time putting in a “sacrifice” in order to be able to tap into and realize the fullest potential of these aspects of your personality.

Due to the fact that you are someone who is easily discouraged, it means that you can find yourself struggling for quite a long time before you finally achieve a breakthrough of sorts and get a promotion.

Luck and significance of March 6

Your lucky color is white smoke. It is a fuzzy color of white which says a lot as far as your personality is concerned. Even though it can be comforting, it can also be confusing and be a form of muted frustrations. Your other lucky colors include black, cream, and blue.

Your lucky numbers are 73, 57, 46, 26, 9, 14, 16, 34, 19, 23. Your power lucky number is 18. Your lucky plant is Lily of the valley. Your lucky animal is Thorny Devil. Your lucky stone is ruby. Your lucky professions are tiler, carpenter, and secretary.

March 6 Positive Traits

Ok, so here is some good news! You are someone who is nonconfrontational and also not very possessive regarding your ideas. And this makes it possible for you to get along quite well with many people, from all walks of life. The problem is that you tend to lose your identity once you get surrounded by people, especially those that have a strong personality.

March 6 Negative Traits

It is true to say, you tend to avoid confrontations, thus you find yourself settling for an uneasy peace. People not doing what you want is your biggest weakness as it grates on you. Morally, you feel people deserve to be appreciated. You know that you need to be respected, but you prefer to keep the peace.

You don’t like rocking the boat and in the process, it leads to a corrosive lack of a strong self-confidence.  There may be times you need to step up to your rights and that is the time you will become healthier. But in many cases, you would rather keep the peace, and in the process, sabotage yourself on a profound and deeply emotional level. You end up building a lot of resentment and it corrodes your self-esteem.

March 6 Tips

Here are my tips to make your life more smooth! Firstly, you need to avoid being overly pessimistic and learn to stand up for your rights. Don’t feel worried about speaking up for yourself. You need to bear in mind that, peace is not the ultimate solution and confrontation might be what you require to succeed in certain situations. Life makes us go against our comfort zone that is one lesson we need to learn.

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