March 7 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 7 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: Searching, submissive

English Name: The fish

Ruler:  Neptune

Birthstone: Diopside

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element: Water

Shape:  Zigzag

One word:  Godly

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Liberal convictions

Weakness: Detached

Best Color: Light sky blue

Most compatible with: Scorpio

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Wow, what an interesting Birthday you have pisces! This is quite an ionic day, as it is the 66 day year according to the Georgian calendar. My daughter was born on the 7th of March 1994, and I have carried out an array of research into the March 7th zodiac meaning and aligned this with theorists in the astrological world so you can understand a little bit more about yourself!  I need to first mention the planets influence on the emotional, intellectual, spiritual development of those born on the 7th of March. I’ve taken the unusual step of trying to classify this into easy sections.

Before moving on, I want to say that astrology is always a funny subject but to some degree, it can help us find our own path in life. But, many people don’t believe I am afraid. I have sat having coffee with many friends discussing what astrology means to only be told it is a load of mumble jumble! The oldest astrological chart is from 400 BC from Babylonia. Yes, very old. So, I challenge you to read the below and see how you fit into the personality traits of those born on this day.

Being born on the 7th is quite spiritually important, it means you are a pioneer who carves the way for the things to come. Due to the fact, this is the number 7 you will be born with excellent knowledge about the social tides and for some, can predict and calculate events before they happen. Do you find yourself predicting events? Additionally, you may have humanitarian and social instincts which are clearly expressed in your life.

There is a focus to express significant pedagogic talent which shows itself not only in teaching young people but also in political and everyday life. To be born between 6am and 12pm on the 7th of March indicates that you are great at cooperating with others. In marriage it is all about love adventures, you also find them to be a source of pain and disappointments for you.

So how do you act towards others? You can be polite and always gladly share what you have. If you are in a bar, then you may be the one buying the drinks! Friends describe you as the perfect comrade and companion. Many people feel that you can just “adapt” in everything situation. If you are a woman born on March 7, then it means that you are patient, polite and benevolent. In older texts, women of the 7th of March show hospitality, she is sincere and skilled as a housewife! She likes to ensure that all the little things in the home are taken care of. There are always complex relationships around Pisces (sorry to say) but one little remark will leave you feeling annoyed for days.

So what careers could you go for? I will go deeper into this later, but briefly, you can be an excellent nurse or even be in charge of a large enterprise hiring so many people like guest houses or hotels. Try to remember to remain careful when you are choosing your career and avoid any trade or personal hazards. Everything in your life depends on caution and prudence. It is only natural to be worried about something going wrong or collapsing – it is only natural!

If you were born between 12 pm and 12 am then try to avoid getting involved in fantastic, unusual undertakings as well as eccentricity.  who is very religious and you enjoy altering your activities, often taking up two professions at the same time. You may end up with a lover that has minor mental depression or nervous restlessness, this is because you are so kind and trustworthy!

Characteristics and Personality  of March 7

Clearly, you are work oriented and it is one trait which sets you apart from the rest of the Pisces pack. This is because you are connected to the number 7! I will say, that you are persistent and ambitious in pursuing goals. The view of your world does not affect your fundamental aspect of the problems in business that you are facing. Having a strong business head is advantageous – this trait in many ways will lead to life a success.

Advice about work: Whatever experience you go through, it is a learning lesson and thus, it is very easy for you especially when you are an adult to cope with the problems that come inevitably in life. It is an attribute that shows a clear wisdom and maturity and it is something that is common to most zodiac signs. Due to your ideas that are extremely innovative that you have in your work, you can be very successful and even become a team leader and your opinions will always be respected.

Most people born on the 7th of March divide business from your private life and leave the impression of people who are living in a world that is parallel. In short, you divide yourself into two different personalities:

  1. One who does not share anything in common with others and you like to be alone.
  2. One who is open and extrovert.

It is very difficult for someone to reach your inner world and this is why, those who want to become your friends, need to be patient and understand that you have two sides of your personality – this due to the fact that you are very close and shy in regards to your private life!

Pressure and criticism are only to a certain extent with a certain degree of defense. But if there is demand, you will pull into the world and quickly realize you can trust without having to endanger your integrity.

Being rather sensitive: I do feel, after reading many books on your birthday that you can come across being sensitive when it comes to the demands of your friends. Feelings of insecurity and rich social life, are your main problems. For you, it is essential to stay in touch with the needs of your family and the society you are moving to, not with the whole world’s needs.

These “many personalities” seem to revolve around your emotions. You can be creative, imaginative and idealistic while on the other hand, you can be nurturing, caring, compassionate and introverted.  If all these things are put together, you can be a very caring, loving and important person in many people’s lives!

You will find it easy to develop a sense of loyalty that is deep with others which can easily happen if you allow yourself to have some kind of emotional discipline. It means that you need to avoid jumping with both feet, you don’t have to be easy to commit and you should avoid feeling too deep at first. People will earn your trust. The sooner you focus on this, the faster you will be able to make progress in all aspects of your life.

March 7 Zodiac sign – Pisces

As I have already mentioned your zodiac sign is Pisces and that is why you are well known for your feelings. Your feelings run deep and that is what those around you know about you. These “feelings” are the ones which make you be a sympathetic person. It also makes you be sensitive to the needs of other people.

It is easy to give into your intuitive side which in the process, enables you to be seen as being a compassionate and caring person.  While your personality can be perceived as being centered on the realities and feelings of others, you can at times be very introverted.

When it comes to your public feelings, you tend to hold back, but your actions show others that you are a caring person. In romance, you can be perceived as very romantic and people tend to think that, you are a fab partner when it comes to emotions.

Love Compatibility – Zodiac March 7th

For Pisces females, they are best compatible with Scorpio or Capricorn males. For a Pisces man, they find they are best suited to Scorpio or cancers. I would like to focus on skepticism when looking at your love compatibility. I have strong reservations that you should use this only as a guide, but we all have different characteristics and rising plants that can mean we are in fact compatible with another sign. The famous dream psychologist C.G Jung looked at some astrology indicators of compatibility and found that astrology is like a representation of antiquity. Not only should you think about the fact you are born on the 7th March (the 66th) day but you should look at the birthdate of your partner. In the vast collection of writings, I have concluded that you are least compatible with an Aquarius. I can say unequivocally that astrology compatibility if used int he right way, can provide us with a scientific understanding of our better relationships.

Love and Relationships of March 7

Yes, you can be rather sexual but also mystical and very romantic which is a trait that most Pisces have. Making love to you is intimate, passionate, and it thrills your partner, but this is only if they get close enough to you so that you are able to show your private and intimate side.

Communicating and understanding are what guides you through the paths of your thoughts which at times it can be dark and complicated, for that matter, and it isn’t something that everyone can digest. It is only people who stand firm on the ground and are open who will be able to know your real nature.

On a negative note you can be indecisive and find it difficult to decide what you want from love and your business is the only area in which you portray your strong will. When others have fun with you, they need to learn that, you are generous and will be willing to sacrifice everything in order to be happy and at certain times, your decisions will confuse everyone.

Difficult relationships: When things become too much of an effort, you will tend to avoid everyone in your life. Because of your high emotionality, you can be exhausted by stress. And that is the reason that, at times, you will need to get away from it all for you to get some representation. Your partner needs to give you support and be there for you when you come back from your hiding place.

Just like any other Pisces, it is easy for you to be scared and because you can “hide” for a long time, your partner might just lose you. It is not difficult for you to make any community. Showing love comes easy, which is excellent for everyone, your heart is worn on your hand! And the dreams that you offer are unique experiences that will make you succeed.

March 7 Planetary Influence

Your life is run by Neptune as a planet.  It is a water planet which exhibits a lot of emotionalism and instability of the personality of the Pisces. There are also some unreachable and unknowable parts of the Neptune planet which can give you surprises and that is what is controlling your life.

They are your secret tools that will be able to gain a competitive advantage in all your living areas.  I have also seen in many books and those people who I know born on this day, showing a sense of strength in the face of problems.

March 7 Element

Born on the 7th of March you are governed by water as your element. And the water can be at times: unstable and emotional. It fits your personality very well. You normally find yourself stuck in an imbalance of emotions as far as relationships are concerned is due to the fact that, you are afraid of confrontation. This can be the reason why I have mentioned difficult relationships follow your path.

When you push back, or claim your rights or stand on your ground, and people will not like I am afraid.  You need to stop having such a belief and bear in mind that, people will respect you more if you have a strong opinion in life.

Career and Purpose of March 7

Careers come easy to you, you are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you achieve your goals.  And it is true that you can succeed in whatever you set your eyes on. Using the swirling paths, you can break through your livelihood inexorably using the nonchalant opportunities which life provides for you.

Coming across as reconcilable, forgiving, and helpful in business. There is a reason why you deserve to be successful in what you “choose” to do in your life is important. What you choose to do in a career will depend on many factors but the main things are that you can do everything the best if you want it, and unlike other people, will show good reason when you are choosing your career.

What you are capable of doing is irrelevant and what you decide to do is a perfect choice for you. Some feel you are best suitable for jobs that involve caring, nurturing, compassion, and sensitivity.  These are jobs in the medical field, as well as counseling. Even though, these people feel this way you might not agree. You have a great way of enabling people to open up. You are also capable to step into their shows and be able to practice a lot of empathy and compassion.

As long as you are able to control your emotions, you will have many friends. The negativity about your personality is that most of the time you are too emotional. You let yourself get too involved in other people’s affairs. You make other people’s issues become yours. I know it is hard to switch off when someone needs our help. And in the process, you end up becoming less effective as a counselor.

The best counselors, lawyers, and psychiatrists are the ones who are in a position to maintain a professional distance. The more you become mature in your career in achieving the emotional distance, the more successful you will become.

Luck and significance of March 7

Your lucky color is light sky blue which says a lot as far as your personality is concerned. You have a strong amount of potential in regard to sensitivity and emotions. There is a danger that you lack confidence. If this is the case, the advice is to enlighten yourself and start focusing more on your sense of curiosity and positivity and you would become successful in your relationship.  Other lucky colors include claret, silver, and purple.

Your lucky numbers are 60, 24, 17, 2, 1, 4, 6, 44, 9, 37, 20, and the power lucky number is 32. Your lucky plant is Crabapple tree, and a lucky animal is the Proboscis Monkey. Your lucky stone is diopside. Your lucky professions are: aviator, designer, and lecturer.

March 7 Positive Traits

By nature, you are someone who is not confrontational. When faced with challenge or conflict, you can sit on the sidelines and suffer in silence than rocking the boat. It is a problem which is serious due to the fact that, there are many people in the world who are very toxic.

There are several people in your environment that would just be ready to take something from you (usually emotions) and not give anything in return. You don’t need to get stuck in a relationship that is one-sided. You need to learn how to stand up for your rights and with that; you will be able to achieve great success.

March 7 Negative Traits

Sometimes you show a non-confrontational nature. Try to understand that, when you let other people walk all over you doesn’t make them like you. When you let others get their way in your life, it means that you are weak, and with it, you attract less respect for yourself.

You need to give yourself the value and respect that you deserve. Be ready to push back and speak your mind out when necessary. If you find out that you care about someone who is very sensitive and cannot take any criticism, you will have to cut this person off your life. It will be a big favor to both of you when you do that.

March 7 Tips

Ok, since I have spoken at length try to avoid imbalanced or one-sided relationships. If you find that you are in a relationship where you are putting too much effort, it means that you are in a wrong relationship. If someone is worth your love, then they will respect you. You will have to repeat that until you start believing in it.

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