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Have you had a dream of a wolf? Do you want to know what it means? In order to learn more about wolf dreams your in the right place – because I have some exciting dream explanations that will blow your mind!!

From the moment we are born we dream. Life is a strange mix of co-operation but also competition and if you dream about wolves it can have a distinct meaning. The Wolf is a common symbol in dreams. Wolves sometimes appear in our dreams when we are worried or fearing something important in life.

Turning to dream dictionaries, wolves symbolize power, fear, inner strength, loneliness and wisdom. In many cultures around Europe and North America, the wolf stands for many different things but above all POWER. Having this dream means you have the:

  • Power to change things.
  • Power to influence people.
  • The power to change!

To understand the meaning of your dream better you need to understand what message hides behind your dream, you have to understand the nature of this wild and powerful animal. The details of your dream are SUPER important.

Was the wolf scary, mysterious, wild, vicious, cold or beautiful? Think about the setting. Were you in a wood? House? Were you being chased by the wolf? Was the wolf scary? Did you run away from the wolf? Once you have these elements you can go deeper into the true dream meaning.

How you feel about wolves in general: If you’re scared of wolves in real life you might have nightmares including wolves. If you admire the wolf and believe it is a mysterious, lonely creature, it might appear in your dream as a “friend.” Alternatively, if you consider wolves wise and powerful, it may be possible that you identify the same character features in yourself.



If you believe wolves are mysterious creatures, (in my opinion, they are) you might consider that this dream is somewhat mysterious! Normally this dream occurs when we wear a mask all the time, so other people can never learn your true face. Does that mean something to you?

Unknown: Seeing wolf in your dream means you may discover an unknown, “uncivilized” or even wild aspect of your personality that you’re trying to ignore. Until you accept yourself for “who you are”, you will feel trapped as you do at the moment. When dreaming about wolves, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. For example, did something happened that upset me yesterday? Or in the recent period? Do I feel trapped? If yes, by what or by who? What do I want to do with my life? Am I happy with the life I’m currently having?

Dreaming about wolves might also denote someone’s social behavior. If you’re a social person who likes to mix with others – dream reflects how you are feeling about others.

Question to ask yourself: Do you need to be alone for a while because wolves often wander alone. Have you heard of the phrase: “Lone wolf”? When dreaming about wolves, you could be seeking company, attention, and support.

What’s the main symbolism of wolves in dreams?

Wolves in dreams may symbolize danger. Perhaps the wolves/wolf in your dream is trying to warn you about something. Perhaps you need to approach a certain situation or issue more carefully. Or you need to make a hard call and make the right decision.

So, a wolf in your dream might also refer to your sexuality and predatory nature. However, not in a good way. For example, people who’ve suffered abuse or any kind of abuse in the past or just recently might dream of wolves. Your dreams might make you feel uncomfortable and depressed. However, don’t forget that they’re just dreams and you will continue to have those dreams as long as you hold onto your memories. Maybe it’s time to forgive, forget and let it all go?

Material loss: A wolf in your dream might also symbolize material loss. Maybe your conscious mind is trying to warn you of a shady deal or business that you’re about to seal. Someone who you believe is your friend, isn’t. You know what they say. Some people are just wolves dressed as sheep. Instead of trusting people you don’t know well, trust your intuition.

A fake person in real life: After reading that wolves might represent a fake colleague, business partner, friend or loved one, I would suggest that you don’t form a bad opinion of this animal or any other animal. If you think about it, we’re the ones who associate different animals with different character features. Also, these assumptions go way back in time and you should always ask yourself, which cultural associations make sense and which one don’t.

Danger: Another interpretation of wolves in dreams is associated with confronting danger. Or something that has been bothering you for a while. The wolves or wolf in your dream is trying to encourage you to awaken your inner wolf and face whatever’s about to happen.

However, don’t interpret your dream in the wrong way. Wolves in dreams don’t mean one is to be violent. In a work context, the dream means that you must gather courage and face whatever is coming your way without fear. It’s a dream trying to “help you gain back” your freedom. There is no shame in standing for what you believe. There’s shame in pretending to be something you’re not.

What can you learn about yourself from wolf dreams?

When dreaming about wolves, you should ask yourself: “What am I afraid of?” Once you answer this question, it’s time to confront fear. Fear cannot control you unless you let it. Fear loses power over your mind the moment you face it and say “stop, I am the one charge of my life”, no matter what type of fear we’re talking about.

How can you prevent wolf dreams from happening?

I don’t know about you but most of the time I dream about things that I have seen or thought about just before I sleep. Freud believed we all dream about things that we see in daily life. Have you seen pictures of wolves or are you paying too much attention to something that might remind you of this animal?

Dream symbols appear even if we don’t think or see them before we go to bed. In this case, it’s for the best to figure out what message is your subconscious mind trying to send. Are you afraid of wolves? Or admire them?

What’s the cultural symbolism of wolves in dreams?

According to the North American Indian cultures, wolves stand for warrior, wisdom, and healing. I have mentioned that it also stands for power, fear, loneliness, support, and pride. If you wonder, who dreams about wolves more often, men or women, the answer is both. Also, kids might dream about wolves frequently since “Little Red Riding Hood” is one of the most popular and one of the greatest storybooks of all times.

Do wolves in dreams say something about your love life and family?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “parented by wolves”? Or “raised by wolves”? If yes, you probably understand the meaning behind this phrase. Apparently, people have made up this phrase to accuse others of being uncivilized and point out their lack of manners.

This phrase makes no sense when you take into consideration the fact that wolves are better parents than people. In fact, they’re exceptional parents, which doesn’t back up the well-known phrase.

White wolf dream meaning: A white wolf symbolizes the relationship you have with your parents and the closest family members. Also, dreaming about wolves may reveal details about your love life. You’re currently into someone who’s being kind and perfect. Or you’re seeking for a person according to high your standards. However, why don’t you enjoy freedom more?

Brown wolf dream meaning: I haven’t mentioned this before, but brown wolves in dreams represent loyalty. So, if you dream about brown wolves, you’re either loyal to someone. Or you have a loyal friend, partner or team member who always has your back. Either way, you’re being surrounded by an understanding and loyal support network. However, don’t get too attached to people!

Black wolf dream meaning: A black wolf in dreams means protection and territory. Wolves remain territorial animals. So, you might be protecting your “territory” if you dream about black wolves. And by “territory” I mean “life” or something else that you feel belongs to you. Another interesting fact about wolves is that they protect their land, families, and resources.

In summary, the wolf dream is about power, control, and protection. Wolves kill other animals if their family is in danger. This means that they’re protective. So, if you dream about wolves ask yourself: “Am I doing something to protect someone I love at the moment?”

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