Dreams About Sharks – What does it mean dreaming of sharks?

So this is the question I am going to answer. What does it mean when you dream about sharks?

The dream could alternatively denote that, there is a person in your real life who is greedy and unscrupulous. Sorry this is not more positive!

A shark is a strong and powerful predator and lives in water. It is an animal you will find in seas or ocean, and thus, when you see it in your dream, it should automatically relate to your emotional state. A shark dream could indicate that it is relating to you or someone else with greedy qualities and are not sensitive to other people’s needs.

A shark has no predator other than humanity. When you ream about a shark, it could be a reminder of a world full of opportunities and also to alert you of looming danger.  You will need to move forward actively to be able to utilize the opportunities. You will have to explore your emotions to grow. Make sure you explore your world. If you just sit at home and pity yourself, nothing is going to come your way. You will have to stop sitting and wishing, hoping, and wanting. You need to act.

Shark dreams can symbolize that you feel unprotected and that you don’t fit in with the rest. Try and evaluate what is making you have such a feeling about yourself. Look deeper into your fears; face them to move forward.

Experiencing attacks from the shark in the dream could be an indicator that there is an unforeseen accident or misfortune such as disease, a mishap which will be caused by your bad habits.

Shark dreams act as symbols of strong emotions and also warning of danger. After such dreams, you might need to assess your emotions because they might be the ones behind your attitudes. If you notice that of late you have been feeling angry and deal with the situation with ferocious reactions, you will need to reevaluate all this. Check out if you have been struggling with your individuality and independence and reassessed yourself.

A shark dream can mean that, among those who surround you, there are treacherous people who cannot be trusted as they are not honest and they will just deceive you. They have hidden agenda that will harm you intentionally in some way as they don’t care to step on you and to tarnish your name as long as they get what they want in life. You could even be this person, and you are making it hard for others. Shark dreams should be a turning point for you.

Dreaming about a shark could mean that, you have something others need and they are doing what it takes to have it from you.

Traits and characteristics of a shark

Cruelty:  Sharks have been known to be vicious animals who don’t allow their prey to escape easily. Due to their body size, they can comfortably attack both large and small preys without fear. They like feeding on flesh and blood, and that is why, human beings rarely escape the attack of a shark because, once they get hold of you, they don’t let go until you become a delicious meal for them.

Scary appearance: Sharks have huge teeth and jaws which are extremely sharp, and that is why just a glance at it will send shivers down your spine. The massive jaws are used to make sure that they hold onto their prey and make sure that it does not move. Your leg can be ripped off by just one strong grip of the shark.

Speed:  Sharks are considered to be extremely fast when in water. When they are chasing their prey, they can move long distances without getting tired. Speed is their survival mechanism, and that is what they use to get food for themselves and their young ones.

Strength: Sharks, just like any other predators, is very strong as compared to human beings. And that is why they can be able to rip off your leg just in a split of a second.

What is the spiritual meaning of a shark?

If you keep seeing the symbol of sharks “everywhere” it means that you are a very sharp person. The reason you keep seeing sharks can denote that you are highly intelligent, and you know what you WANT in life and what method to use to achieve it.

In dreams sharks sometimes appear if they are our animal totems. If you have a shark as your animal totem, then it means that you are extremely driven and always moving forward. You prefer to experience everything, and you meet life full time with undeniable exuberant. At any given time, you are in a state of renewal, and you get involved in fast-moving careers which are highly predatory and involves a lot of traveling. Challenges are a part of your life, and you love it that way, and you will go out of your way to look for them. You uniquely view life and don’t think about death. When making choices, you are fearless, and when pursuing goals, you do it in the most remorseful way.

When you are born with the shark as a totem, you can be intimidating. Your presence is always noticeable, and everyone will become aware of you immediately you enter a room. How you present and handle yourself makes others to be mesmerized by you.  There is always something secretive and mysterious about you. Even though you pull a crowd, you don’t discuss things with people, and you are very secretive indeed.

People born under a shark as a totem (December 1st – January 6th)  is also sleek. There is something elegant and sleek about you that resembles the movement of the shark through water. You can adapt to any situation in life, and it is very hard for you to be shaken up or to be made uncomfortable.

In most cultures, people tend to fear sharks, and that is why you will see them represented as a monster in popular movies and television shows. Sharks have made most people to have a phobia for water due to fear of encountering one while under the water.

You have authority as one of your virtues. You know how to achieve any goal that you happen to set up. You don’t hesitate to make a  move, and it is very hard for you to be stopped from getting what you want.  With this, you are likely to go places in your life which others will only dream of without having any hopes of attaining it.  On the negative, you can use the authoritative trait to do something malicious or bad which won’t be of help to anyone. It will then make people stay away from you and avoid you completely.

A person with a shark as a totem is likely to be an innovator and well educated about every subject and knows how to utilize the knowledge to their advantage. You don’t have to be a college professor or a scientist. You can just be an ordinary street person who knows your way around and how to get the most from everything that life presents itself to you.

Your brave actions with a shark as a totem will lead you to have a proactive life that will lead you in your entire life.  You are one person who will always leave a mark on other people in either good or a bad way.

What does it mean to dream of shark attacks?

A shark attacking in a dream is quite interesting. The “dream” situation and the context of the dream should be taken into account when analyzing the dream.  Were you walking leisurely at the beach or river before it attacked? If so, this dream will mean that an unexpected danger or accident may come about! Just take care of yourself.  If you were fishing and catch a shark, then it refers to an unexpected incident at your workplace

After the attack, evaluate how you felt afterward and if you expected the attack or it was unexpected. Were you aware of the possibility of being attacked by the shark before you went to the waters? After the attack, were you able to escape to safety with ease or it was hard? Such a dream could denote that, an impending attack rumor is just a scare and nothing to worry about. Were you seriously injured?

What does it mean to see sharks circling you?

Dreaming that a shark passes or circles around you, waiting for an opportune time to attack denotes that, you are going to experience a bad situation in either your workplace or your life in general where you will feel as if you are cornered and have no way out. You feel hopeless and nervous about your current situation. It could be that you are doing badly in school or you are living in a hostile environment or workplace full of unpleasant workmates.

A circling shark is indicative of a chance for you to gather your emotions before you lose control of it.

What does catching a shark mean in a dream?

Being able to ride shark or catching it in your dream implies that, you are going to overcome the many difficulties that will present themselves in your way and which you might be currently encountering. It will be as a result of you being able to control your anger and taking in graciously the provocations and insults from others who are out to hurt you which will enable you to be victorious in your life.

What does it mean to kill a shark in your dream?

When you dream that you are killing a shark, it could indicate that you need to terminate some bad relationships you are involved in. The relationship could be in a hostile working environment or with your spouse at home.

What does Carl Jung say about shark dreams?

According to Carl Jung (the dream psychologist) a shark is symbolic of a terror of the sea as it is fierce in everything that it does. It doesn’t compromise nor does it second-guess its decisions. When it makes its decision, it is final, and it doesn’t turn back. They don’t waste time, and thus, they aggressively pursue what they want. Watch it while it is in the water and you will find out that, it doesn’t wait for you to escape or even retreat.

A shark, according to Carl Jung, represents determination, authority, style, competitor, grace, fierce, uncompromising, and knowing what you want

What does it mean to dream of seeing so many sharks?

A dream where you see many sharks could mean that there is no one around you whom you can trust as it seems like everyone is conspiring against you. You need to tread carefully.

What does it denote to eat a shark in your dream?

A dream where you see yourself eating a shark is a sign that, you are going to overcome your negativities especially your emotions by accepting them and knowing how to handle them for your benefit and to the benefit of those around you.

What does it mean for sharks to swim towards you in a dream?

When you dream that the sharks are swimming towards you at full speed, it is a sign that, you are going to face great danger in your life and misfortune is going to happen to you.

What does a dead or rotten shark corpse mean in a dream?

If you see a dead or rotten shark corpse in your dream, you are going to defeat the evil around you through your guardian angel. The guardian angel could present itself to you through a friend, a relative, or just a stranger who will be nice to you. You will avoid the impending danger without having to face it yourself. A dead shark is a sign of good wealth and profits in general.  It means that issues with others are going to be sorted out and you will reconcile with people.

What does it mean to fight a shark or to survive a shark attack?

If you see yourself in your dream fighting a shark for your life, it is a sign that, it is time you stood up and fought for your rights in your current situations. Now that you survived the shark attack, it is automatic that, you are going to fight your situations and come out victorious.

What does it mean to see a motionless shark on land?

Dreaming that you are walking along the shores of the sea or ocean and then you come across a motionless shark on the shores, it means that, whatever tough situation you have been going through in the recent past, it will no longer hurt you. You are going to be immune to it until such a time that you get a lasting solution for it.

What does it mean to possess a shark tooth in your dream?

To dream that you have in your possession a shark tooth denotes that it is time you started being aggressive chasing your goals and endeavors to make it in life.

What does it mean to dream of a big black shark?

A dream where you see a big black shark symbolizes death and sickness. Someone close to you or even you might get sick or die in the near future.

What does it mean to dream about a shark biting you?

When you see yourself being bitten by a shark in your dream, the location where it bit you is very important for the dream analysis. Depending on the severeness, and the body location, you are going to make sense out of your interpretation. A shark bite is similar to a dog bite in the dream with the difference being that, since a shark is more powerful, it will have more connection to your actual body.

If you dream that you have lost your leg inside a shark dream and yet you are diabetic in real life, it is a warning sign that, you need to take great care of your diet and other life choices  because if you don’t do so, you are likely to lose your leg since the risk already exists.  The biting of your leg by the shark could be referring to the diabetic disease which you are already suffering from, which might become severe and you end up being amputated.  So take care of your health after such a dream.

If the shark in your dream bites up your arms and hand, it could refer to some lurking or hostile coworkers who are out to attack you no matter how hard you try to be nice to them. The actions of your colleagues to try to get you fired from your dream are represented by the shark biting.  They are doing all they can to make sure that you lose your ability to work represented by your hands and arms being bitten in your dream.

What does it mean to dream of a shark chasing you and you swimming away?

When you see yourself in a dream where a shark chases you and you swim away, it means that you are trying hard to get over an impending danger in your real life. Alternatively, it could mean that you have upset someone to the extent that they are looking for you to revenge and now your life is in great danger.

Swimming away from a shark is an indicator that, in real life, you are in danger. It is high time you grabbed yourself up and escaped the danger. Escaping from the shark could mean that you are escaping from danger and trying to avoid any difficult situation in your real life. Alternatively, it could mean that it is the right time that you stopped hurting others in your real life

What does it mean to see a giant or small sharks in your dream?

When you dream that you are observing a gang of small sharks in your dream, there is a possibility of you having enemies within your camp of friends. They have a hidden agenda and are trying all they can to bring you down. You will need to take all the help you can get to learn who are your real friends and who are fake ones so that you can eliminate them from your life.

What does it mean to see a shark fin in your dream?

When you dream that you see a shark fin in your dream, it denotes that, you are aware of what awaits you shortly, but you still hold onto what life has in store for you at the moment and react to the encounters one after the other with courage and grace.

What does it mean to see sharks in clear water in your dream?

A dream where you see sharks swimming in clear water is a sign that, you are unaware of your surroundings. You seem to not to be in touch with reality. Where you are headed to might end up taking you to periods of disturbances in your life. It is going to affect your peaceful existence or whatever you deem to be your source of happiness.

What does it mean to dream that you are a shark?

Dreaming that you are the shark in your dream or you are watching others being attacked by a shark, then it means that, you are the one who is having the shark qualities. At your place of work, you are taking advantage of others to survive in stock trading or real estate business. You could as well be involved in playing those aggressive sports like poker.

If within the same dream you can prey on others successfully, then you should be happy because it means that, in your aggressiveness, you are going to find success and good fortunes coming your way.  But if your work does not entail being aggressive, the dream could be a warning that you are pushing too hard for friends and family using your shark behaviors. After the dream, it is high time to tone down and become more conscious of the needs of other people.

What does it mean to dream of a baby pet shark?

When you dream that you are seeing a baby pet shark, it represents your inner aggression, especially on the masculine side.

What does it mean to dream that you are being eaten whole by a huge shark?

When you dream that you see a huge shark and then it swallows you whole, it shows that you are powerless in your real life and thus, you find it hard to fight back against the situations which are currently weighing you down. You are going to be creative to get out of the unpleasant situation and places which you are currently in.

What does it mean to dream of a great white shark?

A white shark in your dream is a symbol of treacherous friends and people who are close to you. They pretend to be loyal and loving to you yet at the end of the day; they backstab you.

What does it mean to dream that sharks surround you?

A dream where you see yourself surrounded by sharks denotes that, you are going to experience a period where your health will deteriorate.

What does it mean to dream that you are observing a shark or shark teeth?

A dream where you see yourself viewing the teeth of a shark or just a shark in clear waters such as aquarium, pool or clear river, it is a sign that you have sexual desires. It could be that someone desires you or you are the one desiring someone else.

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