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April 28 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 28 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Keywords: Conservative, concrete

English Name: The Bull

Ruler:  Venus

Birthstone:   Peridot

Motto:  I like nice things!

Exalted:  The Moon

Element:  Earth

Shape:  Thin Line

One word:  Slowing

Quality:  Fixed

Strength: Energetic

Weakness: Frustration

Best Color:    Silver

Most compatible with:  Frustration

Hello. Welcome to my website. I am completely fascinated with the zodiac signs and I have been studying astrology for 30 years. April 28 is a special day to be born on. If you take the numbers 2+8 this equals 10. Therefore, you are a new start and beginnings number. Those born on the 28 of each month are normally free from arrogance, are somewhat mediumistic and unusually sensitive.

The evidence is overwhelming that our zodiac sign is connected to our personality.Taurus is what I call a fixed sign, it means that you enjoy a challenge in life. I don’t think you like new things but you can be rather “set in your ways.” There does need a different approach sometimes in life in regards to your fundamental needs.

People born on this day normally have a psyche ability and they don’t like to be seen as helpless. One of my best friend Tanya was born on April 28 and she has focused her life on artistic tendencies. Now, there is a danger that you could be easily overcome by being attracted to material things. Sorry to say this is a typical problem due to your birthday being on the 28.

People around you describe you as a rather fascinated down-to-earth person. Some people describe you as a poet or even a romantic person. April in numerology indicates that there is stability.  There is also determination and success to reach the goal. Because of the two and eight in your birthday, this can indicate artistic vision and also a determination to reach a goal in your life.

Try setting goals: There is also a focus on life goals that you need to set. We are all prone to not setting goals in life (I know I don’t) and being born in April indicates spiritually that you need to set clear goals.

Generally, you are a very likable person who believes in others but you can be stubborn, decisive, and unrelenting in defense of your own ideas. Your abilities make you stand out; you are always full of new concepts and ideas.

What do you enjoy? Art and music are some of the things that you like according to your zodiac. In life, you strive to amass wealth, not for the sake of it, but in order to use it to make your life harmonious and beautiful.

Money: You can both earn and make sure that you maintain money. Most of the time, you long for comfort in life, but at the same time, you don’t like exerting too much effort in order to achieve it.

Love: Love can bring some pain in your life with women putting you into so much painful experience (for men). The one-sided attitude which you have leads you to make a lot of mistakes which then takes a toll on your life. There is also a danger of you losing your wealth which you have been gathering persistently and providently for a long time. So watch out who you fall in love with!

Characteristics and Personality of April 28

Now moving onto your characteristics! You are what I call a compelling person and you use your emotional, physical, and psychological power sometimes in an intrusive was. As someone born on April 28, you are an incredibly decisive person and you will never give up on your ideas. Some say you are persistent – even when you are opposed to others, you will stick to your ideas, even if it is causing harm to you or to anyone else who is in your environment.

Due to your negotiating abilities, in your day to day life, you leave others with the impression of an affectionate and sensible person. But because of your stubbornness, it is not easy for others to see your empathy or sensibility. But those who work close to you automatically realize that you are a gentle soul!

You have a fantastic fondness for things that are beautiful in life. Because your zodiac is governed  by Venus who in retrospect is the goddess of beauty and love you have genuine creativity.  Because of this creative streak you normally dress elegantly. Fashion and style, luxurious items are important to you.

April 28 Zodiac sign – Taurus

I have already mentioned you are a Taurus. As a Taurus born on April 28, you have a reputation of being somewhat: stable, trustworthy, and calm. It doesn’t matter what is going on around you,  you will always keep your nerve which is a great trait to have.

There is also an element of stubbornness, you like to see facts before making a decision. Everyone knows that you have a temper and you can sometimes be rather annoying (but we all can!)

Love and Relationships of April 28

In love, (just like other areas in life) you like to be the leader. That is the only way you will be content in the relationship. As a Taurus, you also don’t like being in a superficial love relationship.

In regards to things like open relationships – these don’t exist in your vocabulary because what you do want commitment and dedication, no more, no less.

The good news is that Venus is your ruling planet, that is why you show LOVE, romance, and happiness when you are in a relationship.

Your partner is normally your lover, best friend, and soul mate. You normally stick with one relationship and do not cheat!

April 28 Planetary Influence

Ok, the planet you are ruled by is Venus. It is a planet which provides love and beauty. However, from time to time areas of life can be rather erratic.

April 28 Element

As a Taurus, the element earth indicates you need grounding sometimes. There is versatility and toughness in your personality.

Career and Purpose of April 28

I am going to say this…. you love money. Money represents stability and comfort in which you like to enjoy in life and you will prolong that comfort and that is why you will focus in that direction. Out of the 12 zodiac signs, you are the most materialist. You love success and money, and you don’t hide that!

An ideal occupation would be interior design. As I mentioned before, you are fond of items that are luxurious and you feel that it is part of your style so whatever job that is connected to luxury and well paying, you will go for it.

Health and well-being of April 28

April 28 is a date of activity! You are quite energetic and thus, it is important for you to find an outlet for your energy. You can join in competitive sport, exercises, in particular, dance. In terms of health concerns, you tend to be prone to weight gain, problems with the thyroid gland, and high blood pressure.

Luck and significance of April 28

Silver is the color which brings luck into your life. It is a reassuring color and when you polish it, you can easily trade it for some money. It also has several industrial uses and thus, it can do good in all settings and circumstances. This is a good reflection of your personality as you tend to merge well with all sorts of people. Other colors that are good for you include yellow, white, and teal.

Numbers which can bring luck into your life include 34, 17, 16, 5, 3, 4, 27, 30, 38, 43, and 56, with 27 being your power lucky number.

  • Foxglove is your lucky plant.
  • Penguin is your lucky animal.
  • Peridot is your lucky stone.
  • Professions that can bring luck to you include pilot, driver, and mathematician.

April 28 Positive Traits

As far as appearance is concerned,  you are attractive!

April 28 Negative Traits

You always have loads on at any one time. Busy is really the most negative trait you have. This might be due to meeting up with people socially. Also, try to ensure that you are always on top of situations.

April 28 Tips

One would also say that you were driven by the search for material security – are you? You always try to avoid risky situations. Most people born on 28 April seek a permanent type of lifestyle. Permanent career, love, marriage and also a loving partner. You will home bird and enjoy spending time with beautiful expensive material belongings. Try to take a few chances in life would be my tip – you never know what can happen!

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