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April 27 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 27 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Keywords: Grounded, Conservative, concrete

English Name: The Bull

Ruler:   Venus

Birthstone:   Amber

Motto: Time will tell due to 2 + 7 = 9

Exalted:  The Moon

Element:  Earth

Shape:  square

One word:  Shimmer

Quality:  Fixed

Strength: Reach for the top

Weakness: Strong Ties

Best Color: Brown

Most compatible with: Scorpio

Hello, I guess you are here to learn more about your birthday. First the good news! April 27 is a very favorable birthday, bringing beauty, grace, as well as happiness and love. If you are born on the 27 of April you are a 9 in numerology (2+7 = 9) this means you lead an exciting life and that you are in touch with your sensual side.

From a numerological perspective, this means that you are somewhat industrious and good at organizing. Having the number 7 in your birthdate also means that you enjoy introducing new work methods or systems.

The 2 in your birthday  Indicates you are driven for security, happiness and also love. As a Taurus, your happiest at home and you like expensive things and I will come onto that a bit later on.

Living with you is not completely easy! Some can say that you have a strong opinion on things and in love can be suspicious. The good thing is that you have all sorts of positive energy. As I have said before your ruling planet is Venus as this indicates the social side of Taurus. You can be a great host but sometimes rather shy.

As a person born on the 27th, it can also suggest being independent.  The number 27 can mean a full “breakthrough” in life. If I reverse this number (72) we can also see that this is associated with a new start in spiritual numerology. 72 indicates a force of new powers.

In biblical numerology, the 27 is connected to the word Harshad which comes from joy. 20 means redemption and 5 is grace and 2 is a sacrifice. So think about how these three words effect your life!

When you decide on something, that is it, you go for it! Most of the time, you like to focus on yourself and do hold perseverance.

It seems you have executive abilities and are especially good at managing and governing people and processes. People describe you as a person who is balanced with a sympathetic and good demeanor, with a peaceful mind, but at the same time, dislike effort and always strive for calmness and satisfaction together with pleasure.

Goals/ambition: Because you are decisive and strong, it is very easy for you to reach the goal that you set for yourself. Although you are very friendly, your ambition is solid. There is a certain barrier which is normally created between yourself and others, making it hard for you to become true friends with people.

Luxury and pleasure is something that you enjoy. In life, people whose birthday is on the 27th of any month will have prosperity and satisfaction according to the London Times Zodiac overview in 1936!

I also wanted to just say that there might be variations from one person to another born on April 27. If you are a woman born on this particular day, you might be independent and proud, loving to be a good mother, with many children. However, a man, you may be career minded. I don’t mean to make a generalization there but using that as an example.

Characteristics and Personality of April 27

So what about your personality? If you were born on April 27, it is possible that you leave a great impact on others, in my astronomy books, after calculating the planets that normally arise on April 27 (Mars in particular) it means you are an influencer, and always have something meaningful to say to those around you. This is why others follow you. In terms of positive attributes: you have great projective power, with your ideas are normally respected and you have a strong energetic field which attracts everything that is around you.

You don’t have time to look for relationships outside the environment where you work. It is hard for you to be jealous of people more popular and prosperous than you are; it seems as though you are deprived of these feelings. You don’t have to admit to others because you exactly know whether you will succeed or not. Some many think that you have the ability to stick to projects.

In terms of personal relationships, you seek privacy and when you are working, you need to be left alone. It is important to remember that, such behaviors can make you be greatly isolated.

It is also good to note that, you at times have insecurities. And, you may feel that there is something missing.

April 27 Zodiac sign – Taurus

April 27 birthday means that Taurus is your zodiac sign. It is the one which is making you be strong, stable, and have a calming influence on people who tend to be around you. Although that is what those around you think, deep down you know it is not true, you have a deep tension inside you.

Love and Relationships of April 27

Your planet is earth, so you tend to love everything that is material and tangible. When in love, you like to be adored, and you ensure that you give the same treatment back to your lovers.

So what does your lover need to know? He needs to know is that you need free space even when in a relationship that is long term. To your lovers, you are very tactical but pleasing, and you like to treat them with delicious food and quality things like fine wine, artwork, luxurious furnishings, tangible goods, and good cars. You like to be surrounded by luxury and comfort, and that is what your perfect environment together with your lover should be. Inside you, you are incredibly responsive and sensible to subtle touches instead of roughness, and even if from the outside you might seem to enjoy roughness, you don’t.

When you fall in love, you can end up forgetting about wisdom and in certain situations, you can even sink into madness. You love being in love and someone is close to you, and you have a strong motive in everything that you do and the results are normally a deeply-based passion.

April 27 Planetary Influence

As you are born on April 27 are ruled by Venus. Venus is a planet that is focused on love. Having this ruling planet and the fact that you were born on 27 indicates that you will be ruled by your heart in life.

April 27 Element

As a Taurus, the element of your birthday is earth. In the zodiac, the element impacts on our inner personality. Earth people are stable. In the times when you feel emotional, just handle it with thought rather than emotion. Your earthy but hold that venus element in your planet, which can make you feel up and down.

Career and Purpose of April 27

People sometimes think you dedicate yourself to your work, entirely and wholly. When you hold a particular idea, you may work on it until it is fulfilled. In the business environment, you are wise and traditional. Normally, when you go for a job you show charisma, you are a leader of any group that you find yourself in, you are followed, even though that is not your primary goal in life.

There are circumstances where you need to be a leader. Also, you are adaptable to any profession. Under the surface, you are a sentimental person and give affection to others.

Whatever job comes your way. Some advice: be careful in your work and life balance! Your main goal in life is to have a home that is comfortable, a fireplace that is warm, a good life and a loving partner. Does that sound right? Because you are a Taurus you like nice things in the home and at your workplace. I do feel you will have success in your career, in love, and in other life endeavors.

Health and well being of April 27

When it comes to health you are inward and reflective. Although when life knocks back at you keep on fighting! You do become resilient, you are also prone, I am afraid to reactive depression, especially when faced with challenges in life such as retirement, menopause, and parenthood. As a parent, you take a healthy view on life.

You need to indulge in regular exercises, on a daily basis in fresh air to enable you to get the benefits of feeling more alive. Sunlight and laughter is what you need. You have a fab sense of humor and thus, you need to focus on it more and incorporate it as much FUN as possible into your life.

I have looked at some old ancient texts, to be born with the numbers 27 indicates you need to avoid eating salt, saturated fats, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. Sorry. I know that is most people’s diet! Meditating, wearing, or being surrounded with the pink color will increase your feeling of happiness, security, and warmth.

Luck and significance of April 27

Pink is the color that brings luck into your life. This merges well with your personality. Other colors that might bring luck into your life include purple, cyan, and gold.
Numbers that bring luck into your life include 82, 37, 21, 15, 8, 1, 3, 24, 25, 28, 29, and 40, with 35 being your power lucky number.

  • Aster is your lucky plant.
  • Giant Panda Bear is your lucky animal.
  • Amber is your lucky birthstone.
  • Your lucky professions are physician, anesthesiologist, and flight attendant.

April 27 Positive Traits

Well, there are many positive things I have detailed above. You have a natural calming and stabilizing influence. One positive aspect of your personality is that you are reassuring those around you by your presence.

April 27 Negative Traits

On a negative note, (sorry to say!) you can hold grudges and come across sometimes as lazy. Most of the time, you let your emotions “get the better of you”  and in the process, some would say you freak people out. Try to let things go in life. I have had to learn that! It helps in the long-term!

When you show your emotions, it makes it hard for people to handle it. You shouldn’t freak out just ensure that you are at peace with others.

April 27 Tips

Some say you are unpredictable. You might just fall in love easily with others!

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