April 24 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 24 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Keywords: Conservative, concrete

English Name: The Bull

Ruler:   Venus

Birthstone:   Lapis Lazuli

Motto:  I Have

Exalted:  The Moon

Element:  Earth

Shape:  Thick line

One word:  Icing

Quality:  Fixed

Strength: Depth of Emotion

Weakness: Depressive

Best Color:    Burgundy

Most compatible with:  Scorpio

The 24th of April is a great birthday to have! Welcome to my site. I have been studying the zodiac for nearly 30 years and I am here to help you understand the April 24 zodiac sign. There is approx 251 days left till Christmas.

When I am looking at ones zodiac I like to review the biblical meaning.

The number 24 is connected to priesthood. The number 24 is connected to 12 + 12 and is seen in King David (Chronicles 23-24) where there is 24 priests in the template. So what does this mean? As you were born on the 24 it can mean that you are connected spiritually.

In numerology it means you are a 6 (2+4 = 6) character, this indicates are very impulsive, committed, inclined to dispute, easily agitated but a loving person. You impose your authority on others around you and at the same time, show a tendency of despotism. Duty and discipline is something that you respect, but at the same time, expressive self-confidence. Does this sound like you?

Luke in the bible has approximately 24 chapters. If you are born from midnight to sunrise normally acquire great wealth and those with the birth time of sunset and midnight have to look after their possessions. You tourist people tend normally be quite quiet and secretive, additionally, they are very dominant. Musicians communicate is normally fall under the tourist sign.I

There are two types of people who are born on April 24; the stubborn and lazy who are on the lower side, with the excessive expansion of vitality that you only develop towards pleasures which are passionate. If you fall under the higher rank, then you will be philanthropic, noble, and calm.

Best professions for you include those which require practical skills, calmness, stability, confidence, and decisiveness. You can be an excellent gardener, farmer, financier, entrepreneur, director, and a banker. At home, your relationship with others is not good. You need to be wary of not using your excessive eagerness which could harm your business. Your passion for boundless despotism could ruin your family happiness and disturb the peace of your home.

As a woman born on April 24, you can make an excellent housewife as you know your way around the kitchen and can also become a good nurse. In marriage, you will be happy with those born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Characteristics and Personality of April 24

As someone born on April 24, you tend to be very close to your parents and show great love and respect for them. You are fragile and emotional in this sense and it gets worse when you are older as you tend to be under the influence of your parents.

Because of your birthday is on April 24, you tend to build strong relationships with your parents and those in your environment and have some few incredible connected friends whom you value as part of your family members as they make you relaxed when you are with them.

If you feel injustice or someone is playing tricks on you, you will revolt as you hate it when people do that, but at the end of it all, for a long time, you don’t keep evil for long as you are a forgiving person. You have protective abilities which are prominent, imposing yourself as protectors of those in your environment who are helpless and weak and it happens that, you focus your work energy in that direction.

Most of the time, you focus on your family and any decision you make is normally under the influence of your family. When you become a parent, you are an extraordinary one, full of encouragement and support for your children and beyond your entire environment. You are the type who hides behind the success of those people who are making it in life; pushing them from behind.

Your desire is to be the right models of your environment, promoting everlasting and real values and you want your love partners and followers to follow your ideas. If your leadership and protection are neglected and ignored, you will react vigorously and display great regret that you invested in emotions and time. In some instances, you like to invest in your profession and thus, exposed to a conflict between professional and private life.

Rising between the two worlds and being able to face with this particular choice, it may be long before you decide to settle down with a family of your own, while the role of a partner in your life is taken by a client or associate. At work, and in whatever environment, you can quickly become the favorite of your supervisor who will report and advice on everything that matters to you. You are stable due to the fact that you are a Taurus.

April 24 Zodiac sign – Taurus

Because of your birthday is on April 24, Taurus is your zodiac sign and it is the one which is making you be capable, dependable, and calm. Your personality is strong and that is why, when you enter a room, everyone tends to gravitate towards you because they believe you are trustworthy.

They have a feeling that, they can entrust you with their secrets and that you will not judge them. It is the sign which makes you like teamwork believing that, when everyone participates, a project can be done faster than when done by only one person. This is what makes more people view you as a natural leader.

Love and Relationships April 24

Love is everything for you due to April 24 being your birthday and it is a sentiment which you connect with your family, putting it in the first place. It also relates to all subsequent ties which include romance and thus, you will not date anyone whom your parents don’t approve.

But you are someone who can have a significant turn in matters concerning love, for your heart is torn between the things that you want to do and the things which you need to do. It is a dilemma which can at times lead you to extreme life, act in one way in love while in the real sense, wanting something entirely in real life and it is something which can end up leaving a mark on your heart.

In the long run, this makes sense and thus, if you wait for your perfect match, it will be worth it.  When you become the best version of yourself, you invest and give a lot in relationships, with your long-term goal being to come up with a family which resembles your original family where support and love ruled.

You tend to be naturally attracted to the members of the opposite gender, even when you are not the best looking in the room, but people just tend to be pulled to you all the same. Whenever you speak, even though you might not be the best in communication, people love to hear each and every word that you say this is due to your ability to stabilize them.

Mostly water signs, due to being emotionally volatile, tend to be attracted to you more than other signs as you calm them down. It is important that you try to be a little bit choosy to the members of the opposite gender whom you allow in your life. Remember that, romantic involvement carries with it a lot of baggage and thus, if you don’t want to handle the ups and downs and bipolar variations of the water sign, you will need to know where to draw your boundaries.

April 24 Planetary Influence

As a Taurus, Venus is your planet of influence. Venus is a planet known for love and when there is a win-win situation, there is a lot of love exhibited. It might not necessarily mean that you will have romantic love, but in general, it is love for humanity. You don’t have to destroy others in order to be ahead of everything. There is a natural ability in you which makes it possible for you to let the people you are dealing with to know that you are in it for a win-win situation.

April 24 Element

As a Taurus born on April 24, you are paired with earth with the aspects of earth, which impact on your personality being its nurturing quality. Whenever a seed is planted in the earth and watered properly, it will definitely grow.  The earth holds it in place and cultivates it to maturity.  It is a trait which is reflected in your tendency which is natural to look for situations which are win-win.

Career and Purpose of April 24

Though you are blessed with many talents, your main job is to ensure that you take good care of your loved ones and families. You have organizational skills due to the Taurus sign in you, are persistent in the realization of your tasks.

As a worker, others can rely on you at all times both good and bad times. Dedication in all situations at work is something you enjoy doing, no matter the type of task, whether it involves your own project or a colleague’s. There is a need to care for your stubbornness which is obvious and irritating to your supervisors and colleagues.

Another problem that you have is your need to impose your opinions on others. At times you can succeed in that intention, sometimes you don’t, but your superiors tend to notice your dedication and the rewards in work are so many.

As a speaker, you are persuasive, a born educator, and a good parent and thus, you can find careers in jobs which are related to things such as educators, teachers, pediatricians. The way you are open makes you be sympathetic but it can in the process, jeopardize you since people are likely going to misuse your honesty and willingness to help others. It is high time you learn about the jealousy from people whom you work with who are unable to stand your openness and friendly nature.

Health and well being of April 24

Things which are important to you are domestic harmony and stability and you might end up sacrificing a lot of your individuality in order to achieve it which can be manifested in comfort eating, depression and stress. It is high time that you learned to say no to the many demands put on you and to ensure that you put yourself first most of the time.

It is possible for you to also suffer from hormonal problems or issues related to fertility. Light or moderate exercise in particular brisk walking might increase your level of fitness and also be able to give you the much-needed space and time to be alone and think. When it comes to diet, you will need to avoid routine and choose a light, but varied diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

In your house, there is a possibility of it being cluttered with things from your past and clearing it now and then can help to feel lighter and freer. Meditating, wearing, or being surrounded with the color burgundy will boost your energy and encourage you to be more confrontational.

Luck and significance of April 24

Burgundy is your lucky color and it is a beautiful hue of red. It is a color that has all the passion which the red color has plus an addition of subtlety, sophistication, and universal appeal. Other colors that are good for you include brown, purple, and olive.

Numbers that could bring luck into your life includes 68, 47, 35,11, 10, 7,8, 15, 18, 27,  and 42 with 21 being your power lucky number. Lime trees are your lucky plants. Polar Bear is your lucky animal. Lapis Lazuli is your lucky stone. The profession which might bring success into your life includes archaeologist, inventor, and bricklayer.

April 24 Positive Traits

As a person born on April 24, you are gifted to tell when a situation is a win-win. That could be what makes you be more attractive to those around you because, in most instances, people tend to want to be associated with winning at the expense of someone else losing. You are the one who makes it possible for them to realize that there can be a scenario where both can win without anyone having to lose.

April 24 Negative Traits

There is a need for you to work on your tendency to reach a point where you don’t care. You should understand that people will not come to you if they knew that you don’t care. First of all, you have to let people understand that you care for them by approaching each situation in life from an emphatic point of view. That is not the way you approach things. All you do is to appear on the scene and people just tend to fall in place due to your force of personality. But it doesn’t work all the time and with age, it becomes more difficult because you become more stubborn.

April 24 Tips

You have all that is required to make you a great leader. All you need to do is to overcome your tendency not to care.  Always remember that the world revolves around empathy and that is why, the more people you care about, the more you are rewarded and the more powerful you will become.

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