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January 1 – Zodiac Sign, Personality And Love Compatibility

January 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Zodiac: Capricorn

Keywords: ambitious, decisive

English Name: The Goat – Sea Goat

Ruler: Saturn

Birthstone: Beryl

Motto:  I am special I was born at the start. I am a self-starter!

Exalted:  Mars

Element: Earth

Shape:  Circle

One word:  Fatherly

Quality: Cardinal

Strength: Responsible

Weakness: Pressuring

Best Color: Gray

Most compatible with: Pisces

Hello. Your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Welcome to my website, you are here to understand what it means to be born on the first of the month – not only the first month but also the first day of the year! So happy birthday and also a happy new year! From a zodiac perspective, I am going to focus this article on your personality traits and hopefully this will help you determine what it means to be born on the 1st of January.

Being born on 1 January is quite significant. When we wish people Happy New Year it’s normally connected to a pagan tradition that we are hoping that person will have a good New Year in life. Being born in the first month of the year indicates your creator. When I am doing someone’s zodiac I like to look at Gods calendar.

If I look at God lunar calendar the original Roman year had 10 months. These months are: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November, and December.

The month of January and February was generally a time of recuperation, and not much was carried out throw in a leap year day falls in February and these months were almost removed from the calendar. January at was the month of the Roman god of Janus. He was the protector of doors and gateways. We look at a picture of Janus, he has two faces! So what does this mean spiritually? Being born on the 1st of January can have so many meanings.

Capricorns can be rather ambitious, focused and also rather conservative. Number one numerically in your birthdate represents that you are fully focused on life. There is nothing that phases you and you are likely to reach the goals that you have. The other representation of the number one is the fact that you are a free spirit. It can ultimately mean that you’re very practical you like to follow rules.

New year importance: The New Year is quite important in your birthday as it signifies – that even though you don’t like many risks you’re willing to take a few. If you look your efforts to date in life you need to look back and smile. In terms of how people regard you, you are very special person!

I do have a friend from college he was born on 1 January everything he said was positive and the friendship I had with him brought about benefit to us both. We did a little research around his birthday and it was clear that he was fully focused and very special in life. He went on to appear on the TV on some talk shows and become quite famous. I am trying to say that you really have everything going for you! There is a requirement for those who were born on the first of the month to seek meditation and become grounded. This is because their key focus is motivation. Are you prone to losing your motivation? A lot of people might think that you are always positive but at times you do doubt yourself!

There are certain things that happen when your birthday falls on New Year. Firstly, people forget your birthday. This is because Christmas and all the other celebrations sometimes get in the way. Additionally, expect to have presents wrapped in Christmas paper. It’s almost impossible not to receive one of these presents in your lifetime. Also, because New Year’s eve was the night before is impossible to organize a party as everybody’s normally so hung over. If you do have a birthday party then it can sometimes be a joint party with New Year celebrations.

There is a whopping six days between New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day there’s plenty of time for someone to buy you a specific birthday present, nine times out of 10 people actually buy a joint present. It is quite rare to be born on 1 January and some people don’t actually believe that it is your birthday. This is because most people put they were born on the first of January because it’s super easy on forms where you don’t want people to know your real birthday. Anthony Hopkins has a birthday on 1 January and other famous people. So it is quite rare!

Love and compatibility 1 January zodiac

Now I am going to briefly go over the love and compatibility of those of you born on 1 January. The first thing I will say is that the Capricorn sign can be sometimes aloof. The symbolism is the goat and this is representative of those people born between December 22 of January 19.

The Capricorn tends to have great ambition but they do like rules and order. In terms of relationships, they can come across as being rather cold. A mismatch occurs when they are partnered with cancer. Their element is earth and this means that they can react quite coldly. They can be rather controlling as lovers they also “want” to have a partner for life.

I do feel that you might enjoy comfort, and you don’t like taking risks. Friends will say you are quite balanced. Does this sound like you? If so then you are a perfect Capricorn. In regards to the best sides, the zodiac’s in love, they suit those who are Taurus and Virgo and Sagittarius. Their lucky color is brown and they are resourceful and practical.

Capricorn Personality born on the 1 January

In regards to personality, you are focused, independent, loyal and somewhat energetic. Some Capricorns can be very caring and have empathy but as you were born on the first of the month this can mean that you take ambition to a whole new level. Interestingly, Capricorns are one of the most common zodiac signs, so being born on 1 January is also extremely rare!  You are very smart but you don’t leave anything to chance. I do believe that Capricorns are naturally born followers. They do like to have a strict routine, enjoy business rules and hierarchies and normally stay in a job for a long time. They are very good at moving upwards in a career and enjoy making money.

On a more positive note, they love family life and they love nothing more than sitting down and having quality family time. They can be rather analytical but also intelligent. Famous Capricorns include Kate Middleton and also Michelle Obama. Being born on the first of the month indicates that you are likely to feel that you can do any task no matter how complex or difficult.

Numerology: In regards to numerology the number one is a new start. It means that in this life you can achieve just about anything. Think of a number one is a matrix of different vibrational connections throughout life. On a cloudy day look up to the clouds and see how they are moving, this is exactly how you should focus your life.

Career and purpose of January 1

In regards to your career, you could be any of the following: Doctor, accountant, judge, hairdresser or someone who holds an analytical job. There are many people that push you in life, normally cancer or scorpions. The good news is that you have great ambition and you can often stay with the company for a long time. This is a positive trait. Your planet influence is Uranus which means focus and you can overcome anything.

As I have already said being born on January 1, means you are very special. In 2021-2026 you have an exceptional set of years ahead of you and thus, be ready for what comes ahead of you. Capricorn indicates that you are a TRUE leader by birth. Your core leadership qualities are “determination” and making sure that everyone is happy. To that, add appeal and charm and you get a very powerful combination! If you are a man women do like you!

People find themselves drawn to you and whatever you say in a group of people, people listen! Inside you have a beauty that comes from within and you do tend to see things through rose-tinted glasses (at times!) due to your positive outlook on life. As your birthday is a 1 this means Pluto is in motion in your life. In terms of my tips – you need to surround yourself people in your life that are positive!

Being creative and determined combined with great communication skills makes you succeed in life!  Even though you are pragmatic, you can also be interested in philosophy and art. The entertainment industry is something you can venture into.

Whatever career you decide to try, it is likely going to work for you because you are the type of person – who is not afraid of any career. You are someone with many skills, abilities, and talents and thus, it is possible to succeed in any career you focus your mind on. I also want to say that you are also a hard working person and you never give up on your goals.

Earth element: The element which is connected to you is Earth and there is a strong connection between the earth and Capricorn. It is the element earth that will bring motivation and determination in your life. The good news is that you will always stay grounded and never will you ever give up on your goals. Due to the influence of the earth, being born on January 1 makes you practical and prudent and thus, success is all yours in life.

At times Saturn has an influence on your life and it is responsible for your discipline and determination in all areas of your life. Watch out for this in 2023! When Saturn will enter your zodiac!

The Characteristics and Personality of January 1

If you were born on January 1, you can be totally charming. People think you are creative and hard working.

Friendships: Some people think that you are social and have loads of friends is also in you due to your birth date. I will say that you are warm and witty and that is why people like to spend their time with you. Intelligence is also yours! and you are capable of solving problems easily and you possess great creative energy.

According to ancient astrology that I researched, being born on January 1 automatically gives you the ability to listen to other people and help them. You have a really close bond with your friends. You care about others and you are always helpful whenever a need arises. Some would say that you hold a great sense of justice and most of the time, you are calm.

Sorry to talk about negative aspects of your personality but, if you are born on January 1, you are at times too cautious and this makes you lose on some opportunities that come your way. You are afraid of risks and new situations and thus, most of the time, you prefer to stay in your comfort zone.  And that is the reason why you find yourself losing out on many good opportunities that appear in front of you. At times you can be too demanding.

What you are like in love? When it comes to, love matters, you are trustworthy and romantic and thus, you will always look for a partner who has the same qualities as yours. So if someone wants to touch your heart, they need to be reliable and imaginative. You also have to be communicative and possess energy.

When you find the right lover, you will always be faithful and the relationship will last for a very long time. You are always looking out for a life partner and before you find that someone, you will enjoy yourself and dedicate your energy to self-development.

In terms of love compatibility, you get on well with people born on 31st, 22nd, 15th, 8th  of any month. You also tend to have great relationships with Taurus and Virgo people due to the fact that, your viewpoints are the same. Cancer can be a great partner for you as they are very attractive and creative and that is what you are looking for in a partner. If you are born on January 1, you need to avoid having relationships with people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Sуmbоlѕ, luсkу numbers аnd colors of January 1

Ok, here are some symbols that are interesting. When you are born on January 1 then your lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The lucky numbers are 82, 73, 64, 46, 28, 21, 19, 17, 10, 4, and 3. Brown is your color of choice as it will make you feel joy, happy and confident. It is symbolic of being grounded and conventional, stability and strength. You will need to include this color in your “clothes” and accessories and when decorating your house. If you don’t like the brown color, you can go for dark green as your color of luck.

I will give you some advice. Consider wearing your birthstone which is garnet and it symbolizes honesty and friendship. Sapphire and Topaz are also important stones for you. Ensure that you wear it as part of your accessories. Chrysanthemums and carnations are your flowers of choice with silver being your favorite metal that will bring luck into your life.

January 1, birthday symbols

  • The horned sea goat

Health & Wеllnеѕѕ of January 1

Ok I am now going to give some tips for your health, if you are born on January 1, it means that you (most of the time) work on computers so might have a sedentary lifestyle and thus, you will need to regulate your diet. You should also try to walk regularly for the benefit of both your physical appearance and your overall health.

Advice: I will leave you with a few tips. In life, you might at times be too naïve. You need to be more careful about others – and you shouldn’t believe what everyone tells you!! Always think that you might be surrounded by some friends/people at work who are not genuine. Be more realistic and stop trusting everyone is my key message.

I think that is it. I hope you enjoyed my overview of your zodiac. Blessings!


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