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January 16 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 16 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility


Keywords: ambitious, decisive

English Name: The Goat – Sea Goat

Ruler:   Saturn

Birthstone:   Moonstone

Motto:  I Use

Exalted:  Mars

Element: Earth

Shape:  Heart

One word:  Colorful

Quality: Cardinal

Strength: Creativity

Weakness: Spiteful

Best Color:   Red

Most compatible with:  Pisces

If your birthday is on January 16, then it means that you are a Capricorn.  You are a person who is patient and persevering and you are able to put up with conditions that come your way in life and try to rise above them. You ambition makes you be restless and pushes you to unending new plans and efforts. You gradually gain knowledge, develop, and gain wisdom from life, thereby demonstrating diplomatic ability.

You work tirelessly to ensure that you overcome whatever obstacle life throws at you. You are frugal, practical, and on the outside, you present yourself as someone modest, withdrawn, often and most of the time you try to hide your sensitivity from those around you. Although independence is not within your reach, you always strive for it. As a speaker, you make sure that you exhibit a lot of cleverness, but once in a while, you find yourself being rough in your speech.

Your mind is very agile and flexible.  With a lot of caution, you can indulge in most intimate details. You are quite careful in your actions and at the same time, very loyal. You get attracted to shiny things in life. Wonderful surrounding excites you and your nature often seems to be attracted to fantastic things, merry and radiant. The best profession for you is one related to the earth and its products, mining, agriculture or industry.

You can be a very good engineer, senior officer, or a good actor. You tend to be arbitrary, selfish, excessive eagerness at work and obstinacy. You are always covetous and you show your inability to be patient. You chase after vanities which later in life, might cause your downfall.

Characteristics and Personality of January 16

You are very stubborn and you can do whatever intention you have, no matter how hard it might be. Your experiences bring you success, but your independence and seriousness make you be antisocial in a way.  You normally get very close to your associates and family; you are a very reliable person and friends and family run to you whenever they have a problem and they are in need of help.

You find it hard to accept that not everyone is like you; it is impossible for you to accept the differences that exist between you and others. There are some traditional values that you impose on others as you try to control them.  It is deep inside you think that you are the only one who knows how to solve problems, but you need to learn how to forgive others and allow them to be what they want to be instead of judging them.

You are very intelligent and that is why, when it comes to comprehending and apprehending new information, it is very hard to be beaten by anyone. You feel comfortable with ideas. When it comes to putting the ideas into work, you are very tireless. You are not easily distracted nor are you lazy and thus, that is a very powerful combination that contributes to your success.

You are very passionate when it comes to excellence. You always want to be above everyone else when it comes to producing quality. You are proud when people see that, your product is beyond and above the work of others. You are also an efficient, dependable, positive and trustworthy person.

January 16 Zodiac sign – Capricorn

As a Capricorn who celebrates your birthday on January 16, you seem to excel when you are under pressure. While those around you are worried, you find a safe haven deep inside you to act in a cool manner, calm and a manner that is deliberate. You are in a position to act very calm even when you are under extreme pressure.  You are a natural go-getter and there is no single time that you will back down.

If you think that what you are doing is the correct thing to do, then it will be impossible for anyone to come against it. You get excited when you are told that what you are doing is idealistic, crazy or simply impossible. You are always out to prove others wrong. That is the reason why you are a driven person in your own class.

You don’t focus on winning a lot of millions for achieving a certain goal. You don’t give a damn what social class your goals will earn you, but you get excited when you prove those around you wrong which could be a double-edged sword for you.

Love and Relationships of January 16

You are confident about yourself in matters concerning love and that is what attracts the opposite sex to you. Your confidence ensures them that, they are going to survive to have a relationship with you and that is what makes the opposite sex feel that, you are the right person in their lives.  You will need to cultivate the confidence because the more confident you become, the more members of the opposite sex will avail themselves to you to enable you to choose.

You are all work with a few words and it a character that is common with everyone born on January 16. You are a serious lover when you finally find love and you always take one step at a time, not rushing anything as far as a life partner is concerned.

Other Capricorns are very conservative when it comes to the members of the opposite sex. They select a partner and stick with them for better or for worse. They are very loyal. But for you the Capricorn born on January 16, you fall in love with the concept of love and not the person. When members of the opposite sex are attractive, you tend to lose your concentration and find it hard to make a choice. But once you decide to fully commit, you don’t turn back and that will definitely be your life partner.

It will take you a very long time to make a commitment to one opposite sex member because you are always waiting for something bigger and better to come your way. Regarding family and friends, you combine humor and strong emotions, making you be a great companion to have. Loyal and sincere, people prefer to have you as a friend.

You like taking holidays so that you can be with your family and friends in one place to have fun and enjoy. To you, that is what you think is showing them, love. You like existing in an environment that is honest and consistent.  You don’t have emotional outbursts are not common with you, but once in a while, you can find it happening from the blues.

January 16 Planetary Influence

Your ruling planet is Saturn and it is the one which is predominating your personality. You focus on proven and tried. While there are other areas of your life which you can explore, you tend to be more focused on conservative solutions because you see them to be the ones that produce the desired results.

January 16 Element

Earth is the ruling element of Capricorn meaning, if you are born on January 16, then definitely, that is what is ruling your life. You are very deliberate, calculated, and purposeful. It is rare for you to act on impulse. Mostly you are driven by passion and principle. Though passion is normally defined as being emotional, you are not due to the fact that, you draw it from your principles.

Career and Purpose of January 16

You are very passionate about what you do for a living and you don’t do it for the money but for the high sense of achievement.  At times, you do things because other people have told you that, it is an impossible thing. And this makes you pour your all in whatever you are working on. And that is why it is rare for you to fail in anything you set your eyes on.

You are very calculated, especially when it comes to taking up risks. While it might take you a while before you make a decision, once you decide, that is final and it will take a lot of minds to make you change your view. That could be the reason why most of the time, you are a winner and even employers prefer your likes; people born on January 16.  You can succeed very well as a business entrepreneur or an online company founder.

Ambition is what drives you when it comes to career choice. You have the right tools for both personal achievements and job. You always set high standards for yourself and since you are dedicated, perseverance and honest, you have a high chance of succeeding in life. Readiness to work and loyalty are the characteristics that you like to see in others as that is what rules in your life.

Real estate, education, and finance are some of the professions that you can do very well in but it is also possible that you can be pulled in beauty related professions. You are one person who knows how to manage your money and time very well.

Health and well being

You are not too resilient and most of the time you tend to rheumatism and cold. In later life, you will suffer from arthritic ailments. Illness in your case normally appears due to colds and inadequate metabolisms.

Luck and significance

When you are born on January 16, it means that your lucky numbers are 7,10, 13, 14, 16,  28, 31, 32, 37, 39, 43, 45, 47. Your day is Saturday and you correspond to all saturated colors. Your lucky birthstones include a magnet, resin, coal, onyx, and tourmaline.  Red is your lucky color. It is a color that projects intensity, passion, and heat. You can get quite heated about when it comes to your principles. It is that which provides you with the power to keep on going despite the odds being on your side when it comes to the achievement of goals.

Due to the red color, you are in a position to re-energize yourself at the right time and continue pursuing your goals. Even when everyone else is telling you that whatever you are working on is impossible, this great color will keep you going.  It is the one that makes you want to prove others wrong.

January 16 Positive Traits

You have a great sense of value because you believe that, the greatest value in life that can give you pride is a job well done. Your self-worth is measured in the way a job has been done and how well you can tackle a challenge. This can also translate into having a great family obligation sense.

Most of the time you find yourself giving to the family members without you having to receive anything in return. You are not doing it for them to appreciate you, but you are doing it for your own principles. You ensure that you listen to your own intuition most of the time.

January 16 Negative Traits

Though you have commendable values, you have a problem in making sure that those around you play to your rule of holding themselves to high standards. You can do it yourself, but it is next to impossible to convince the rest to follow suit. Most of the time you find yourself in this sticky situation with those nearest and dearest to you.

Even though most of the time you are supportive and loyal to your family members, you get stuck in situations where you are being used by lazy, unproductive, or family members who are worthless and they are not adding value anywhere.

You find yourself protecting your inner circle people and this can be seen as being arrogant and clannish.

January 16 Tips

If you are born on January 16, you will need to allow yourself to take pleasure in the little things that are happening around you. You will have to allow yourself to achieve a great sense of accomplishment as far as tough tasks you have done are concerned. You will need to be content with the way things turn out in your life. You need to reduce the wait time for people who are leeches and users; cut them from your life immediately you notice them.

You should learn that it is okay to work tirelessly in order to achieve and at the same time, to put in more energy in order to prove others wrong. But you need to have some perspective on life. Apart from proving others wrong, there are other things you can do to motivate yourself. You need to consider creating something new as your highest value; concentrate on discovering things.

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