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January 17 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 17 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: ambitious, decisive

English Name: The Goat – Sea Goat

Ruler:   Saturn

Birthstone:   Quartz

Motto:  I Use

Exalted:  Mars

Element: Earth

Shape:  Curve

One word: Divided

Quality: Cardinal

Strength: Higher Consciousness

Weakness: Depersonalization

Best Color: Black

Most compatible with:  Taurus

Due to the fact that, you were born on January 17, it follows that you are a person with a demeanor that is calm, talented, calm, intellectual, meaning, you have a radiant of nature. Your mannerism is peaceful and gentle. But when you are angry and agitated, you can show extraordinary power and harshness and hardship brings out your internal strength, which is hidden deep inside your soul.

January 17 empowers, love and idealism for beauty. Though you are gentle, you are still stable and unrelenting and you don’t allow any limits to be imposed on you. Your sensual nature merges with mystic tendencies and this in return, causes an unusual mental tension. As a child, you will seem to have a serious demeanor and even older than your age. You are always aware, and constantly analyze and examine everything around you, and in you and at times you find yourself being fearful. And that is why you don’t like fantasy stories as it might trigger the fear in you.

When you are a child, you require a surrounding that is caring and recognition for your efforts and that should not be denied. You always show a tendency for unwillingness to socialize with your age-mates thereby leading to being lonely most of the time. When at school, you will tend to have passion and perseverance for your school work. You enjoy the company of people who are older than you and will always ask them for help.

In case you go to school at a public institution, you will have a great impact on your colleagues, giving them a sense of business and energy. You will need to be in contact with your peers because that is likely going to help you overcome your fears and draw you from unnecessary over-analysis of your experiences for which you seem to show a tendency to.

Characteristics and personality of January 17

You are very stubborn, and the reason is that you are very fearful. You are not able to go past your boundaries and all the time, you feel safe coloring within your lines. This can be a great thing, but the problem is that person comfort zones, walls can start caving in if you are not challenged.

If you are not challenged on your personal walls, you will start behaving like invisible prison walls with the mental prison walls being the worst. You will tend to believe in things which you are not supposed to, developing blind loyalties when an objective look at the facts will mean that, you take a different course from what you are taking.  You find yourself mostly stuck in situations, making you frustrated.

You are in a prison where you hold the key and unless you open the door, nobody else can be able to help you.

You are the type of person who doesn’t waste time and you will always try to do the same thing as others. You can be referred to as persuasive and ambitious. A determination is what helps you to pursue success and realize business ventures. You are a great organizer because of your undisputed intellect and thus you can easily get involved in participating in government or organizing a party.

Your birthday makes you be ambitious, thoughtful, serious, but at the same time, it is recommended that you try to succeed in your early years because during your youth is when you have great energy. You get unhappy when anything you are focused on doesn’t succeed according to your plans. No obstacle can make you put your goal on hold. You don’t trust your feelings or plans. You will quickly give up something that you enjoy in exchange for getting better in your goals.

You are strong-willed, persistent, spiritual, wise, and at times uncertain. You also at times are materialistic, loving money while knowing how to handle it. You always get whatever you want as long as you stay dedicated. You also know how to control your feelings towards your children.

January 17 Zodiac sign – Capricorn

Due to the fact that you were born on January 17, it means that you are a Capricorn who is very motivated. You act like a machine that is unstoppable until it finishes a task. Once you decide that you need to work on something, you cannot tolerate anything or anyone that comes between you and your goal. While it is a positive personality, it also acts as a double-edged sword as it can lead to you making other people feel hurt which is not your intention.

You get focused on what is before you, ready to make sacrifices even with your own personal life, but which you might regret in the future. You also tend to be focused to the extent that, if your goal trajectory changes, you will end up chasing the wrong thing. You have a lot of energy, but with unquestioned goals, you might end up chasing the wind as they are circular, going nowhere and that is your greatest challenge.

Love and Relationships of January 17

For you to feel safe and complete, you require safe and strong love just like the other Capricorns. You are unlikely to give your heart to a stranger as you are afraid that, they might hurt you. You need time to be sure that, there is no rejection of danger and thus, you will be the first to know your future partners.

As a lover born on January 17, you are loyal because of being conservative. Once you are comfortable and familiar with someone in a relationship, you will not try to experiment with others. You are not the type to seek out what else is out there.  You feel that you don’t have the energy and time to do that.

You are a passionate person who is covered with calm and cold behavior. When you finally surrender to your partner, you can be a fantastic supporter of your loved one, doing everything with nothing too difficult for you.

This doesn’t mean that, if given a chance, you won’t cheat on your partner. It only means that you are the time who can hang onto commitment for a very long time, regardless of whether your partner is returning your love or not. That describes how much you can hang in there which can either be a weakness or a great thing, depending on who is saying it.

When in love, you are real and you are best matched with partners who are willing to create with you a small paradise for themselves, where you will enjoy together with a smile and passion.  If you are in a friendship, you like having things under control and you demand that whoever is in your environment has to act appropriately. You need friends who are solid like walls, who are putting value and security to something that is useful and important.

Remember that, how well your relationship is going to work depends on the type of people whom you decide to become loyal to.

January 17 Planetary Influence

Saturn is your planetary planet as it is the one that rules all Capricorns. For your case, you get its tendency to be oppressive. When you don’t pay attention to feedback and to change and continue hanging on to a goal that is not worthy, you will end up depressed.  You need to consider life as a big change and when something doesn’t change, then there is something wrong with it.

When you hang on to something for the sake of hanging on, then there is something terribly wrong with you.

January 17 Element

As a Capricorn born on January 17, the earth is your governing element which reflects concreteness and stability. You also reflect the way the earth displays its immobility. But when the earth gets too dry and baked, it crumbles.

Career and Purpose of January 17

As someone born on January 17, you are not a risk taker. You are more of a dedicated and loyal worker than a risk taker. Because of your determination and ambition, you are likely to go for jobs that provide you with an opportunity to get real success and thus, only top positions are going to interest you.

As an employee, you can be a good boss or colleague as you are the type who like responsibilities for doing almost everything around you and you are very hard working. You are fundamental and organized and manage everything that is entrusted to you. You want to be the best and be able to evaluate all your possibilities. You don’t go headlong through the wall, you always plan wisely and go safely to your success.

As long as you have clear directions and are set on your goal, you will ensure that you achieve your goal, however long it might take. This could be a good thing and in most circumstances, the power, the drive and the dedication that you are sure that you get where you want to go.

The problem comes when you settle for a worthless goal. If your focus is on the small stuff, you will not come around to do stuff that will matter and that is the biggest challenge you have. You tend most of the time, to work in circles. You focus on stuff which doesn’t really matter in the world around you and thus, end up not succeeding in life. Remember that, the innovators of this world are the ones who are rewarded. Those who push beyond the boundaries are the ones who matter. If you stick with the proven and tried, the world will not care about you.

You will need to start trusting your intuition because it might just end up increasing your chances to achieve success in life. You can make a good insurance person, planners, financial managers, artists, accountants, composers, sculptors, painters, and businessmen.  For you to feel safe, you need to have a lot of money and what this means is that you are a better saver of money

Luck and significance of January 17

As someone born on January 17, your lucky numbers are 54, 41, 25, 15, 10, 5.

Black for you is the lucky color and being one that has something solid and powerful in its solidness, it might be the one behind your character. Destiny is engraved inside it, continuing for a very long time while being mysterious and sophisticated. For it to come to life, you will have to mix it with other colors meaning, you mix your optimism with possibility and activity.

January 17 Positive Traits

Because you were born on January 17, you are a hard worker, skillful and ready to stick to your course however long it might take until you get successful with your goals. You are someone whom others can depend on and thus, trustworthy.  You are predictable, reliable, and a rock that is solid.

The problem comes where your rock is placed on quicksand and thus, however strong the rock might be if it is based on foundations that are faulty, it will definitely roll away and thus, become your undoing.

January 17 Negative Traits

You can become very stubborn at times, hanging onto something even when reality dictates that, you give up. Other people might see that, there is a need for you to give up, you will still hopelessly fight the cause, hanging onto a losing battle.  You are hanging on, not because of emotional reasons like other zodiac signs, but fear of change. According to you, as long as you are comfortable, you will hang on to the end.

You can be likened to a frog that is boiled to death in a pot because it felt comfortable in the water. It boils not because of feeling hot, but because it got used to the rise in temperature and thereby not got around to jumping out of the pot.

January 17 Tips

Start challenging what you believe in including your biggest assumptions. When you constantly challenge your comfort zone, there is a likelihood of increasing your life to a higher level. Consider life to be all about possibilities and exploration. Don’t take it to be all about proven and tried because then, you become too lazy or fearful to see anything outside the box.

As you exhibit your unbridled stability, passion for work and goals just as a true Capricorn, it is commendable and very admirable but you will need to think outside the box. Stop committing too much to proven and tried as it can offer the worst oppression in your life. You will never know what is past the corner until you pass it and explore for yourself.

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