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January 18 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

January 18 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: ambitious, decisive

English Name: The Goat – Sea Goat

Ruler:   Saturn

Birthstone:  Fluorite

Motto:  I Use

Exalted:  Mars

Element: Earth

Shape:  Dot

One word:  Leadership

Quality: Cardinal

Strength: Initiative

Weakness:  Insensitivity

Best Color:    White

Most compatible with:  Taurus

Your mind is developed and clear and if you received a good education, then you will grow to be someone prominent and very important in the society. You have a very simple nature, a little harsh, devoid of superficiality and shallowness of life in general as well as its elegance. Your demeanor is very uneven, sometimes sad and unpleasant. Despite being harsh at times, you are good-natured, true and polite with a rich mind. You strongly experience the past and a historic tradition when it comes to pushing forward and development, as you know that, it will be impossible to achieve it if you separate it from the past.

Most of the time, you are a product of extraordinary and antiquity studies. You take an interest in everything that surround you that is related to marriage, birth and death basing your judgment on material gain. Due to your attachment to material things, it can cause you to be one side, leading to stubbornness and self-delusion that is not persuaded. You have a passion for life in the rural area.

Nobody doubts your precision and integrity, but to those who are more engaged, you are seen as being inelegant and devoid of grace. You enjoy sports and long walks. There are very few people you can associate with as equals. You are either busy lending a hand to the weak or seeking protection from the powerful people around you. When it comes to love, you can be very egoistic and you don’t always realize that the feelings need to be mutual. You don’t experience true jealous, but instead, you experience anger due to being deprived of something

A January 18 born when young, are always devoid of resistance and therefore weak. Your first years in life are the worst but after it is over, you start viewing achievement in a different perspective. In your later years, your demeanor becomes patriarchal and your career peaks and that is when you prove gentle and seeking a merry and pleasant company as a contrast to yourself.

January 18 Personality traits

You are someone who is very optimistic, always seeing the glass as half full. Apart from that, you see the glass as being in a position to be used for other purposes apart from holding water. You also see that there are different purposes for the glass, depending on the timing. Your thinking is always in a three dimensional way.

While other people sit there agonizing for lack of opportunities, you always see an opportunity in every situation. You are always tapping into your intuition and that is what guides you by helping you to see not only what is, but what could be. You always look at taking things in your life to the next level based on the probabilities that are available.  When you put all these traits together, it makes you be very attractive to other people because of the fact that, your thinking is different and you always think that, things are always possible and make them think in the same way.

January 18 Zodiac sign – Capricorn

As a Capricorn born on January 18, you are very methodical, meticulous, and systematic person, loving challenges in your life. You believe that, for every problem, there is a solution and that is the reason why you are meticulous, having a strong sense of confidence that arises from your intuition. Unlike your counterparts in the Capricorn zodiac who fear to tap into their emotions, you readily do that.

You believe that, if you go past the things you know and use faith to tap into the unknown the chances of landing into something bigger, better and more promising are high. You have earned some of your successes for doing exactly that; moving from your comfort zone to explore in the unknown. This is what is making you be ready, eager and willing to take opportunities whenever they come your way. You have this understanding that, your intuition is full of accumulated knowledge and not a series of random roles of the dice and blind hunches.

Love and Relationships of January 18

As someone born on January 18, you are action oriented. You believe that you need to take action in order to show your partner that you are affectionate with them. You don’t care about being affectionate in public, showy, or making a production that is big about how your partner matters to you. You would rather engage in things that count as far as your partner is concerned. It is the little things in your mind that makes the difference in your relationships.

To the outside world, you will be seen as cold and reserved, but being romantic and making love is something that you treasure in your life very much.  You will need to learn to be less tough with your heart. You find it hard to commit, but when you do, it will be forever.

When it comes to declaring your affection, you tend to be very quiet and that is why most of the time, your romantic partner might think that you are taking too long to open up which is a misconception. In a real sense, you are very open as far as matters concerning your heart are concerned, but you just choose to communicate in a different way.

It is very hard for you to declare undying love for your partner, but instead, you prefer to show your respect and appreciation of deeds and actions instead of words. If someone expects some emotional overflow, divine emotions, they will need to stop because that is unlike you.

You are dedicated to your work and making sure that you achieve your goals in life and thus, you don’t have that to be romantic. You want to be a leader and not a romantic hero or heroine. So if someone wants to be in a relationship with you, they shouldn’t complicate things by showing excessive emotional outbursts and scenes concerning heartbreaks. You are a practical person and are looking for a capable, possible, and intelligent partner.

January 18 Planetary Influence

Being a Capricorn, your planetary influence comes from the planet Saturn. The primary attribute from Saturn for you who is born on January 18 is what causes your personality involving restrictions.  You are a master of self-control, knowing how to get the job done. You are very driven and focused. On the outside, you are very tough. Those who get attracted to you at first see you as being hard to crack, but when they enter into your life, they realize that you are warm and quite helpful.

January 18 Element

Because you were born on January 18, you are a Capricorn and you are governed by the earth as your element. The earth’s quality of providing security is the value that dominates in your life.  And that could be the reason why you exhibit a lot of security and people will tend to be attracted to you because they feel secure in your company. You place too much importance on security to the extent that, it prevents you from benefiting and seeking from opposing or contrary perspectives and values.

Career and Purpose of January 18

You are a persistent and responsible person as far as career is concerned. You possess a high level of discipline which is impressive. With all your persistence, you can go very far in your career, even if you don’t have any talent or a tendency towards anything, you are likely going to make things happen in your life.

When you are faced with a task, it doesn’t matter how complicated or simple it might be, your one mission will be to ensure that you accomplish it even if it means working nonstop, over time. You hardly seek help from other people and you will independently fight for your battle where on personal or business plans.

When it comes to making mistakes, you will use them to perfect your future engagements and it will not make you give up at all. You are materialistic, loving money, earning it, and spending it. You are organized and with you, everything has its own place and you hate seeing chaotic scenes and messes in your life. You are very practical and straightforward, even before you make a decision about something, ensuring that you first of all deal with all the facts that are presented before you.

Due to being reliable, that could be the reason why you are promoted at work because you tend to do things in a way that you get noticed. It doesn’t happen intentionally, but that is your nature. You can make for great policy makers or administrators.

Luck and significance of January 18

White is your lucky color and it is a combination of all colors. It is very powerful, purifying, and it burns bright. You can tap into these powers if you collect more colors into your white color by feedbacks from other people.

Your lucky numbers are 44, 24, 19, 17, 14, and 2

January 18 Positive Traits

You are very reliable. The reason why you command authority is not that of beating your chest in the middle of a crowd, but due to being reliable. Your results after working hard are noticed by those around you and that could be the main reason why you are a natural leader. You are both an organic and official leader. Even if you are not formally promoted, you will still be promoted in the eyes of your colleagues because you have a natural level of organic leadership ability.

January 18 Negative Traits

On the negative, you are quite intolerant and downright insensitive to people who have a different assumption to yours. While you are capable of tolerating so many things in your life, when it comes to values, you draw a line. You understand that there is a certain way in which the world operates and you will always stick to your set values which will tend to strengthen and collaborate with your particular view of the world.

When you come across someone who has opposed value systems, you feel irritated on one hand and on the other, you feel threatened. And that is the reason why you tend to wall off people whom you feel cannot see eye to eye with.

January 18 Tips

You will need to realize that, people are different and it is not a problem to be different from one another and thus, not an obstacle that you will need to overcome. When you are different, it doesn’t mean that you are disadvantaged and that you need to work around it in order to achieve a goal. Instead, this could be a resource.

When you work with people who are different from you, you should celebrate their unique nature, their opinions, using them to propel to your efforts of getting a shared goal collectively. When there are differences between you and others, you can learn the different experiences because you will gain insights on what you are capable of doing versus what you are doing and maybe come up with something that will be better than your initial plans.

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