April 17 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 17 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility 

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Keywords: Challenging, Impulsive

English Name: The Ram

Ruler:   Mars

Birthstone:   Beryl

Motto:  I am

Exalted:  The Sun

Element:  Fire

Shape:  Zigzag

One word:  Burst

Quality:  Cardinal

Strength: Believing

Weakness: Rebellious

Best Color:    Wheat

Most compatible with:  Libra

Industriousness, and great activity are what characterize you.  As a person born on April 17, you are pleasant, with a demeanor that is peaceful, talented, and often noble.  It is very easy for you to make public speeches and have a style that is easy. Having a widely gifted nature, it means that, you have so many talents.

Withdrawn, serious, and pondering, you seem to state your life essential goals clearly, and ensure that you pursue them with a perseverance which you don’t express in minor things. The kind heart and goodness that you possess make you attract a lot of followers and friends whose advice you skillfully use to take advantage of opportunities in life and get a position in life which is good.

As a man, a woman who is prominent can make you become successful in life. Although you have the capacity to form plans and projects with excellence, expressing everything in essential and general lines,  you don’t always show the patience that is necessary for executing them, and thus, there is no need for you to bring your ideas to life with those around you.

It seems you have a great drive for work that makes you want to bring your ideas to life immediately. When it doesn’t work or when you encounter difficulties which are great, you will likely abandon what you are currently working on and embark on something else. You pay no mind to details due to the fact that, you care for the general lines.

There is a need for you to strive to control your passions, the outbursts which most of the time create turbulence in your life. If you happen to get a hold of them, then you will be able to gain happiness and peace, with rest and satisfaction after struggling for a lifetime. Most of the time, you are in good health with a strong organism.

Beware of overworking yourself or doing an activity excessively as it can cause you insomnia and headaches.

Characteristics and Personality of April 17

At a glance, you leave an impression of being a quiet and withdrawn person, but on a closer look, you are totally different from that. You are someone who is very strong, with an awareness of your own power, love to live your life which is full of adventures and are full of abilities for leadership. You tend to show your energy transparently, like to be listened to, to feel valued and important.

Being born on April 17 makes you want to be taken seriously and don’t like to be the subject of light and funny talk. It becomes hard for you to tolerate a society in which you are ignored as it becomes very stressful for you and you have a problem dealing with this which you see as rejection. You have pronounced spiritual energy, finding the focus on philosophy and religion due to these being the essential area which attracts your energy which is very powerful.

As for your environment, you want to be surrounded with people who are influential because you feel that social force is something which is good to be devoted and dedicated to.  You think that you become popular and influential if you surround yourself with people who are popular and influential.

But you feel agitated the minute you realized that someone is misusing their position and you will task yourself with a focus to fight them with whatever resource is available.  You fight hate and injustice when others are abusing power even if yours takes you to that level, you will definitely fight it.

Deep judgment and strong will are something you believe in and your brutality can get you in situations which are difficult. This can, in turn, make you be amoral which can then turn you into pursuits that are illegal. You tend to be aware of this fact and you try to fight it with your strong will and desire to be great and at the same time, oriented spirituality.

There is an inborn sense of motion in you and thus, need to keep on moving forward. You can be compared to a shark, which, it is either moving forward or dying because there is no in-between for it and it doesn’t like sitting still. For you, life is too short to remain too long in one place, but to others, it might seem as if you are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

April 17 Zodiac sign – Aries

As someone born on April 17, it means that your zodiac sign is Aries and it is the one which is responsible for you being someone who is very impatient. It is the sign which is making you be unable to sit still and wait for people to get around or wait for the proper time.

At no particular point will you sit still or in a particular place. All you need to do is to be on the move all the time and that is what makes you feel alive.  Your impatience at times makes you feel that you have to take an action, changing your surroundings and this could lead to very positive results.

Love and Relationships of April 17

The strong and tender feelings are hidden deeper into you, making you to even feel guilty as it makes you feel as if you are becoming unstable and weak when your emotions come to the surface. You are the type of partner who is always restless and never calm, even when there is no evidence to make you believe there is something wrong in your relationship. You tend to be very complicated, as far as love matters are concerned with your feelings fluctuating between being passionate to phlegmatic or that is what it seems to those that are in love or want a long-term relationship with you.

It is this alteration which causes nervousness and this is something tough for your lover and that is something which only those who are brave can take. You are the type of person who from time to time, are emotionally untouchable and avoid gentleness or at least you try to show the world around you that, that is who you are. It is a behavior which has consequences;  you will not be attractive to members of the opposite sex, although, with a proper partner who has the patience and wisdom to wait, you can be stable and faithful, concerned with the overall well-being and your family. You are not prone to changes and it is difficult for you to decide to bring a marriage to an end, even when it is not harmonious.

Love has to deteriorate entirely for you to come to the realization that, it is no more and in the process, hurt even more people including your children. You are not a patient lover as you don’t have all the time in the world to wait for your partner to get their act together.

Due to constantly challenge your partner without hurting their feelings, you are able to push them to live to their fullest potential. In the end, your partners end up thanking you for pushing them because were it not for you pushing, they wouldn’t have reached their maximum potential.

April 17 Planetary Influence

Mars is the planet of influence in your life with its tendency to keep on moving forward affecting your personality. Being good of conquest and war, Mars is all about pushing forward. Your personality is full that because you keep on changing, pushing, and you keep on demanding changes in your environment.

April 17 Element

You are paired with fire as your element with its ability to consume impacting on your personality. When something is being burned by fire, it is eaten up or changed very fast. And it is that sense of motion that is embedded in your personality.

Career and Purpose of April 17

You are considered to be someone who is very brave.  For you to succeed in your work, it is not because of favorable circumstances or luck, but hard work. It is a path that is tedious and hard, and a long way for some people, but it is much more fulfilling.

As someone born on April 17,  you tend to assign yourself tasks which are serious and you don’t shy away from hard work. Whatever you do, it is in order to make progress on yourself and with a desire to leave results which are concrete after which you will be remembered even when you are long gone. As someone who is spiritually oriented, if you succeed in your spiritual development, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles and problems that you could have in your life as well as in your career.

You are in a position to solve any problem, you are kind, real, calm, affecting the environment constructively. Honesty and generous are the traits which you portray when you are involved in an idea fully. If not, you will be someone uninterested, slacking off your jobs and become the worst version of yourself. You have the possibility to become rich in your life, but it can only happen if the other half of you become wiser.

But it is important to know that, something in your life is going to suffer if you become fantastic in your personal life, your business will suffer and vice versa. Before you come up with a decision in whatever aspect of your life, you need to carefully think so that you don’t make a mistake of being too risky or brave.

Watch your language when in your work environment not to become too suspicious and nasty towards your colleagues.  This means that you are best suited for jobs that involve quick action and decisions. So global finance and the stock market could be the best place for you to secure a job.  You can strive very well in such environments as you are able to think fast on your feet and grabbing the opportunities.

Health and well being of April 17

As someone born on April 17, at times you feel misunderstood and lonely, and it is at such time that you should avoid taking solace from drugs, food, sex, and alcohol. The best therapy that you can have for yourself when you find that you are feeling low is to spend time with close friends and relatives. Do regular exercises like dancing and walking which will be able to encourage you to be more spontaneous and sociable. When it comes to diet, you need to avoid foods which are refined, high in saturated fat or processed, sugar, salt, and additives. Yoga and meditation and other mind, body therapies would be good for your interest in thought control.

Luck and significance of April 17

Wheat is your lucky color and it represents life.  It is also a color of change as wheat in itself, degrade chemically making it change quickly. This color is appropriate and relevant to your personality due to the fact that, it brings a lot of activity and life results in your surroundings through the changes that you make. Ensure that the changes are the right ones otherwise, it will decay. Other colors that can bring great impact that is positive in your life include green, purple, and olive.

Numbers which tend to impact on you positively include 67, 53, 37, 29, 14, 4, 7, 18, 19, 55, and 56 with your power lucky number being 8. Your lucky plant is Spiderwort plant. Your lucky animal is a cat. Your lucky stone is beryl.  Professions that can ensure that you get success include mailman, beautician, and ophthalmologists.

April 17 Positive Traits

Due to the fact that you get stuff done, it makes it be your most positive trait. You cannot put up with a situation which is impossible and you don’t waste time on people who don’t want to embrace change or don’t value change. Instead of change scaring you, you tend to welcome it. For you, change it the cornerstone of the universe and it is the constant that holds everything together and you are gifted with the personality which is required to get out the positive potential deep inside you.

April 17 Negative Traits

Your tendency to move quickly is something that you really need to work on. Even though impatience is not a bad thing because it causes things to be done while others don’t take action, it can lead to bad results due to the fact that, you might miss some steps. As much as you are impatient, ensure that you move in a purposeful and deliberate way to ensure that, you get maximum benefits from your actions.

April 17 Tips

Avoiding making decisions that are rash. Ensure that before you make any decision or make a move, it should be based on information which is right. Bad decisions and uninformed ones are one and the same.

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