April 3 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 3 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Keywords: Challenging, Impulsive

English Name: The Ram

Ruler:   Mars

Birthstone:   Amethyst

Motto:  I am

Exalted:  The Sun

Element:  Fire

Shape:  Ellipse

One word:  Fences

Quality:  Cardinal

Strength: Confident

Weakness: Distant

Best Color:    violet

Most compatible with:  Libra

This particular birthdate makes you have a harmonious combination of the head and the heart meaning, feelings and reason. The more you strive to ennoble your feelings, the higher level you tend to achieve. Inner development is achieved by you through your feelings and it might bring you significant mental prowess.

As a person, you are radiantly meant for influencing and leading others and subjecting your environment at will.  You possess vital energy which most of the time, you squander wastefully. There is an inner talent in you for controlling other people’s minds which in the process, lets you gain managerial positions. Armed with great ambition and continuous lust for power, that is why managerial positions are best suitable for you than being insubordinate ones.

You are not much of a subordinate. Despite your demeanor which is philosophical and a tendency for musings which are deep, you tend to express hot temperament and intense longings.  You also become a slave to your own impulses most of the time. Gullible and reckless, you tend to succumb to your passions and fall under your own power. You tend to lead a rather odd life, having fewer friends who are not in a position to help you.

Characteristics and Personality of April 3

You have a strong desire to emphasize everything that you do. The fact that you are always at the center of attention is something that you are always striving to achieve through your knowledge, talents, or ability in a particular situation of social survival.

What sets you up is to control and arrange your environment. For this reason, you impose your opinions on your friends and those you associate with and direct your verbal power in the direction that it is supposed to. Even when others tend to ignore you, you still succeed in gaining their charm. You have a strong intuitive understanding of how human relationships need to function.

Though at times you are simplified to observe your problems, you always manage to perceive what the core of the problem is and solve it in the process. The tendency that you have in being able to behave in accordance with your own principles and with independent behavior could be impeded partly by your relationships with certain social groups. The need you have for other people’s respect and opinion for you takes much of your energy.

The way you behave in social groups is influenced by your ability to unite different or costs that are contradictory.  Number 3  which combines with Jupiter to control your life and it tends to make you rise in business. There are many people who seem to be gravitating towards you due to the fact that, when they are around you, they will never get bored. The problem with you as an Aries is that it will never come to a point where you are satisfied with your work achievement.

You are inclined to behavior that is dictatorial, but it alleviated by your birth date because you have a desire for things going smoothly and without having to issue any orders. When it comes to nonverbal communication, you have great power as well as the power of suggestion. The Mars and Jupiter planets bring impartial action and thinking in your life.

April 3 Zodiac sign – Aries

If you are born on April 3, then your zodiac sign is Aries and it is responsible for you being courageous, tough-minded, brash, and action-oriented.  While there are those who might consider brashness as being negative in terms of personality trait, you have a way of making it work positively for you.  It is the one which enables you to face a situation where others feel intimidated.

Even though you might not be the smartest in the room, your courage is what everyone seems to admire and thus, it makes you stand out in a crowd.  You need to strike the right balance, knowing that the traits you possess are double-edged, and they can work for or against you.  Create a balance between being thoughtful and bold.

Love and Relationships of April 3

As much as you are controversial, you will fall for a partner who seems to be relaxed as well as good hunting in life. It has to be someone who doesn’t hold you too high up and yet not quite available which seems to be a cunning combination.

As a child, you will tend to be convinced of your innocence and later on, if you cheat or feel afraid, you expect to be forgiven.  There is no need for those around you to bother by reminding you that they were right.  For you, there is only one correct way and that is your way.

Nobody should ever try to tell you that you are fascinating since you already know it and you will start thinking about how fascinating you are, and therefore get bored with whoever told you. As an Aries, you don’t like inexperienced and exaggerated compliments instead, you like earning the people’s admiration.  You attract situations which require a larger picture meaning, you have unquenchable wisdom that will eventually gain importance in your life.

Feeling confident and useful is something you treasure, and that your way is the best way. If something tends to be too challenging, you will try to give out signs that, it is too much for you, leaving without a warning. When it happens, it is an indication that, it is over for you.  You tend to love control, as you have a desire for power without letting anyone manipulate you.

Power has an impact on relationships and it affects you in a weird way. Since you are independent and like a lot of space, and although you love to love, unconditional and honesty loyalties, you value your freedom very much. This is a delicate balance that you need to achieve and thus, there is no one who will keep you tied completely. For someone to win your heart, they need to give you freedom and space.

You best get along with people born on 6th, 9th,15th, 27th, and 24th of any month of the year.  The zodiac signs which you can get in a relationship with are Libra, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius as they will give you the necessary freedom, enough passion, and chasing, to keep you holding onto the relationship.

When it comes to love relationships, you are very adventurous and passionate and that could be the reason why your partner got interested in you in the first place. It seems that you bring a lot of opportunities in their life and there are no limits with you. Member of the opposite sex who are looking out for adventure seems to be attracted to you.

When your partner’s romantic life seems predictable, boring and with a dry landscape, you seem to shake it up. Mixing things up is something you do with ease, making life full of fun. The only negative thing about all that is that you do things your way, without expecting input from your partner as it is either your way or the highway.

During the initial stages, your romantic partner will tend to put up with it, but as time goes by, it can lead to a breakup. It is high time you remember that it takes two people to form a relationship and thus, stop making it be a one-person show and this could be the reason that, most people born on this date, tend to find it hard to hold onto relationships. It is after several years of unfortunate breakups and maturity that they finally realize that, they are partners in a relationship and that is when they settle down.

April 3 Planetary Influence

Mars rules your life since you were born on April 3 and its personality that is affecting yours is your aggressive nature. Naturally, you are aggressive. Even in a time when you have not fully prepared for a certain situation, you will find yourself doing it quite well.

You are someone who is very decisive and that is a plus for you. But what you need to remember is that the best decisions are those which are informed. Ensure that you have the relevant information before making a decision.

April 3 Element

As an Aries, fire is your element. The courage you have doesn’t require intuition, intelligence or emotional sensitivity, it requires the belly fire. You are able to stand up at the correct time. You need to maintain standing and also work on your focus.

Career and Purpose of April 3

You need to have an active career option that is created as you hate jobs where your creativity is not utilized. You want something out of reach and this at times affects your love life. When you are unhappy with the job that you indulge in, there is nothing that your romantic partner will do to make you happy.  You are someone who is very expressive and ambitious, and thus, need an opportunity to express your deep thoughts and emotions.

Jobs which are full of details and are restrictive make it difficult for you to work on since you like this to others who are more detail oriented so that you can concentrate on the creative part. You enjoy spending time focusing and thinking about goals which are short term. There are several ideas which keep popping into your head which allow you to always be the first to come up with something that is new and exciting to move things forward. The only problem you have is your inability to be able to finish up things and make them complete.

Health and well being of April 3

Despite the nonchalant attitude that you have, generally, your health is good as you know how to take care of yourself. At times you take your well-being for granted, disregarding dietary and fitness recommendation. Those around you will need to keep reminding and encouraging you to attend appointments for your health even when you feel they are unnecessary. Your health appetite and fondness to eat a certain food at times tempts you into overeating.  You can also be prone to tension headaches and thus, a need for you to take some breaks from your day to day activities.

Luck and significance of April 3

Violet is your lucky color, which is a loyalty color. And historically, this color is a rare one. This makes it appropriate for you since, you are a rare type of person, possessing raw courage which can either push you to great heights or hold you back. Other colors for you include scarlet, yellow, and teal.

Numbers that can have a great impact on your life include 4, 30, 32, 33, 50, 56, 5, 17, 37, 48, and 62, with 15 being your power lucky number. Professions that can make you succeed in life include a biologist and lecturer. Amethyst is the stone which you should always carry around to make you lucky while Larkspur flower is the plant to bring luck to you. Guinea pig seems to be the animal for people born on April 3.

April 3 Positive Traits

You are someone who is very appealing and charming due to your birth date of April 3. But your charm doesn’t mean that you are good at informing people what they want to hear. The charm you have is the one which people can live through because you have the conviction and courage which they don’t possess. You seem to be a person who is result oriented and very direct.

April 3 Negative Traits

It is very hard for you to balance things in life as you don’t have any middle ground. You are either dead cold or you burn bright; no in-between. This is something which is serious as life is not a binary or a bipolar but straight in the middle.  If you can achieve some balance, then you will become very successful due to the fact that, you are decisive, tough, and courageous.

April 3 Tips

Always avoid being in a rash. Just because you have some information about something doesn’t add that you can make a decision on it. Learn to compare and contrast the various facts which you have so that you come up with better calls in life.

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