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April 19 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 19 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Keywords: Challenging, Impulsive

English Name: The Ram

Ruler:   Mars

Birthstone:   Morganite

Motto:  I am

Exalted:  The Sun

Element:  Fire

Shape:  Star

One word:  Wanderer

Quality:  Cardinal

Strength: Guidance

Weakness: Confusion

Best Color:    Emerald Green

Most compatible with: Aquarius

I am here to help you understand what it means to be born on the 19th of April. The number 19 in ancient times is connected to surrender and power. I like to review the bible when I am carrying out an astrology reading and from a biblical perspective number 19 is associated with God’s perfect order.

We’re always wondering what our horoscope says about our life. I have been studying astrology for 30 years and there are certain planetary characteristics that fall on our birthday.

For example, there were 19 cities which consisted of the inheritance of the promised land in (Joshua 19:38).  Additionally, the Hebrew calendar repeats in a 19-year climate cycle. Psalm number 19 declares that heavens and everything we go through in life is a testament to God and his overarching power.

I can conclude from biblical numerology if your born on the 19th of April your mission in life is to conclude and develop yourself with inner free will!

Being born on the April 19th (109th) day of the year indicates freedom. This means you will have the freedom to choose what you “do” in life. If I add up your birthday from a numerology perspective we are left with a 1 (1+9 = 10) (1+0 = 1) this is quite significant as having the powerful number one for your numerology sign indicates that you are starting afresh.

The planet influence of your sign in Mars, this is quite important. There is generosity towards others. There is a focus on being more assertive and not so aggressive in life. There is a combination of

As an Aries, you are naturally energized and will attain power throughout life. Any limitation you will overcome this and strive for freedom, but you tend to be too imperious and independent, which can at times be your downfall.

In both 2019 and 2020 comes the opportunity not only love but also fresh start. You may find that there will be some astrological changes that will be associated with great luck and new encounters. Try to always keep in mind with meeting new people bring new opportunities.

What about what you like? There are so many things you are interested in which include experimentation involving science, and that you will WORK hard to pgrogress yourself.  By working hard to progress, you end up learning all the latest things and become defenders and propagator of new ideas.  You have a mind which is independent, imperious, and haughty, wishing to preside over those around you and influence them. Speech is something you are gifted with.

When you decide on something,  greater confidence that you possess will not make it easy to be persuaded to step away.  Your work is filled with effort and work. On your own, you fight for your cause, just like the need to be able to stand alone in life as the ones you would rely on for help seem to be insignificant to you. When you are demoted or a turn of fate caused by the opposite sex can really threaten you as you can even end up losing your wealth.

Characteristics and Personality  of April 19

Because of being born on April 19, you are always struggling to ensure that you establish a successful and good career, and you are very ambitious, and dedicated to your job, with other things falling on the list of priorities.

You are attracted to all types of power, and due to this, you are critical in the production of ideas, objects, and even children. You desire to be on the highest and the best places in society and be very productive. There is a lot of importance which you attach to actual things and the results of your hard work, you are the type of person who likes to enjoy your success along with the recognition from the society that you seem to desperately desire.

Everything that you lay your hands on, you try to maintain control over them, and you set goals that others around you think that they are not achievable, but for you, the goals are approachable and that you are the one who can make it better than anyone else in the world.

And due to the fact that you are blessed with persistence and strong intellect, you find yourself in the right places at the right time and with the right people. You tend to be part of the interest of the world because, you fall under the category of influential people full of ideas that are compelling and what attract you are similar persons, and thus, your position is likely to be jeopardized but it is very hard for you to allow this to happen deliberately.

If you happen to decide in your early years what you would want to do in life and be able to channel your energy towards it, then your future will definitely be bright, full of fame and recognition.  When you are on this particular path, it is only good if the luxury and splendor, as well as the financial success you enjoy, don’t overtake you, and consume you to the extent that you forget about your ultimate goal. There is no need for you to project your demanding and controlling needs to your surroundings, because, you don’t have to be deprived of your own choices and inevitable mistakes. There is a need for you to lower your tendency to rule and aggression.

April 19 Zodiac sign – Aries

If your date of birth is April 19, it follows that your zodiac sign is Aries and that is the reason why you are a cusp sign which means that, you have both qualities for the sign which comes after Aries, which is Taurus and at the same time, that’s for Aries. This makes you an interesting person; you can be decisive, brash, and bold like an Aries, while as a Taurus, you can be unmovable and strong.

This is a good combination in most cases, but it can as well bring a lot of negativity in your life. It is very wrong for you to be stubborn yet you know very well that you are on the wrong and this quite often happens due to your cusp personality.

There is a need for you to work on it so that your decisions have a higher chance of being the right ones. You find it hard to let go of decisions that are bad, and you would rather hold onto them even when you know for sure that, they are wrong.

Love and Relationships of April 19

As someone born on April 19, you tend to be a great lover who deserves all the attention which is needed in a relationship.  You also are very passionate and able to be active, warm and devoted partners who dedicate your whole being with your partner.

Due to that, you have a major problem as you don’t seem to understand people who are non emotional and cold in love.  This is the greatest mistake for you, and it might lead you to never be happy with this class of people and it will be good for you to stay away from such people. If you get into a relationship with people who are inadequate, your conflicted and negativity personality will come to the surface and make a mess of your life.

Before a long-term relationship or marriage, as someone born on April 19, you tend to change sympathies, but when you decide to choose a lasting partner, you will be attached to them, and you will not have any secret agenda as long as you are deeply in love with them.

Only harmony and emotions are what will be on your mind during such periods of time and it is your goal and purpose when you are in your prime age, you give the best in such moments. As romantic partners, you are inspiring and loving and it happens that, you bring the best out of your partners by mostly, challenging them.

Positive results can come out of someone if you positively challenge them and that is what you like doing with your romantic partners.  But this will only work positively if the partner you are involved with is mature enough to understand that, the challenges you are making are for their own good.

April 19 Planetary Influence

As an Aries born on April 19,  you are ruled by Mars. Its aspect which belongs to your personality is its ability to be able to remain in situations which are a siege. Being a god of war, Mars once war is declared on an opposition partner, it will fight continuously and be patient even if it means for a lifetime, until the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy is achieved. You have a stubbornness which is reminiscent of the Mars personality.

April 19 Element

You are paired with fire as your element which manifests in your personality by your tendency to burn brightly and you stay burning until all your fluids are burned.  The combination of your stubbornness and brashness fits this features of fire very well.

Career and Purpose of April 19

You tend to have a rather complex character domination as regard to work and hating the influence of others. But apart from that, you have a lot of luck in your life and along with the excellent ability and strength to deal with serious challenges, you go to great length to achieve success.

People born on April 19 tend to be independent, desire to change, and this is what leads to success, but at the same time, loneliness, since at the top, there is only one place. There is a need for you to care in order to overcome your personal preferences for wealth, material accumulation, honors, high society positions, as they might lead you in the wrong direction.

Even when everything is great, and you are showing your ability and strength and are at the same time succeeding in your set goals, there is still one trait which you will need to be careful about. If you are not in a high position, at the top, then you will be very valuable, full of enthusiasm which is not negative or not constructive, but full of inspiration, life force and you will be in a position to perform whatever task that is thrown to you.

But there is a need for you to be able to believe in whatever job you are working on and it has to be one that completes you and an idea which you believe in.  Associates and friends will respect you, but there are times when you neglect your family life in the name of greatly investing in your business idea.

A lot of obstacles and instability in life and the many choices that are hard between private life and work, regardless of what you do, makes your life path. When in job-related issues, you tend to be vindictive. You are best suited for jobs which require steadiness.  You will quite do well in a career which remains steady in spite of all the challenges and oppositions as it fits your personality.

But in case you find yourself in a career which requires flexibility, constantly changing and being open-minded from you, then you will have it rough. It will be very hard for you to pivot with your pride getting in your way and you would be lost, not knowing what to do. Ensure that you pick a career field which requires steadiness.

Health and well-being of April 19

Quality sleep, a healthy balanced diet, and sex on a regular basis are the key to having good health for you.  For your competitive instinct, you will need to participate in sports challenges such as jogging and group sport such as soccer and baseball. You have a secret of always wanting to relinquish your daily battles of the world and most of the time, you do your best when you allow yourself to recharge though massaging, gardening, a vacation or simply taking yourself less serious can do the trick. Being surrounded by color emerald green and meditating will likely encourage you to look inside yourself and think of higher things.

Luck and significance of April 19

The color which brings luck into your life is emerald green. It is a color that is very valuable and capable of a lot of growth. It is also important to remember that, it is a color which is quite fragile. Fragility is what brings out the stubbornness in you and can be your undoing. Other lucky colors for you include emerald, orange, and yellow.

Lucky numbers in your life include 36, 43, 67, 25, 13, 3, 14, 33, 48, 49, and 56 with number 20 being your power lucky number.  Your lucky animal is Gecko. Your lucky plant is Ficus tree. Your lucky stone is Morganite. Your lucky professions are actor/actress, baker, and an agronomist.

April 19 Positive Traits

As a friend, you are very loyal. When you decide to back someone, you will never back down. When you give your word to someone, you will do whatever it takes to ensure that, you assist. That is how dedicated and stable you are. There is a need for you to be careful about where you place your loyalties so that, it is with the right people.

April 19 Negative Traits

It might be that you are thinking that, being stubborn is what redeems you, that is what makes you have a positive influence on others and thus, your strongest character trait. While it might be true to some extent, it is the one that brings a lot of problems into your life. There is a chance for you to be successful in life if you allow yourself to be a bit flexible.

April 19 Tips

When it comes to tough situations, you need to avoid them. There is a possibility of you giving your word to someone else and in the process, being misdirected to the wrong path. It was possible for you to change direction, but your pride led you to where you are now. Ensure that, what you commit to are only worthy causes.

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