April 20 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

April 20 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Keywords: Conservative, concrete

English Name: The Bull

Ruler:   Venus

Birthstone:   Haematite

Motto:  I Have

Exalted:  The Moon

Element:  Earth

Shape:  Semicircle

One word:  Rebirth

Quality:  Fixed

Strength: Love

Weakness: Dismissal

Best Color:    Titanium

Most compatible with: Sagittarius

When it comes to mental strength, being born on April 20 makes you mentally weak with a nature that is persistent and fierce. Whatever you do, you will stop at nothing. Imperious, fearless, always busy with something. You keep on pushing forward, fighting whatever adversity that comes your way, and always long for victory at whatever cost and always standing in opposition to the norms which are commonly accepted.

As you struggle forward, you tend to influence your surrounding and inspire people to follow.  The skills you possess are very magnetic and significant, so strong that it is very hard for anyone to resist your imperious influence. There is a tendency in you for showering your relatives and friends with gifts.  You have this mentality that, whatever you like, should be liked by everyone else. But because you have a good taste, it is possible for those around you to agree with you.

With greater impulsiveness, you strive for the greatest of your life goals. As you age, you become increasingly persevering, decisive, dogmatic, and somehow patient, constant, authoritative, and unwavering and you increase in your self-belief. For you to achieve success, there will be a need for you to be constant and put in the long-lasting effort. In your area, you are a tireless worker and thus, can be counted on. You like public speaking and singing and also a passion for fine arts.

Characteristics and Personality of April 20

As someone born on April 20, you have outstanding leadership abilities. You can be described as being very dynamic with an energetic nature and even a little bit rough. An inner sense of advancement is what drives you.

It is easy for you to achieve great power and success and deal with negativity successfully and that is your lifestyle. But the thing is, you will not be happy unless you are accompanied by someone who is close to you in your life path to success; you require support no matter how strong you seem to be.

The friends, family, or love partner is most often involved in your business since the need for support is necessary and constant for you. What defines you is the sensitive nature which is deep inside you and that could be another reason why you need constant support from your close environment.

No matter how strong you are, you tend not to show your emotion, and you will need support. Being sensitive is likely what makes you be vulnerable, but it can also bring you the quality of a sincere and open person who will fascinate those around you and all this depends on how you focus your emotionality.

There is also a very powerful power in you which instills the emotions that you feel. When faced with challenges, you don’t necessarily avoid conflicts and problems. And it is through such that life creates an obstacle in an otherwise peaceful and relaxed life, but you find peace in your intense excitement and situations of your day to day that you have to solve.

You have an inborn sense of duty and stability. Whenever you find yourself in a room full of people, you are the most stable of them all. Those around you sense this and that is what makes you earn their respect. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they like you, but all the same, respect is equally good.

April 20 Zodiac sign – Taurus

As someone born on April 20, your zodiac sign is Taurus and it is the one which makes you exhibit both the Taurus and Aries traits. It means that you are decisive, bold, and inspirational, while at the same time, you are stable and secure which are the positive aspects that you have as your cusp sign.

On the negative, it brings the aspect of being stubborn. You have a tendency of deciding on something and hanging on it even when deep down you know it is not worth. 

Love and Relationships of April 20

You are very emotional and sensible and your mentality has an incomparable greater role than the only eroticism. For you, a perfect partner is someone who can relate to you on this mental level, and not physical. Even though you like physical enjoyment, but not at the expense of the psychological one, as it is the one that is a must for you to feel fully connected.

If someone is with you in love, then it will be hard for your partner as you can be involved in your work and thus, your partner needs to accept that you will not always be at home for them. It is your partner who will have to shoulder the family life burdens alone and that is something which not everyone will be willing to accept.

But when the time comes and you find someone who is dedicated and solid, you will not stop there as your love requires to be fed and as highly committed and adaptable, you still experience emotional stress and problems, expecting your partner to help you deal with all these issues. It is necessary for you to get married as that is what will give you a sense of stability in life.

On a general note, you are nurturing and loyal. Just like a typical Taurus, there is a strong inner stability and strength.  If you happen to pair up with a partner who is crazy and wild, your stability will ensure that the romance will still hold.

The relationship will still hold since it provides your much-needed stability. But the problem arises if you end up hanging up with the wrong people. You need to remember that, there are people in your life who don’t deserve your love. You need to be discriminating in regard to people whom you commit your heart to or else, you will end up holding onto a relationship which shouldn’t be.

April 20 Planetary Influence

Venus is the planet that rules you due to your birth date being on April 20. It is a planet which is very bright and thus, providing inspiration due to its stability. That is exactly which is found in your personality. You have a character which is quite inspiring because, whenever you give your word, you make sure that you stand by it.

April 20 Element

As a Taurus, the earth is your element and that is why you have what it takes to be successful due to your natural stability. It is unheard of for you to get under your skin emotionally and just like the earth element that rules your life, you are strong and solid.  Ensure that, wherever you are standing is a bedrock. Get on top of right issues and make decisions which are correct.

Career and Purpose of April 20

You are born between the border of two ambitious and strong zodiac signs, Taurus and Aries and that is what is translated into your life.  Reliable, imaginative, durable, competitive, that is what you bring into every job that you find yourself in.

Amazing in any marketing, managerial positions, and as outstanding leaders. As a worker, you are expected to have increased obligations and responsibilities which at times bothers you. Not having proper support in your work and being sensitive, is capable of affecting your artistic talents developments.

In the best scenario, when you find a job that is perfect for you, and an environment that is harmonious, you become courteous, delighted, and caring and you are expected to secure or create secure harmony around you. You can develop a great love for people to make you become a peacemaker in your environment and in the world generally.

There is a possibility of you showing courtesy and kindness to your colleagues at work, but if you are not rewarded for your effort at work, you will fight for material security. There are times when you tend to neglect your family as you go about searching for material security and business success.  Thus, it is advisable that you try and devote yourself to the development of your spirituality.

As someone born on April 20, you should never use shortcuts to achieve your success because in the absence of obstacles, you will not master anything, and thus, no success will be achieved.  But with obstacles on your way, you will make a success that will be permanent, a result that will be remembered for a very long time and an unimaginable goal to those around you.

Health and well being of April 20

There is a need for you to ensure that your diet is not too high in saturated fats or sugar, as there is a tendency for you to comfort eat when you feel low and which will have a negative effect on your levels of blood sugar, your waistline and your health in general.

Ensure that your diet is as rich as possible in fresh, natural, unprocessed foods such as fruits, whole grains, lean meat, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.  When you concentrate on having such a diet, apart from keeping you healthy, it will also keep your moods in check. In terms of exercises, you need to avoid sports which are competitive, and choose activities which help you to take time from the competition and getting ahead, such as swimming, walking, cycling, or dancing.

Body and mind therapies like yoga, meditation, and tai chi should also be things you need to get involved in. Meditating and wearing and being surrounded by the color titanium will help you in restoring your energy and inspire trust in others.

Luck and significance of April 20

Because of being born on April 20, your lucky color is titanium. It is a color which is slick, smooth, and powerful. This means that, as long as you have clear causes, you will be able to succeed in life. Ensure that whatever you do, you have a clear defensive or it will be tough for you to move forward. Other colors which are the lucky ones for you include claret, Olive, and orange.

Your lucky numbers include 72, 49, 36, 33, 17, 3, 2, 5, 19, 36, 39, and 54 with 32 being your power lucky number. Your lucky plant is a daisy. The bearded dragon is your lucky animal. Haematite is your lucky stone. Professions which can make you be successful include mechanic, locksmith, and sales representative.

April 20 Positive Traits

In whatever situation you find yourself in, you are a stabilizing force. You have what it takes to calm people down. People tend to be inspired by your ability to remain calm even when you are under pressure. So long as you focus on the right causes and fight battles which are right, you are going to be fine. But due to the influence of the Aries in you, there are instances where you take the wrong cause.

April 20 Negative Traits

There is a need for you to work on your stubbornness. It is high time that, when you find yourself on the wrong side of an argument, accept it and don’t try to prove how right you are. Reduce your losses, know when it is time to call it quits while you lead the pack and that will definitely make you be a happy person.

April 20 Tips

It is time to start avoiding lost causes. Just because you are on a team, it doesn’t mean that it will be the one which will win. Remember that, there are other teams out there competing in the race of life. Know what you are getting yourself into otherwise, you will be shocked because you will always be the last person to come out of a ship that is sinking.

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