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February 14 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 14 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Scarlet emerald

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Cylinder

One word:    Tunnel

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Understanding

Weakness:  Inflexible

Best Color:    Silver

Most compatible with:   Libra

You are an intellectual, gathering life experiences wherever you go and you can fluently express yourself. Once you set your eyes on a view, it is very hard for you to be persuaded to retreat. You are exceptionally sensitive to your surroundings, very ambitious, noble with a liking for art.

Consistency, perseverance, and resilience make you be very sympathetic. You highly express humanitarianism. All these traits can only be found in you if you are spiritually developed. If you were born on February 14, you can belong to either of the two groups; the negative or the positive group.

If you are the negative type, then it follows that you are unpredictable, curious, and unreliable.you are arrogant, arbitrary and you allow delusion to rule your life. If you are the positive type, then you are subtle and thinking. You form relationships with strangers with an inherent ease and study human nature.

On a lower stage of your development, you are a primitive person with a brutal nature and your fantasies and whims become unbearable to those around you. Your nature has something weird in it and this makes you to always be subjected to extraordinary manias. Influenced positively, you will tend to be modest, calm, subtle, philanthropic with ideal tendencies.

Under your calm external layer, you can have strong passions which can easily be controlled. The more a matter is idealistic, the more willing you want to work for it. You are always in favor of anything that will work for the good of everyone. You pose and at the same time fight gladly. You like honors and titles.

You enjoy social situations than others and your means and methods of behavior are correctly selected. You need to ensure that, you don’t give in to passions and anger as it will put you at risk of misunderstandings which are greater.  If you are undeveloped, this unpleasant characteristic can put you in great danger.

You will need to try and control yourself as well as strive for the highest development of your morals. That is the only way that your fate will drastically improve and the inner awareness will start going hand in hand with your material success.

Characteristics and Personality of February 14

Your weird charm and humor are what adorns you due to being born on February 14. You are the type of person who is quick thinking and imagination. Apart from that, you can master the higher forms of incredible speed and think of using situations that are difficult and making the most out of them.

You are optimistic and with your scarves, you convey a warm mood on everything around you. Your behavior might create the wrong impression that you are superficial, but you naturally like expressing yourself through humor. You show a great deal of honesty in whatever you do.

Insignificant and superficiality can never be found in your work because your work leads to a philosophical approach. You are always full of ideas that captivate everyone in your surroundings. You are someone who gives everything to those who only have futuristic desires and ideas for the perfect world.

You are prone to flirt and at the same time, very intuitive. If you fall under the less developed lot, then you can be very destructive and have a negative attitude towards life in general without any endurance to those in authority which can lead to you falling into a lot of problems.

Your independence is one of the characters that strikes whoever comes in touch with you. You don’t like feeling restrained or held down in both your mental and social aspects. You have a rebellious streak and you don’t like conventional and being told that, some of these things are impossible.

Because of being an Aquarium, you have wild imaginations.  And for you, the wildness is mixed with a large amount of social skill. You tend to try to prove yourself to other people.

February 14 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Being born on February 14 means that, your zodiac sign is Aquarius and you have exemplary character. You are also very intelligent and you know how to talk yourself out of most situations that you find yourself in. When it comes to your approach, you know how to figure it out and solve certain problems that you encounter.

When it comes to character and personal interactions, you focus on depth. Your social skills are unequaled and you are highly adaptable. You use your profound and deep intelligence to get the true meaning of what others say about you, meaning, you have all you need in order to be successful in life.

Love and Relationships of February 14

You are seemingly relaxed and you love it when your relationship is passionate and strong. You can be overly temperamental and even become aggressive when in love. You like to show off your love to your lover, but at times, you want to hide it from the world, and to keep your romantic relationship aside instead of being at the center of attention.

You can make a very gentle partner in love because you are someone who thinks best of common ideals and friendship and sees the real beauty in it. Because of being social, you are the ruler of the friendship, meaning that, before you flirt with someone, it will start as a friendship. Your partner has to be one who understands your aspiration for the mental rise of a friendship, rather than a physical one.

Someone has also not been in a way, old-fashioned because it horrifies you. You love connections, but find the greatest joy in the search for the right person who will complete you. Apart from loving to indulge your partner, you also love and envy your partner. You strive to create a very harmonious relationship which must not be boring.

Your understanding of harmony and balance is not classical, as are other things concerning you. If someone wants to seduce you, it must be progressive and fun in order to fit in with you, both mental and physical excitement.

You take love to be a game and you enjoy playing it without having the hurry to reach a goal. Without a mental connection and understanding, you find love to be incomplete. But when you gain confidence and when you are convinced of the sincerity of your partner, you immediately become possessive.

You have the ability to blend in with any type of crowd. Irrespective of what physical state you currently are in, you have a way with words that compensates for what you luck in physical terms. It is hard for you to commit to a specific romantic partner due to the fact that, you have no limit of choice.

At first, romantic partners find you to be accepting, warm and lovable. But with time, they will notice that you are distant, aloof, and even upsetting. This will eventually turn them off and you will gladly move on to the next relationship. You have no shortage in terms of intimate relationships and deep friendships, but they are countable. If you don’t want to die lonely, you have to change as this portrays a serious problem

February 14 Planetary Influence

You are governed by Uranus, which is a planet that can be at times, quite imposing, and on other occasions, it is distant and remote. This is exactly a highlight of the contrast in your personality. Though you are charming, you remain mysterious, distant, and ultimately, unreachable.

February 14 Element

The element that rules your life is air, and that could be the reason why you tend to burst with ideas. Most of the ideas have something to do with your social interactions. Naturally, you are curious about people and the need to know more about them. Just like air, you try to be all over the place concerning your social interactions.

Career and Purpose of February 14

Your speed at which your brain works is very excellent. You can be in chaos and yet be able to solve a particular problem successfully. You are a great practitioner and most of the time, you are surrounded by people who are similar to you. Because you know how to enjoy and relax, it at times creates jealousy in other people around you.

You need to understand that, at times, your irony and jokes can be understood by others as an insult and sarcasm and thus be careful with your words, especially in a work environment. Although at times you can be entertaining, watch your surroundings, because, someone might be getting uncomfortable. You have an unusual taste,  style of expression and perceptions that keep on shifting.

It normally manifests in you in various ways such as your expression and dressing style, the unpredictability of behavior and reaction. Your main weapon is your brilliant intelligence. Due to this, you often know how to act ruthlessly and superbly in your environment, especially in your workplace where you show your creativity.

You are a great master of finding practical or excellent solutions and that is the main aspect that you use in any type of job. You are capable to use your sense to handle even the slightest chance or to choose one that bestows you the enormous success, satisfaction, and gain. No matter how unusual, unpredictable, and flicker you are, chaos in the world outside, but you have a goal that is clear and your personal preferences in your head. You are ready to change many different roles and use many resources before achieving your life purpose.

You can be great in whatever career you find yourself in or whatever you choose to do with your life in regard to career. As long as the career involves people, you will definitely find your way to the top. You are good at social work, governance, and politics.

Luck and significance of February 14

Your lucky color is silver and it is a very beautiful color. It is also very precious and used for various industrial applications as well as a versatile material. If you don’t polish the silver, it will definitely tarnish.

Your lucky numbers include 12, 20, 76, 24, 23, 11, 13, 25, 27, 38, 52, and 53. Your power lucky number is 10. Your lucky animal is Arctic wolf. Your lucky plant is the cypress tree. Your lucky stone is scarlet emerald. Your lucky professions are railway man, turner,  and firefighter.

February 14 Positive Traits

You are a great communicator and that is why you always get your way to everyone’s good side. Your creativity, intelligence and knowing how to read others also helps you a great deal. You understand that people don’t only talk with words, but also with their facial expressions, bodies, and other nonverbal signals.

February 14 Negative Traits

While you find it easy to interact socially, it is hard for you to lay down roots that are deep. You find it hard to find real friends who are loyal and who will be able to give everything to you. You don’t see the need to commit to anyone’s deep loyalty or emotionally.

February 14 Tips

You will have to avoid friendships that are superficial and invest more of your time and attention to friendships and acquaintances that you have made. If you display loyalty to others, then they will definitely be loyal to you.  You need to deepen your social connections.

When you do so, it will bring a lot of business opportunities and careers; at the same time, you will get to know more about other people on a level that is truly profound that will enable you to know more about yourself.

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