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February 18 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 18 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords: Powerful emotions, ego, introverted and negative at times.

English Name: The Water-bearer

Ruler: Uranus

Birthstone:  Cymophane

Motto:  Sometimes I find it difficult

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Arrow

One word:    Soften

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Transformation

Weakness:  Forcing

Best Color:    Platinum

Most compatible with: Leo

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius

Being a water sign you demonstrate significant ability in both defending your position and attacking anyone who wrongs you, and thus, you can make a great lawyer. You have a great mind which is clever, sharp, and your speech is precise and clear. You like to study and at the same time, are knowledge.

Your path in life might lead to honors, but the activity related to your career often takes up so much of your energy that you don’t get to enjoy your personal happiness. You always long for recognition and evaluation of your seed that is just. And your friends and acquaintances can be surprised unpleasantly when they discover that you use the same politeness and friendliness in your relationship with others.

And if you feel that you are too demanding or jealous, you will decide to put your friends to test.  You don’t blindly trust others, but instead, you study their character, observe their words and deeds, as well as carefully and patiently, studying their thoughts. You will do it without those around you knowing about it.

You are arrogant, sophistry, delusion, and career in your material or mental life. If you are the negative type, then it means that you have nothing in terms of quality and you are without inner content. You think that everything that is available in life is achieved via deception and jokes. For some time, it might work for you, but it will backfire and you are likely going to fall into mental chaos or disorder.

If you are a positive person born on February 18, then it means that you are critical and intelligent. You stay focused on the goals which are best for you and end up achieving success in your life. You are characterized by a sense of self-dignity.

You find yourself being loyal to nature, enjoying performing publicly, doing good deeds, and you can achieve exaltation in life. You really value inner freedom and you will do anything to achieve it. You love to be mild and calm, graduating slowly and eventually crystallizing and reaching high faithfulness and purity.

Characteristics and Personality of February 18

Being an Aquarius born on February 18, you understand people and life and at the same time, you have good introspection power. You have a need to understand the world in the present and that is the main driver of your sign.

Every nonsense, injustice, and banality are things which irritate and make you angry, although you do understand that, they are inevitable. Revolutionary and rebellion nature describes you. It originates from your spiritual dynamism which creates a perspective on your mind and gives you the opportunity to see even your future, predicting it better than anyone else. You want to be loyal to your friends, but at the same time, you greatly value your freedom.

In friendship, you some time seems to be very ludicrous and unpredictable. You are spontaneous, open, communicative, looking for adventure, dreaming of something that can take you to the future.  You have a modern way of looking at the world due to your emotions. You will ensure that the qualities that you want in your friends are, what you display so that, they have the same for you to accept them in your life.

Your intuition helps you to find out your friends’ secret wishes. When in love, at times you become opportunistic due to the fact that, you cannot bear the feeling of your entire being; you need your freedom.  You only go to people whom you think that are worth your attention. The moment you realize that for some reason, you don’t need the person, without uttering words, you will leave. You have unwritten rules which are more valuable to you than written ones as you consider them dead letters on a paper.

You will need to ask yourself if your behavior is right towards others. You like getting the opportunity to stand up against the world and tell everyone what is on your mind; you like confrontations. You find it queer when you see people opposing you and you have the energy to focus and hit back at them. And that is why you are normally an instant hero to several people around you.

Some don’t have the courage you have and they are just wishing that they were like you. It is very common for people to be attracted to you because it seems as if you are the only person in the entire crowd with a different opinion from the rest.

February 18 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Being born on February 18 automatically makes you an Aquarius because that is your zodiac sign. That is why you are driven by what you think and not by what others believe in. Your personality is always in opposition of those around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always contradicting others or, you always oppose them, or work against them. No.

You don’t always undermine the goals and aspirations of others.  You are only trying to define yourself based on who the rest of the crowd is. You don’t try to be like them, but instead, you try to oppose them to be unique. You always find it okay to define yourself against what other people are.

You don’t want to be part of the crowd that is around you and becomes just another face. The truth is, as different as you may want people to view you, at some level, there are more common things that you share with them that what you don’t.

Love and Relationships of February 18

You are sensitive and deeply emotional. It is very easy for you to be hurt, but before someone tries to do that, they should think twice because it will become vindictive. You are not cunning, but you require respect and attention.

If you don’t have censorship, you can show others what you are made of. You believe in the awareness of personal dignity and you will let people cling to interpersonal relationships but with a limit. Your self-awareness is directly proportional to your stupidity and disrepute and that is your morality. You will not remain passive to mistakes made by people in your life, but on the contrary, you are going to place, virtuous the way they place theirs and in the process, they are the ones who will be frustrated, hurt, and confused.

You know how to be crazy, letting others see how you go, and you know when to say enough is enough. You openly talk about your feelings and also about the feelings of those close to you and this in most cases, leads to jealousy and antipathy. When you are still young, you can start to be emotionally intrusive, which can in the process affect your total withdrawal from the real world or leave it to dreams, creating emotional armor and confronting the entire world.

Apart from others being confident in you, you are the type who will never retreat into solitude or ignore the help of your friends. Your success entirely depends on focusing on business goals that are long-term and at the same time, performing your day to day activities. You will get along well with people born in 6, 5, 3, 21, 31, 15, 23, and 12 of any month of the year. The zodiac signs that rhyme well with you include Libra and Gemini but you can also form a great relationship with those born under the Leo and Aries zodiac signs.

You get attracted to partners whom you can engage in conversations that are meaningful and not just about love and passion. According to you, you feel better when you are mentally stimulated than anything else and this is what those who want to have a relationship with you should know.

Your partner has to be the opposite of you and you will make sure that you do exactly that in order to get noticed. For example, if your partner is social and talkative, you will try to be an introvert;  if your partner is generous, you will try to be very mean. You have this belief that you need to contradict the other person in order to get recognition.

The opposition might attract for some time, but it can reach a point when it becomes quite annoying. You need to search your mind around the fact that, you need to be similar in order to find a life partner. But if you keep insisting on being different from the person who is drawn to you romantically, you are likely going to spend a long time to find a life partner.

Career and Purpose of February 18

You tend to be unnecessarily antagonistic, looking at everyone else is doing and doing quite the opposite. You can never be a team player and at the same time, it can cause you a lot of problems in your life.  Being born on February 18 can make you have a rough time rising in your workplace because getting a promotion and you cannot work well in a group is very hard.

You might just find yourself hitting middle management and getting stuck there for years due to your personality. You are best suitable for jobs which require some confrontation like litigation lawyers, negotiators, and politics.  You are usually capricious in your work due to the fact that, you act unexpectedly; you can decide to be silent or irritable.

You work in peace, especially if where you are working requires creativity and talent. For no particular reason or for reasons of saving someone’s life, you can risk your life. And that is why revolutionary work can be good for you and in case someone trusts to insult you, you don’t have grace for them. There are some geniuses born on February 18 due to a developed intellect.

Your birth date means that you are creative and talented, so jobs like literature and art can also be good for you. You are attracted to all research ideas that are new because you are original and skeptical and you like to explore.

You like to deal with discoveries and inventions, especially in fields like electronics and electrical engineering. You have an optimistic and strong imagination, a persistent and inventive gift and a quiet will that will enable you to accomplish a goal in life. You are attracted by socialism and advanced ideas of society. You will always go for careers that will allow you to be free and to enjoy your work.

They should be jobs that will allow you to use your creativity and intelligence to make something that is great in life and you have the necessary resources deep within yourself to make you be in the history books.

Luck and significance of February 18

Your lucky Birthstones are Amethyst and amber which are symbolic of inner strength and balance. Your lucky colors are navy blue, gray and blue-green, which symbolize balance, conservative behavior, and friendship. Your lucky flowers include orchids and chrysanthemum flowers which are symbolic of grace and sensibility.

Your lucky metals are platinum and aluminum, which symbolize power and strength. Your lucky numbers are 2, 15, 24, 14, 4, 34, 44, 48, 49, and 52. Your power lucky number is 7. Your lucky plant is Dill. Your lucky animal is Penguin. Your other lucky colors include yellow, white, and beige. Your other lucky stones include Cymophane. Your lucky professions include sailor, agronomist, and engineer.

February 18 Positive Traits

If you are born on February 18, it means that you are good when it comes to confrontation. People tend to get attracted to you because of your tendency to call others out and that is where you outsmart others. But for you to maintain that leadership, you will need to work in order to foster the loyalty that others have in you and that is not that easy.

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