March 9 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 9 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: searching, submissive

English Name: The fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Sapphire

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Hexagon

One word:  Faith

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Faith

Weakness: Getting lost

Best Color:    Sienna

Most compatible with: Scorpio

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

The zodiac sign for March 9 is Pisces. Being born on March 9 indicates that you are a relaxed but determined person. I am glad you visited my site. I have a few friends that were born on 9 and we were talking the other week about how the number of birth date affects life in general.

This is why I am here to explain to you how astrology and the “time you are born” can affect your personality.  Generally speaking, a number 9 means you are inquisitive and clever, gifted with critical intellect, which allows you to attain a good position, be it in military or state.

As I mentioned before, one of my friends was was born on March 9 and she expresses excellent practical abilities, especially in the area of social work with a lot of inherent enthusiasm. What I am saying is that it is not uncommon for those born on this day to be caring. Additionally, you may hold qualities that will suit the role of an agitator or a political leader.

I will now tell you about one of your weaknesses! When it comes to money matters, you tend to be rather careless and most of the time, you make a few mistakes regarding money. The good news is that your generosity and magnanimity mean people love and trust you. It is very easy for your heart to be torn by strong passions and (sorry to say) you easily give in to anger.

Arguing: Ummmm. You do like to argue I am afraid to say! There is a need for you to avoid making your arguing nature a cause of antagonism that your environment might adapt against you which sometimes leads to turbulence in your life. And that is how the lack of inner harmony can get you down. This might even threaten you. Emotional experiences and painful disappointments might often play on your mind. You can also be in danger of from getting carried away with something that does not pay – and you shouldn’t expose yourself to it.

If you happen to be a woman and you are born on this particular day, then it follows that you are very attached to your home and do enjoy making sure your home is a happy place. Before I forget, in most of the astrological texts I have read, music is something which resonates well with you, the same applies to artistic sensitivity. Poetry rocks your world too and everything that involves romance. If you dance (as many dancers are born on the 9th) your movement is full of grace which is most visible when you dance.

It comes naturally to be benevolent and help other people who are suffering. Several children are a blessing to you and it is not uncommon for the 9th of March to enter into two marriages or relationships – during life. In your practical life, you can achieve great results in relation to the sanatorium, facilities isolating from the company of others like monasteries, hospitals, and the likes as well as things related to photography, art,  pharmacy articles, perfumes, and everything that is connected with fluid and water.

Women: As a woman, your eyes are dreamy with soft and lush hair. When in your youth, you might be subjected to suffering, but later on, you grow healthier and can make a career.  As you gain in age, you become more and more corpulent. Marriage is something that makes you happy and thus, you will do whatever it takes to make it a success.

Man: A man born on the 9th of March is normally shy. Many people with the Pisces sign are shy, but you are different. This shyness is something that is kind of cute. Your curiosity is immense because you are interested in every topic and you don’t calm down until you reach the root of each problem.

Characteristics and Personality of March 9

Due to the fact that you were born on March 9,  makes you a compelling individual with a highly developed magnetism which works with everyone in your environment. This is something which you can use abundantly in your work and also in interpersonal relationships.

This doesn’t mean that you will achieve all of your potentials, but unlike many other zodiac star signs, you have a fantastic opportunity in life. When it comes to being idealistic, you are an idealist who is interested in exploring your environment. And unlike the other dates defined by Pisces, you can be open with the need to explore and discover.

The variations of your interests are significant and spread across almost everything. Careers which you can easily succeed in include being a researcher or a journalist, or as I have already mentioned a dancer.

Life relationships are almost perfect and you have great contempt for the imposition of authority and the oppression of the poor and the weak. The skills you have as far as leadership is concerned you always like to help those who are in need. When you do get older you learn to trust your heart. Yes, this means following your instincts and this is something that is “common” for all the Pisces.

It is common knowledge that you are someone who, most of the time, will go beyond any logic and rule, relying on your feelings and you are rarely mistaken, and the only mistake that you make is in those situations when you listen to others and “avoid” your inner feelings.

Ok, at times you can find yourself living in a world that is parallel, but that is not the truth. Spiritually, you are firmly tied to the earth by figuring out how the day to day activities work and that is the trait that us the trait which separates you from other Pisces.

Job changes are something which comes naturally to you as well as moving home – due to the fact that you understand it as something which is very natural. I do find that born on the 9th means that you can find a great balance between a successful job and a stable and great home.

March 9 Zodiac sign – Pisces

I have already said that you are a Pisces. Because of being born on March 9, you are often known for your ability to bring out the best in everyone you come in contact with. You are able to enter into a state of “emotions” and “revitalize” a sense of shared spirit together with an appeal to your sense of loyalty. I do feel you find it hard to turn people down due to the fact that, you are always focusing on the positive side in everyone.

The goals about finding the right partner is very strong, and you are capable emotionally, but also as far as your mental and career faculties are concerned. Most people (in whatever social group you find yourself in) see you as the spiritual leader. This is okay, but you tend to let things get out of hand in relation to your emotions.

Love and Relationships of March 9

Let’s look at your love life. Some of the words that I can offer you is: energetic, creative, and passionate. Is this you? As a water sign, everything you do involves a lot of “deep” emotions. And, life is there to be enjoyed and also it gives you a chance to show your talents, but at the same time, you value your privacy. Regarding love, you are someone who finds the perfect balance between friendship and love!

How do you feel love and at the same time keep your private life to yourself? Being smart and with your own well-developed intuition you can often find someone you love. Cuddling up to your partner is a trait that makes you become well-judged by those around you and it comes in handy, especially when you are choosing a life partner or a lover. You like to evaluate and observe other people, and it is very hard for someone to deceive you in any way, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot fall in love, because it is very possible but the problem is always that, you are always cautious.

Creativity and imagination are high on your list when it comes to romantic issues and you expect the same from your partner. Generosity and self-confidence are things that are important to you and this ensures that you attract other people and are in the company of your own.

Strength and reliability with your romantic partner are what keeps the relationship going since you are the stronger one (on most occassions) and can thus be the adviser and help lead your partner.

March 9 Planetary Influence

Planet Neptune is your ruling planet. It is the one bringing a lot of decisiveness, leadership, and power in your life. And on a negative note, you must control your own instability and emotions. This can also be responsible for your being more unstable and very emotional as compared to other Pisces people.

March 9 Element

The element you hold is water, this makes you emotional.  Oh, and you are very true to your “water type” personality. Fluctuations happen quite a lot in your life; from highs to lows within a short period of time. You have strong emotional turbulence and at the same time, struggling with impractical and outdated ideas which most of the time,  can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

It is very important for you to remember that you have a lot to offer to this world due to the fact that, you are a natural leader. You know how to handle people because of your strong communication which brings the best out of those whom you associate with. But on a negative note, life itself can remain dormant because you don’t like to think outside the box or upset anyone.

Career and Purpose of March 9

Well, Art and design seems to be your big thing and this should definitely be attributed to your birth date; March 9. Most singers, dancers, and musicians who are well known were born on March 9. So it should not surprise you do with the fact that, you have a connection to the art and some form of creative exploration and thus, you choose your job according to your taste.

It might seem as if you are perfect, but when it comes to the pursuit of success, you might find that you are under stress, which you find hard to deal with. There is a focus on keeping fit and possibly being exposed to working out / being healthy.

If your creativity doesn’t shine, you can for a period of time, fall into depression. You can maintain good health by giving free emotional expression due to the fact that, you cannot hold up your creative urges and you cannot suppress your true nature. I do feel that you need to find an environment that will encourage and help you with any creative engagement.

Those whom you work with need to be stable and reliable so that you can be able to flourish into greater beings and great at your work. You are also suited for leadership positions. If you can work on your emotional faculties and combine it with your ability to stick to a script or come up with several ideas, there are several things which can happen in your favor.

It is very easy for you to turn your ideas into great reality.  This is possible because you can easily go through the collective strength of whatever social gathering you find yourself in. Whether it is in your workplace or any setting that involves a lot of people, you have the capability and ability to control their emotions and become a leader.

Perfectionism seems to dominate you and it is like you don’t have any control over it. You have a high potential of becoming great, but most of the time, you find it okay the way things are, leaving your greatness lying dormant. When love goes wrong you keep trying, it is hard for you to be convinced that your relationship is not worth your time. However hard it might be, full of problems, you tend to believe that things will, in the end, work out.

Luck and significance of March 9

Your lucky color is Sienna which is a color with deep understated elegance. The other lucky colors for those born on your day include claret, cream, and cyan.

Numbers that seem to bring luck include 88, 60, 44, 23, 1, 15, 21, 45, 47, 52, 56,with 4 being the power lucky number.

Mulberry tree is your lucky plant while Tarsier your lucky animal. Sapphire is our lucky stone while professions such as librarian, biologist, structural engineer are your lucky professions.

March 9 Positive Traits

So the positives now! Ok, leadership potential is seen by those around you. Negotiating a win-win situation is something which is very easy for you to do. There is nobody who wants to fail in life and in most cases, you ALWAYS want to win. Tapping the emotional base of those around you and bringing out the raw emotional and intellectual energy to enable things to happen is what you love to do most. But at times you find yourself struggling with your own problems which prevent you from having the confidence which is required to get everyone else to do what is right.

March 9 Negative Traits

When it comes to conflict you don’t wish to upset others. You are the type of person who will remain stuck in a boat which is sinking. All the writings are on the wall that the end to the “Titanic ship” which you are currently on will be bad, but you insist that you want to be the last person to disembark from the ship.

According to you, that is how principled people behave and you are one of them. Doing so, as far as you are concerned, make you more “true to yourself.” But it is time that you realized that it is a stubbornness that can be a problem in your life. Yes, I know we can all be stubborn. But stubbornness can sometimes lead to failures.

March 9 Tips

So what tips do I have for you? The key thing I will say is to try to relax and focus on your loved ones. There is a tendency to keep on holding onto utilizing your full potential and this, therefore, disables you from achieving what you really need to do. There is a focus on personal power, and that you need to keep pushing yourself. The reason why you are unsuccessful and feel stuck in your life is due to your own mind – so open your mind more!

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