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March 14 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 14 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Keywords: Searching, submissive

English Name: The Fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Chalcedony

Motto:  I Want To Succeed!

Exalted:  Mercury

Element: Water

Shape:  Vertical Lines

One word: Boundaries

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Diversity

Weakness: Intruded

Best Color:  Light yellow

Most compatible with:  Capricorn

I guess you are here to understand what it means to be born on the 14th of March. Your sign is Pisces! March 14 is the 73rd day in the calendar and there are almost 292 days until the 31st of December.

On this day in terms of celebrations it is Potato Chip day which was created in the USA, also it is the day before national book day. The astrological element for Pisces is (as I am sure you are aware) water. This is quite significant. Water is all about emotions! I bet you are here to understand what your birthday means.

Being born in the middle of March indicates you are a rather analytical person. Over the years, I have studied astrology (in fact for nearly 30 years) I have been researching how our personality is effected by the dates we are born. I have the inside knowledge to provide an overview of your traits and characteristics of being born on March 14. So here goes!

  1. Those born on the 14th of any month are heroic, and normally subject others at their will. I do feel that you follow your own goals and stubbornly realize your own special intentions and projects.
  2. You can get angry sometimes: take the number 14 it works out (1+4 = 5) to the number five. In numerology a five person is generally patriotic, and kind. Now, there is a focus on becoming angry but don’t we all!

When it comes to business you are very focused and strategic abilities are what you skillfully use, which can bring with it success. Those people born on the 14th of March sometimes follow a military career but not always. When I researched some older astrology books it did say that everyday life can sometimes get you down but you are generally a person that enjoys a challenge and can adapt in times of change.

Intuition: There are quite a few psychic people I know born on the 14th of March. In regards to your intuition, plans are often veiled in secrecy and subtlety. Because the sun is normally in Satan on this day, you may find that you lead a success in life due to your inner significant intuition and the ability to quickly learn your way around the social and political landscape.

If you allow yourself, you could become an enthusiastic business leader. Do you play pokermon? The reason I say is that you seem to enjoy collecting things. Sociable and friendliness are some of the positive traits that you possess.

People born on March 14 are generally suspicious when it comes to love.  This means that you can suss people out quickly. My advice to you is that you should not indulge in dreams that are pointless when other dreams could yield greater results. Avoid giving “passively to the tide” when others exert their power. This can sometimes annoy you. Try to focus on what is important in life.

Characteristics and Personality  of March 14

As mentioned earlier in my article, there is a lady friend of mine called Cellia that is a psychic born on the 14th of March, she is a dear friend. We had a discussion on what it means to be born on this day. She said that people she met who share her birthday are normally filled with a vast amount of wisdom that doesn’t need a verbal description.  And, they can predict things that will occur.

There is an inborn “intuitive” element that surrounds you – regarding your emotions that run deep, and this is what makes it possible for you to know how to work people out. The more you age, the more you will focus on what is right. Your biggest challenge is to get over the impatience, which keeps you on your toes.

Personality and characteristics of people born on March 14 portray that of a life filled with happiness and the ability to do anything you want. I know, we all have ups and downs.

Sorry to say that sometimes you just think life is unfair, and should not be the way it is. When you are pressured by the problems in the world, you are prone to going “within” into your own world. Either through dreaming or just moving your thought processes.

I have touched on the fact you are somewhat psychic earlier on in this article. Your intuition is well developed.  People around you don’t have to talk too much for you to understand them. This comes from your inner “intuition.”

Work: With time, you begin to hone your own skills and, your analytical and like numbers and rules, this will dominate your life and in the process, you overlook so many things rather than cutting to the chase.

March 14 Zodiac sign – Pisces

Due to the fact that you were born on March 14, your zodiac sign is Pisces, this means you are adaptable, compassionate, curious, intuitive, and introverted. By simply listening, you can make a “great friend” to people.

Unlike other star signs, you are different, due to the 14 being on your birthday which means you are psychic and you can just read people. Also, you listen because you want to listen. When you listen, apart from remaining quiet, you pay attention to what is being said. I like to think that because of venus in your star gate, you have a focus on observing each person in depth. For example, how fast the person is talking, their voice tone, their facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal and verbal expressions.

So, I would say you are quite perceptive! You listen to what a person says, and when you speak people listen to you. People find it great to have you about, especially if they have an issue that they want someone to listen and help them out.

Love and Relationships Compatibility of March 14

I get many emails asking about the best love compatibility of those born on March 14. In matters concerning relationships and love, you are an irreversible romantic person.  It is hard for you to live without love and thus, you need your partner to give you all the deep love and emotions for your love and emotions to come out. When you find that you are in love, you become very vulnerable, but you don’t fear to express your emotions.

It is at such a time that you are ready and willing for so many sacrifices and concessions to make your partner happy and the expense of your own happiness and needs. That is why, after a while, you can feel somewhat overwhelmed, because you have this feeling that, you are giving out too much and you don’t know how to handle things.

One thing that is important is to learn about yourself and to avoid allowing anyone to exploit you. Once you find a partner (who will not take advantage of you and exploit your sacrifice and goodwill) you can make the best partner. And, you do tend to fall for the wrong types I am afraid.

Because of being born on March 14, there is a likelihood that, you will always be there for your loved one and ensure that you give them your unremitting support. In terms of weaknesses, you can be jealous and possessive and that is one trait your partner needs to know in advance.

Marriage: Marriage is something that you yearn for; you want to enter into a marriage, have children, and you love being surrounded by animals too.

Love Match: It is very possible for you to have a great relationship with another Pisces and Scorpio as they are the ones who will understand you better. A relationship with Capricorn can be great, as you are patient and thus, in a position to awaken the tender and gentle side of Capricorn.

Being a water sign and water signs are known to have quality and strong connections because there is intuitive connectivity among partners and thus, well understood without having to speak. As a Pisces sign, you will need to support other water signs such as Scorpio. If this sign is your lover then it means you will have a perfect match.

A Taurus (known as the bull) can be a great trusted and stable partner, meaning, you can have a Taurus sign as your partner as they will be able to remind you of the things you forget easily – such as how great you are!  A relationship with a Virgo will be fine, but when it comes to the Virgo’s excessive criticism, you being the delicate type, could find yourself being hurt easily.

Being in a relationship with a Gemini may result in feeling will be unstable because, at the initial stage, you will agree due to the fact that, both of you are social and communicative; but with time, the Gemini partner will become superficial and unreliable which will disappoint you.

A relationship with Taurus and Aries can work out if you don’t take too much into their reaction which is normally uncontrolled. To be with a Sagittarius can effect you on an emotional level, it can be tough on both of you.

Being in a relationship with an Aquarius, it might be hard, especially with the freedom-loving Aquarius, which will make you be jealous and suspicious of them. You are compatible with people born on 6th 9th, 15th, 18th, and 27th.

Due to your ability to listen, you can be the best lover of all the zodiac signs. Any kind of romantic relationship you have is normally positive but you are better off with water signs.

This in the process boosts the physical intimacy and loving making between both of you. You succeed because of being able to listen, and to you, listening is not just a matter of hearing others talk, it means listening and digesting what is being said.

March 14 Planetary Influence

Your influences on March 14 are the planet Neptune. While this particular planet is nurturing, caring, and cultivating, it can also be very overbearing and dictatorial due to the fact that, it is big and has a heavy gravitational pull. There is a need for you to strike a balance that is healthy.

March 14 Element

Water is your main element and it is the one responsible for your emotional state. Taking care of other people is something you like most and it makes you to be very compassionate and you feel that, in order to fully help those around you, there is a need for you to put on their shoes. It can be a positive if you pair it up with your listening skills.

Career and Purpose of March 14

Though you are sensitive and gentle, you can make a great businessperson. Jobs that attract you are the ones which are pleasurable to you are:

  • Teacher
  • Counseling
  • Military
  • Psychic
  • Accountant
  • Police
  • Creative – such as internet designer / or photographer

As an artistic soul, you don’t like being at the forefront, but you are always excited to be part of a team. Imagination and creativity make it possible for you to always be ready to help anyone around you who is in distress.

Positions (career wise) that require counseling would be a great fit for you. This is due to your listening capability. Counseling is not all about giving the right answers, but about listening and understanding people’s problems correctly.

The reason you like jobs where you LISTEN is that you can naturally connect the dots together with the other signals that were produced during the talks.  You are able to cut through the mixed signals that the person brings out and understand them at a level that is very deep and give out the right advice.

Luck and significance of March 14

Light yellow is your lucky color. This is because it is soothing, calming and it helps in ensuring that you get clarity of things. It is this aspect of this particular color that impacts positively on your listening skills.  Your other lucky colors are purple, cyan, and gray.

  • Your lucky numbers are 16, 48, 39, 26, 65, 2, 5, 21, 24, 38, 49 with 32 being your lucky power number.
  • A red berry tree is your lucky plant and also Chalcedony being your lucky stone.
  • Your lucky animal is Toucan.
  • Professions that can bring luck into your life include agronomist, pilot, and physician.

March 14 Positive Traits

People around you tend to admire your amazing listening skills. People born on March 14 are such great listeners that at times people think that they are capable of reading the minds of others.

You are able to get information about people due to the fact that, you know how to ask the right questions and deeply listen to what they are saying combining it with various signals that they are sending out as they speak.

March 14 Negative Traits

I am sorry to go on about your weakness. In a nutshell, you can become impatient I am afraid. This pushes you to take shortcuts using corners and when it involves other people’s emotions, it is very risky to use shortcuts. There can be a danger that you will develop a confidence that is false in your skills of listening, which end up degenerating as you get older.

March 14 Tips

Well, let’s look at how you can improve yourself. With age, you will need to avoid being close-minded and more impatient but if you know this then things will get better if you open your mind more. Your listening and also psychic ability is your greatest gift to those around you. Ensure that you remain curious enough to step in the shoes of those around you. If you can work on that, then you won’t become impatient as age catches up with you.

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