March 13 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 13 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Keywords:  Submissive, searching

English Name: The Fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Moonstone

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Triangle

One word:  Abundance

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Optimism

Weakness:  Loss of Self

Best Color:    Dark blue

Most compatible with: Scorpio

I have been studying astrology for 30 years and this has given me the foundation to write what it means to be born on March 13. If you ask people today they will normally say that astrology signs are mainstream and it is not a science but can be used to predict personalities and compatibility. I use the astrological legacy, Christian Astrology and her techniques to understand your horary chart, so let’s begin!

Your chart shows that you find it hard to make a decision, but at the same time, you are very persevering in realizing your goals. As far as the March zodiac sign is concerned you fall under Pisces and emotions are important to you. In terms of how you interact with others, it is unheard of for you to be vengeful and value righteousness and nobility.  In short,  people born on the 13th day of March are known to be very harmonious with significant analytical and critical abilities, sometimes though weaknesses such as restless, uneasy and careless can take their toll.

You love work! It makes sense to describe you as a workaholic since, you are always eager about your professional work. The ocean seems to attract you and generally like water, sports involving water and underwater walk carry you away. Is it true to say you often find yourself hoping to move to the sea?

As far as things related to water, sailing, being relaxed and listening to music are concerned, you will have great success. Your birthday shows a dual characteristic with Scorpio – which means you are attracted to this star sign. In terms of weakness, you sometimes show a careless life, often gambling and pursing pleasure. Some people believe that you emotions can sometimes get out of control. On the other hand, you have a strong character with high ideals and a clear goals, gifted with a significant intuition which allows for accurate prediction of events that will happen in the future.

Your children: I am going to include this as I feel it is important. If happen to give birth to a child on March 13, you will as a parent need to discourage them from being wasteful. Also freedom runs high with this star sign. For example, when they are adults you are better off giving them money and later asking them how they spent it. In the process, will give the child an idea as far as the value of material resources are concerned.

Life without adventure is externally boring and it is very rare to see mistakes made by others, especially those whom you sympathize with or have feelings for. Friends who support you are very powerful and influential. But you will always owe your wealth to yourself without crediting those who helped you in getting to where you are.

When it comes to matters concerning the family, you enjoy it when you are in the company of a large a large family with several children and you are likely going to enter into two marriages. You are very sensitive to the extent that, you find it hard to differentiate between your own feelings and those of those around you.

Those who invade you can completely take control of your life and dominate your personality. Those born on March 13 seem to have a calmness of mind which is normally convinced by an unshakable confidence of goal realization or simple carelessness or passiveness or lack of wider interests.  It is very easy for you to show weakness which might be manifested in a careless pursuit of pleasure, life, gambling and emotions, and vanity and self-love.

Characteristics and Personality Of March 13

The characteristics and personality of people born on March 13 is influenced by random speculations which tend to direct them in a particular direction.On rare occasions will your events be influenced. You are under a very great fate. But you believe that you can anticipate events which are likely to happen and you have a major impact on them.

Philosophy, spiritual techniques, and scientific systems are the ones which attract you very much. You entrust your points to the great universe with the lives of those who live in it just taking a small part. It is easy for you to withstand the incredible efforts which life puts you through.

Fate events are accepted as normal as if you were prepared for them in your life.  At any given time, you seem to be always striving for personal evolution. But it happens that, in your personal development, you go in the wrong direction convinced that, you can control esoteric and metaphysical energies. Having such convictions can lead you to very dangerous and risky situations.

It is high time to resist your desire to make prophetic views due to the fact that, your case is nothing but what you expect to happen in the future.  There are specific beliefs which you seem to be very prone to and you have a great desire to change the previous rule. Criticism and being argumentative seems to dominate your life, and that in itself, affects the shape of your character.

Life is not fair to people born on March 13  because, you tend to be unstable and you experience frequent changes which you are forced into. There is a need for you to pay special attention to limb injury. Take care of your foot and ankle injuries. In order to be in good shape physically, you will need to engage in physical exercises. There is also a need for you to pay close attention to your diet, which should be rich in cereals and fruits.

The presence of the uranium that rules your life brings a lot of energy in your life and with it, you are prone to accidents. You are likely to be involved in traffic accidents than other zodiac dates and thus, you will need to be extremely careful.

March 13 Zodiac sign – Pisces

Due to the fact that, you were born on March 13, Pisces is your zodiac sign and it is the one that makes you have a tremendous ability to be idealistic and spiritual. Feeling great is attributed to your sense of intuition.

Regardless of how much you tend to experience or how you perceive, you seem to have good luck in making at the right time, the right decisions. In order for your intuition to continue to give you the right results, you will need to depend on a strong foundation of experience.

If at any given time you get ahead of yourself, it will make you be too confident and in the process, start experiencing problems. You need to understand your intuition as it is something that you use frequently. There is no need to rely on it quite often as it can end up leading you to unfortunate situations.

Love and Relationships Compatibility of March 13

Love and relationship compatibility for anyone born on March 13 is deeply passionate and are always prepared to do anything for your partner. When it comes to feeling and expressing your emotions, you are always crazy. Someone to care for you deeply and who will always be there for you is what you keep searching your entire life as far as matters concerning romance are concerned.

Anytime that  it happens that, as a person born on March 13 you care for others, it gives you strength and motivation in life. If you fail to find your special person in life, you become depressed and desperate, leading to addictions which will not be good at all. This special person is the one whom you will share your dreams and discover the most subtle feelings.

You love truly and to the bone, but the problem is that your partner might fail to see this and take you for granted. And when you notice this, you will feel betrayed and in the process, want to disappear from this person’s life forever and forget all about them.

People born on 29th, 16th, 9th, 1st, 8th, 10th and 28th of any month of the year can be your best pick as far as matters love is concerned. People under the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Cancer can be good partners for you. You need someone who will understand your needs and desires and you will gladly give them back.

If at any given time, you are in need of a partner to have fun with, then you can pick a partner born under the zodiac signs of Aries and Gemini but because of your free spirit nature, you might start feeling jealous from within and this will break the relationship.  It is also possible to have quality relationships with people under the zodiac signs of Taurus and Capricorn due to the fact that, the sign offers reality and stability that you as a Pisces, greatly need.

March 13 Planetary Influence

Planet Neptune is the one which rules your life and which by nature, is a watery planet. That is what makes you be compassionate and introverted and at the same time, nurturing.  There is contrasting personality for people born under March 13 zodiac sign because due to being shy and introverted, you are very confident.

March 13 Element

You have water as your element of choice which influences you in your nourishing, nurturing and cultivating manner. When people are around you, they cannot help but feel emboldened.

Career and Purpose of March 13

A person that you tend to possess needs to be the one which should preoccupy you to enable you to utilize your creative side. If at any given time you find stuck in a job which doesn’t motivate you or doesn’t make you fulfilled, you can become quite depressed and angry with your position in life.

And that is why it is important that you find an outlet of a creative job to enable you to devote yourself completely. Banking, office work, and accounting are something which can make you feel stuck. Jobs which will suit you are the ones which will enable you to be in contact with others and listen to them such as a social worker, psychologist, and teachers.

Careers which require confidence are also great for you. Such careers include surgeons, lawyers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.  You have a pronounced confidence because of your innate ability to make decisions that are correct at the right time.

At times you become a little bit overconfident due to the feeling you have that, you can never be wrong.  When it comes to, love matters, such an attitude can cause a lot of problems, but in your business and career,  that is the right attitude to have.

All in all, it is important to always have it in your head that, when you fail, you learn a lot. So if you start relying too much on your intuition and overextending yourself and in the process, make the wrong move, you will benefit because, you will learn that, you don’t have to try that again.

Being born on March 13 means that, you will also learn of avenues which lead to nowhere. When you encounter several failures and you try things faster and failing, you will after some time, find your right path, and learn from your previous mistakes. Things which at first seem to be problematic and painful at first, might later on open doors for you in the future. That is the true standing when it comes to your career choices and your intuition.

Luck and significance of March 13

Dark blue is your lucky color and it is responsible for your inner calm. It has a lot of strength and confidence, but for it to exhibit all this power, there is a need for it to settle. Avoid getting ahead of yourself. Other colors that are great for you include pink, beige, and red.

Numbers 14, 23, 25, 37, 84, 4, 21,30, 43, 49, 57 are your lucky numbers with the number being your power lucky number. Sycamore tree is your lucky plant.  Polar Bear is your lucky animal and your lucky stone is the moonstone. Professions such as firefighter, welder, and pilot, can bring great luck into your life.

March 13 Positive Traits

Considering how open-minded and flexible you are, especially when it comes to new ideas and new people, most of the time, you find yourself going to places where others dare not go. This in itself can be a positive in you.

If you are striving for big things, then you will have to be ready to take big risks. You shouldn’t fear taking risks. But at the same time, you ensure that your risks are well calculated to avoid ending up losing what you have built in your entire life just because of a silly risk.

March 13 Negative Traits

Ok, here are some negative traits! You have a tendency of being overconfident. Use your intuition as a tool and not an end. Don’t take it to be a destination in itself and nor is it an idol to be worshiped. Ensure that, you use it as a tool together with other faculties that you possess. But you find yourself easily getting lazy and thus, end up taking the easy path to success.

March 13 Tips

You should avoid reading too much into your intuition and instead, let your intuition to truly lead you. Know the difference and adhere to it.

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