March 17 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 17 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Keywords:  Searching, submissive

English Name: The fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Alexandrite

Motto:  Sometimes I have to keep on going no matter what

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Star

One word:  Push

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Possibility

Weakness: Overdoing

Best Color:    Orange

Most compatible with: Virgo

Welcome, Pisces! As you probably know by now March 17 star sign in Pisces. This star sign is number 12 in the zodiac and it is thought the Pisces is essentially the emotional perfectionist.

For thousands of years, there have been legends around astrology and this has posed many questions such as “does the date you were born effect your aspect of human life?” The stars, sun and moon, and planets for that matter revolve around the zodiac, therefore they provide an apparent path around the Earth sky and these are divided into the star signs.

Because the Earth wobbles on its axis, a shift in the stars (known as the precession of the equinoxes) provide constellations which result in predictions of your birth date and this is really the crux of this article. What does it mean to be born on the 17th of March?

On a very top note (of how this works) I will now move into what it means to be born of the 17 March. In this article, I am going to provide an overview of your personality and compatibility but I also have lot’s more on this site that can help you understand what your birthday means. I bet you already know that you are supposed to be super clever as Pisces generally have a higher intelligence, compared to other star signs. You are someone I would say is the “doer” in life. You get things done no matter what.

It is well known that Pisces people normally come with two different types of personalities; some people are deep and philosophical while the other group of people is somewhat superficial. I don’t know which group you fall into to but as long as you were born on March 17, as you have a nosy at my overview below you will find that you do belong to one of these two groups.

Other people: People in your life will support you and this will result in high standing in life, there are also Virgos that offer protection in times of need.  You may also gladly fulfill your duties to others and you don’t like causing an “inconvenience” to people who come into your life; whether this is friends or strangers.

When it comes to your own feelings about people your own existing social and moral beliefs often come into place, oh, you also have high expectations and people find it hard to live up to them! Life experiences, pressure and limitations come and go and you endure through it all. You seem to be quite a fun/ humorous person, finding the funny side of everyone whom you associate with. At times, you tend to focus on what is not going well in life rather than mending any problems.

There are times when those who associate with you find it hard to understand you, thereby judging you unjustly as they are not able to evaluate your pure and good intentions. It is very easy for you to be thrown down by a tragedy that is unexpected and sudden which undermines the results of your efforts and ruins your bright outlook. It is important that you should remain extra careful and work extra hard in order to throw everything at your work, from now into the future!

Parent to child / or Giving birth on March 17: And in the case by any chance, you give birth to a child on this particular day of March 17, you will need to develop the child’s will. As children, people born on March 17 tend to show some stubbornness you will need to be a strong parent, you will need to put a stop to it to avoid future mental outburst in them.  It is what I call the sensitivity in them, can cause issues of trying to control them.

Children born on this particular date also show great talents and thus, in their early years, need to be taught on how to solve and decide everything that happens around them, based on certain principles which you as a parent, should set. It is very easy for such a child to understand and engage them instantly in practice.

Characteristics and Personality of March 17

People born on March 17 are known to worship everything new and love be involved in all types of secrets. This describes who you really are. Achievement to you is brought about by gaining “new experiences” and getting involved in situations which are unique.

It is easy to become so preoccupied with activities. It seems you like to do all sorts of hobbies – which is positive. You would enjoy hobbies which bring traveling, movement, meditation and joining groups. This causes excitement in your life and this is what makes you feel fulfilled; this is what makes you ultra “unique” from others that fall under the Pisces zodiac sign.  You tend to be more self-conscious and ambitious than your ruling sign which is Pisces. But all in all, you at times feel shy and even end up escaping your possibilities and options.

From an early age of your life, you are curious and this makes a lot of people warm to you and become loyal to you.  You too tend to be honest and loyal to your friends and ensure that, you bring your close environment to various places that are exciting.  The exciting places are both emotional and physical, and to some level, spiritual due to the fact that, people born on March 17  never get deprived of a desire to live a life that is spiritual. To some extent, you will get several people born on this particular date going a step further and turning their lives into the direction of spirituality.

Astrology provides us with the ability to know yourself fully. This is your reflection on your own personality and also point to your traints. When you come across an activity that excites you, you will definitely put your everything into it thereby feeling fulfilled.

Whenever you come across anything that is old, you develop a feeling for changing by demodulating and making it new. You ensure that you utilize this principle in your business and personal life.

In life, it is important to develop your social life – and this needs to be your primary task. You could be drawn into isolation as sometimes you like to just “be alone” normally being rather reclusive. I’m not saying that you enjoy being alone but you find it relaxing to just have that time.

March 17 Zodiac sign – Pisces

Pisces is your zodiac sign because you were born on March 17 and you are spirituality quite advance due to 1+7 = 8. Number 8 is spiritual and is connected to the higher meaning of life. According to your beliefs, which can lead to something that is deeper.

In whatever situation that comes to you, you don’t look back in anger, but instead, you look for a higher meaning.

Love and Relationships  Compatibility of March 17

People born on March 17 are emotional, gentle, and romantic and most especially when they show their intense need to care and protect for everyone who needs help. It is true to say, that you will become lovers with the people whom you care about before normally embarking on the relationship.

Among all the dates in March (under the Pisces sign) those born on March 17 are the most complicated of them all. This is due to the fact that numerology wise it falls under the number 8.

Your way of love is unique and it is something that is different and of a kind.  If someone dates you, they will need to be by your side, caring and smart. It has to be someone who is adventurous and smart in life, and never shying away from experimenting with sex.  It is important that you don’t forget something here, you are someone who belongs to the Pisces sign and thus, there are times when you can become closed and shy, especially towards people whom you like.

It is very easy for you to open your gentle side to some people while to others, you protect and hide it until a partner who is persistent comes and eventually, you open your heart to them.  Unlike other Pisces sign, you can be very fearful that those whom you give your emotions are not going to appreciate you and instead, will end up hurting or relentlessly dismiss you.

And that is why,  those who want to be your romantic partner, needs to know that you have two sides of you, which are totally different from the inside and outside. The mask that you show to the world is different and thus, you tend to have nothing in common. It happens that, you are both shy and loving at the same time, enabling you to give and take when you are in a relationship of love.

Lovers born on March 17 are known to be the most sublime lovers of all the zodiac signs.  It is deep down in your belief that, spirituality happens to be the highest form existence of all humankind and seeking and expressing it is very important.

All the areas of your life find some sort of spirituality being applied to it including love matters. When it is time for you to love, you do it unconditionally. You are capable of ensuring that you remain in love even when your partner is not giving it back to you and instead, just receives from you.

March 17 Planetary Influence

When it comes to planetary influence, Neptune is your planet and its ascendancy aspect is what rules your life. It is the Neptune which constantly challenges your status quo every now and then, and your eagerness and willingness to go above the perceptible easy way so that you are able to confront the things which are unreachable.

March 17 Element

Since March 17 happens to be your birth date, you automatically qualify to be paired with the water element.  It is this element that makes you live in water, letting it power your emotions.  There is a strong blend of idealism and emotions in your life which enables you to leap higher like a fish that is flying into the air and towards what you believe is the truth.

Career and Purpose of March 17

Those born on March 17 seem to have successes in a professional occupation and business ventures which depends on their level of perception and openness to those around them. If you tend to be open and willingly share your ideas and beliefs that you have regarding business, there is a possibility that you are going to succeed.

But if it happens that you are closed up or unable to share because of your shyness, or scared because you feel that your business ideas and plans will be rejected, then it is very hard for you to be successful.  The best occupation that you can succeed in can be where your creativity and movement combined are utilized such as in being a travel writer, musician, dancers.

Friends and family need to support you to enable your true potential to come out and to have you believe in yourself.  You are someone who hates being imposed on day to day duties that you don’t find satisfaction. If this kind of thing happens, you will do your level best to ensure that, you avoid them.

It is important that you find the right balance between avoiding obligations and being free in your work. At times, it is very important to be obligated at your place of work. If during your day to day activities you are given a chance to explore your creativity, there is a possibility of you to contribute to your environment positively.

Being spiritually inclined means that, you can also be a good cult leader or a professor. When you become a cult leader, it enables you to cut through all the spiritual lies as it is possible for you to focus on the truth as your life is dedicated to searching for the truth.  As a professor, it will be your duty to focus on ideas that are true. Because of your unwillingness to compromise can be stimulating the students intellectually.

Luck and significance of March 17

Orange is your lucky color. It is a very reassuring and vibrant color meaning, it can help you to bring a lot of life to those many people who come following you in life.  Other colors that can bring luck into your life include maroon, silver, and green.

Numbers 23, 54, 62, 88, 93, 6, 18, 22, 26,35 with number 30 being your power lucky number. Basil is your lucky plant and Squirrel Monkey is your lucky animal. Alexandrite is the stone which you should carry along with you as it will bring a lot of luck into your life.  Professions that can bring luck into your life include painter, chimney sweep, and politician.

March 17 Positive Traits

The most important positive traits in people born on March 17 is that they are able to love others unconditionally.  Apart from having the romantic love, being born on March 17 makes you offer friendship and general acquaintances to those that you meet along the way. Everyone that comes in contact with you sees that your kindness, love, faithfulness, and patience are real. Because of the power of your character, you are able to transform people.

March 17 Negative Traits

It is very easy for you to do negative things and be able to justify them, especially if you become an extremist with your quest for the truth.  Remember that, most crazy and bad things that happen in history have been done by people who believed that they were right and everyone else was wrong, and that is putting you in this category of people like Adolf Hitler.  Even though you have a charisma that is very strong, there is a possibility that you might end up abusing it due to your devotion that is lavish to what you believe is the truth.

March 17 Tips

Stop leading people astray. Even though you are someone who is charismatic in finding out the truth, it is obvious that you are going to attract a lot of people into your life. Ensure that, all those that come to you are led into the right path of life. Walk your talk and make sure that you are not a hypocrite.

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