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March 12 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 12 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Keywords: Searching, submissive

English Name: The Fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   red emerald

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Three randomly placed dots connected with a lane

One word:  Guidance

Quality:  Mutable

Strength: Closeness of heart

Weakness: Distances

Best Color:    Wheat

Most compatible with:  Virgo

Hello, 12th of March Zodiac! It is my desire to expand your knowledge. Western astrology is often written in a clear language and there are many different time technical concepts can sometimes be difficult to understand. I have been studying astrology for over 30 years which includes looking specifically at astrology charts and also trying to decode symbolism of each zodiac sign. I am hoping from this article you will be able to understand and benefit from the wisdom handed down for those traits of birthdays that fall on March 12.

I am sure you already know, that the Zodiac sign for those born between February 19 of March 20 is Pisces. March 12 is basically the 71st day of the year, there are many interesting historical events that I researched when writing your zodiac personality, the one that was quite amusing was that I read in a publication by the London Press (1932) that back then March 12 was officially known as sleeping day. Basically the celebration of napping! Yes, quite a bizarre celebration! Anyway moving onto what your zodiac means.

Patriotic tendencies seem to engulf your day to day move and you freely give much mind to social ideas. This birth date means you either show a lot of attachment to your close family especially your mother – or you don’t! Family freuds may occur and you normally don’t forget. This can especially be true if you encountered some abuse by family members in the past. Although you are not imperious, you know how to influence and rule those around you, but you are not harsh about it.

For all your determination and decisiveness, you are pleasant, sometimes humorous. As you normally have strong emotions, you are also able to invoke them in other people. You can be a good sympathetic companion. Talkative, happy, and energized with good intentions is who you are.

What is inside you is a desire to ensure that everyone around you happy, but it seems impossible due to the fact that, you do not always know how to make it happen, as most of the time, you lead a life that is passive in spite of your grand intentions. When you start to bring your ideas to life most of the time, it comes out different from what you envisioned. Illusions and disappointments set in, you can give in to discouragement or passivity.

Being at times a persevering and calm person  (which happens mostly in mind than action) you are unpredictable. Still, you can show extraordinary perseverance in some cases, you don’t care for any events or facts, dismissing any persuasion and remaining stubborn to the path that you have picked which others who have full knowledge of it, condemn.

Despite common sense, it might follow that, you eventually become victorious and triumphant. You love everything that is romantic and poetic and despite your sensuality and epicurism, you are capable of platonic love.  Generally, people born on March 12 are not negative people, and this applies to you with your weakness being that you are fond of luxury and pleasure.

If you are a man born on March 12 the influence of women is strong in your life and it doesn’t always bring happiness as the women might guide your fate and destroy you at the end of it all. For both sexes, you need to be aware of the weakness of character and the consequences that it brings.

Characteristics and Personality of March 12

I will now move into your main characteristics. Being powerful and very brave, are your trademark which makes it possible for you to overcome all the problems that come your way. Due to the many problems that you encounter, you normally approach problems correctly and see them as a learning experience and thus, very easy for you to take advantage of others.

There are several interests which attract you, and it will be very crucial for you to immediately determine which direction you will move because there is a vast waste of energy from all around you. Due to your overwhelming courage, you are not afraid of the saying what you think! Even those things that other people will not even dare to say. The main thing is that, you will need to remember that, your commitment and perseverance will lead you to your goal.

Most of the time, you are the subject of admiration and conversation and you feel good about it but you will rarely show it. In principle, you are eager for solitude, but it is only apparent until you finish a project on which you are working on and then you will leave your isolation and share it with everyone.

Apart from day to day boring stuff, there are other things and you consider and in general, you view life to be a transitional stage and not a complete cycle. Spirituality and creativity are advanced, but you also have the character of a dictator and thus, you need to keep this in mind. Due to your free nature, you will tend to keep changing jobs.

Problems come your way more often and in most cases, they are psychological in nature and thus,not easy to treat. Your emotional instability can be eliminated if you visit a therapist regularly and psychological counseling. The many experiences which you encounter teach you and you learn from them. Your health doesn’t depend on the amount of food you eat, and thus, you can consume a varied amount of food.

March 12 Zodiac sign – Pisces

Since March 12 is your birth date, your zodiac sign is Pisces and it is the one that makes you creative, nurturing and as I like to put it “an accepting person” It is as though you carry your vulnerabilities all around for everyone to see.

People around you don’t seem to bully you due to the fact that,  your presence is appreciated in their lives. They do appreciate your nurturing, compassionate and caring nature.  While at times you are quite shy and introverted, once you warm up to someone, you become quite loyal.

That might be the reason why you tend to attract people who are willing, ready, and eager to defend you and that is a great paradox that you possess. When you look weak is when you become stronger due to the fact that, you end up attracting people that are drawn to you because of your caring, nurturing and accepting nature.

They then team up to form a defense force for you. So you sit back while they do the “work” for you. When people try to insult or offend you, they are the ones who step up for you. Most of the time, it will seem to work up for you, but at times you take things to the extremes, becoming overly sensitive.

When this side of your personality takes over, you tend to be manipulative because you start testing your friend based on how willing they are to step up for you.

Love and Relationships Compatibility of March 12

In matters that concern love, you are a very sensitive and a loving person. Falling in love, you do it with your entire being; hard and deep and this happens rarely. It is not a must for you to find a partner and a lover as much as your independence is important to you and you would rather keep your independence than a lover or partner.

When marriage – knocks on your door, you love to have your own cash, an income of your own and your independence. People whom you can easily get along well with are those born on 8th, 10th, 1st, 26th, and 28th.  As a lover, you are quite nurturing, accepting, and caring.

It is a well-known fact that you are someone who is not confrontational. If your reputation serves right you are not an emotional doormat for others.

It is important that, at any given time, you keep in mind that, people might heap all sorts of abuse at you and you will just take it the way a trouper carries the dirt to the bin. Or it can make you be rarely possessive or jealous to the point where your lover feels that they can cheat on you and there will be no consequences from you.

You can be easily led from the astrology I have read about your character. So, the advice is to establish rules and assert your rights otherwise, you are better off without the relationship. There are several people around you who still find you to be attractive. Don’t be stuck with a particular person in the belief that, you have reached the end of the road.

March 12 Planetary Influence

Neptune is the element which rules your planet and even though it has its caring, nurturing, and idealistic side, it can also be overbearing and unreasonable. I feel this is, your manipulative side which is influenced by the Neptune (the key planet in your zodiac)

There is a need to strike a great balance between your need to compensate through manipulating others and your insecurities from deep within. At the end of the day, you will be shocked to realize that, after all, there is a middle ground, which is very positive and which will make you happy.

March 12 Element

Water is your element. This is why, your emotions most of the time, get the best of you. You will need to freeze some of the emotions and remember that, when water is frozen, it is quite stable.

Career and Purpose of March 12

Jobs that require ultimate loyalty and perseverance and passion will be great for you. Your Pisces sign is one that is gentle and sensitive. It is very easy for you to be adaptable and every situation that comes to you is easily managed and just like fish, you can as well wander and walk away from the situation.

Independence is a character that is well portrayed in you due to the fact that you were born on March 12 and you like it when you maintain your independence even when you are married. Jobs that give you enough room to grow, but at the same time not put you in the spotlight are the perfect ones for you. Anything which has to do with bonding and communicating with people is made by you. A coordinator job can best suit you.

Even though leadership is not part of your traits, you know how to coordinate between different types of people and since you know how to get along with others, this fits you perfectly well. Due to the fact that, it is easy to carry out coordination amongst those around you, when you need to be defended, they do it without hesitation. 

Luck and significance

The wheat color is your lucky color which means, sustenance, connectivity, and comfort. It can also decay and mold and thus, the choice is yours. Other colors that bring luck to you include black, pink, and gold.

Numbers 17, 25, 44, 68, 38, 6, 14, 16, 23 happen to be your lucky numbers with number 8 being your power lucky number. Petunia is your lucky plant and the Bearded Dragon is your lucky animal. Professions such as bookkeeper, pharmacist, and pediatrician can bring great luck in your life. Your lucky stone is red emerald

March 12 Positive Traits

It is very hard for people around you to dislike you due to the fact that, you are a very compassionate person. You are always part of a solution and thus, everyone around you, see you as a solution and not part of the problem. But there is a part of you which is manipulative and takes advantage of the perceptions of those around you. So your positive trait can easily turn into the negativity.

March 12 Negative Traits

You need to work on your tendency to be manipulative. Most of the time in your life, you feel that you are emotionally vulnerable. But that doesn’t mean that you capitalize on it on other people because once they realize, you will be their greatest enemy.

March 12 Tips

Okay, the main tips I have for you is that you need to avoid using others in order to further your own agenda. Avoid using others as means and realize that, they are ends in themselves. Even though being manipulative might be your second nature, you will need to stop the temptation of capitalizing on it. If you do that, you are sure to be much much happier in life!

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