March 16 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 16 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Keywords: Searching, submissive

English Name: The fish

Ruler:   Neptune

Birthstone:   Turquoise

Motto:  I Believe

Exalted:  Mercury

Element:  Water

Shape:  Flower

One word:  Natural

Quality: Mutable

Strength: Creativity

Weakness: Egocentrism

Best Color:    Pale goldenrod

Most compatible with:  Capricorn

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

A birthday on the 16th of March means your zodiac sign is a Pisces. I am going to start by saying that being born on March 16 results with many things in terms of your character. One of them is that you are a person who cautiously reviews your problems and builds a sure path in connection with your life. I do feel that having 16 (numerological) in your birthday means that you fight in life. This is a caution which goes hand in hand with significant confidence in being secure from whatever surprise that life has in store for you. For all your worries and forethought, your spirit is in short, heroic and fearless! I also feel that your nature is essentially warrior-like and always striving for victory.

Clever and intuitive, that is how your mind is like and thus, allowing you to conquer your enemies and ensuring that all your intrigues are neutralized. When it comes to courage and defense, you can demonstrate caution, and this allows you to defeat your opponents. You have remarkable organizational skills,  but you will need to show more radical tendencies.

So, what should you avoid? Avoid indulging in the details too much because if you do so, you are likely going to lose the whole from sight. When you happen to fall in love, you sometimes find yourself trapped in a lot of unpleasantness which can sometimes be inflicted by those around you. You are also sympathetic, without being hesitant.  When it comes to faithfulness, it is rare though you can have complete devotion and can at times (if things are not working out) sacrifice for the one you love. But being unfaithful is not very active, but partial and it is normally caused by sensuality, sensitivity and being subjected strongly to the influence of the opposite sex.  If you are a woman born on March 16, you find it hard to resist your admirers, because you are sexy!

When it comes to your environment, you are very kind and especially to people who are in the low standing and you will always portray this through your attitude towards those who are working under you.  There is a focus on faithfulness and sacrifice and there is a focus that you can be too tolerant and forgiving.

Characteristics and Personality of March 16

March 16 is a great birthday to have as it makes you be very capable of modifying your opinions in the beliefs and enabling you to reach your desired goal.  This particular trait comes in handy, but those around you need to be very careful not to betray your essential and integral principles and ideas.

At times, you can move on a path and not really know the “direction” you are going.  But you need to think deeply, simply, due to the fact that you may part of your life.  I say this because you should think about what is important in your life. Those of you who celebrate your birthdays on March 16 are always willing and ready to adapt and make compromises to differences, and which, at the beginning may create an great opportunity for excellent success.

But it is important that you maintain your value systems because, in the future, you are not going to feel guilty for not following or listening to your feelings and ideas which are original. At times stuff happens, and you can find yourself completely changing your attitude and in the process of chasing success, you may get lost along the way.  This is brought about by the changes that you made in your previous positions, being unable to know where it all started.

Being a Pisces, your evaluation of persistence is very pronounced and highly volatile. It makes you change your opinions and moods drastically, and you can turn from being destructive to being sweet in a split of a second.  When it comes to certain things, you are not someone who is reasonable but changeable and original.  All the time, you find yourself looking for a cause in your life which will end up inspiring you, and make it possible for you to invest in yourself entirely.

When you finally realize that you have achieved what you wish to, you don’t feel well when you find yourself in a controlled environment and generally resort to conventions. You like being in an environment where you can easily realize your intuitive and imaginative nature.  At any given time, if you find yourself in an environment where you completely don’t understand and are unfamiliar with the happenings, this can become problematic and you may feel uneasy.

It is important that you remember that, you are receptive and versatile,  you can easily find new circumstances and ideas, even in the simplest things which you surround yourself with. Music is the most creative activity which you love to express yourself. Other creative arts that you might be fond of include drama, literature, and art. Spiritual and natural qualities also dominate you when it comes to religious matters.

March 16 Zodiac sign – Pisces

The fact that you were born on March 16 qualifies you to have Pisces as your zodiac sign.  It is this sign which makes you be very emotional, but it is a trait which is not very apparent.  When people meet you, they see you as a cool, collected and calm person, having a natural composure around you.

Those who know you believe in your confidence because that is what you bring out for the whole world to see.  Many people want to be part of your life – they see you as their leader.  When it comes to love if someone hurts you then it stays with you for a while. We all have this to some degree. But, being cheated on or wronged can make you annoyed. Even though it is very hard for your emotions to come out, the hurt that you feel is deep and it burns too much to the extent that if you don’t have an outlet for it, you will go crazy.

Love and Compatibility

When it comes to love and relationship compatibility, you will sacrifice yourself to get a deep love which you desperately need for your life to be complete. There is an innate empathy for your feelings towards your partner which you have due to your sensual nature and it normally comes out when you get a partner who will readily give themselves to you and treat you equally in love.

Love and Relationships Compatibility for March 16

Scorpio is the star sign you are most compatible with. Followed by Taurus. This is due to the numbers in your birthdate. When disputes arise, you find yourself being digested as you try to radiate yourself with positive energy around you. When you give out love, you want it in return from your partner and you are very great at being receptive. But if there is no love being shown to you, then you will become reclusive and destructive and thus, your partner needs to know this in advance.

Helping humanity is top of mind and you will gladly share the good energy and love between all people in your circle. And in case you get a chance for love and happiness during the process of your humanitarian acts, you will appreciate.

Addiction is part of you, I am afraid! And it seems that you easily get addicted to everything and thus when you are romantically inclined to someone; you will feel complete and see the purpose of existence. But be advised that, you need to find balance and never to let yourself to neglect others or things in your life just to get romantic love.

March 16 Planetary Influence

Planetary ruler for those who is born on March 16 is Neptune.  It is seen as compassionate, nurturing, accepting, and solid. But that is on the surface and you shouldn’t let it fool you as the truth is that, underneath, it is very unstable, just like you.

March 16 Element

As it is the case with all those who have Pisces as their zodiac sign, water is your element, making you to very unstable. Although those around you, see you as their pillar, you are just like water, which, when it is frozen and in its solid state, seems to be stable.

Career and Purpose of March 16

If March 16 is your birth date, you can become a great Manager due to the fact that, you are collected, cool and calm as this will provide stability of your work environment. And as I mentioned earlier, since you like changing your careers quite often, you can improve or change it quite often to the extent that, you find yourself in the wrong position.  Due to your nature of ever-changing, you might end up giving up on a job you are managing when it is not yet over and then blaming it on your subordinates. The problem is in your “unstable nature” and thus, you will need to deal with a job which is both practical and inspiring.

When it comes to finances, you are likely going to overspend – as money problems are associated with people born on March 16. Building a family and finding a place to call home is one of the challenges you might encounter in your life due to the fact that, you keep on changing your life purpose quite often. It is only when everything seems to be in order practically that you will relax and find some joy in your life.  The time you settle on a job which you love most is when you will end up devoting your time and becoming successful in life.

Health and well being of March 16

Health and well being of people born on March 16 is medium. Your life force is not great and this means that your organism is very sensitive as far as communicable illnesses are concerned.  You will need to take extra care in this respect. Mostly, you will find yourself suffering from bowel weaknesses, indispositions, and pulmonary ailments.

Oh, and cold feet is very common! Don’t indulge in taking too strong medications as its effect on your body – which is sensitive can throw you off balance.  Medicines, especially those you have a negative reaction to, should be avoided at all costs.  If you do, it is likely going to take a negative effect on your organism functions, thereby causing disorder and harmful habits as well as addictions.

Luck and significance of March 16: Pale goldenrod is your lucky color.  Though it is pale, it is a reassuring color. When you gaze more at the color, you tend to have this feeling that it gives out a lot of strength and thus, you should let it be your guide.  Other colors that might bring luck into your life include silver and gold.

When it comes to numbers, your lucky numbers include 54, 23, 14, 9, 1, 6, 8, 19, 36, 39, 56 with 3 being your power lucky number. Dentist, gynecologist, and plasterer are the professions that can bring luck to you.  The Pufferfish is the animal that can bring luck in your life while Impatiens are the plants which can make you be a lucky person. Turquoise is the stone that is full of luck for people born on March 16.

March 16 Positive Traits

Positively speaking, it seems that you are a great influence on those around you.  It is possible for you to go into an emotional breakdown (when you are pushed) and this will effect all those that are close by. Relaxing tend to calm you down.  Being around friends and family makes them pay attention to what they are working on. This trait makes others attracted to you and at the same time, makes you a leader.

March 16 Negative Traits

Sorry to say, there is some negativity that surrounds your inner person as you have a built-in tension.  You are the opposite of what people see from your outward look. The more insecure you are on the inside, the more confident those around you things you are.  It is time you confronted this negativity that is conflicting with your positive self or else, you might find yourself becoming crazy.

March 16 Tips

Advice: My advice is that when surrounded by people or things, you need not take them at face value and personalize them.  It is true that you have a positive impact on those around you, but can you also try to translate that feeling deep inside you to become positive? Just the same way you look confident, it is very possible to turn your inside to be confident, enabling you to make your personal solidity and confidence be felt within and outside. I hope this helps.

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