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February 13 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 13 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Quartz

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Infinity symbol

One word:   Expectation

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Knowledge

Weakness:  Demanding

Best Color:    Black

Most compatible with:   Aries

You are someone who carefully calculate and considers your actions. You are ambitious and care for the approval of your surroundings. You are very sympathetic and you gladly agree to give up on your opinion and surrender to your significant other, but the environment where you live will never understand that you are deeply individualistic.

Because you are persevering in everything that you do, most of the time, you will realize your projects and intentions when it is too late. Life in solitude is what you detest and a connection with others will always bring out positive energy from you that will impact on your environment for which you will express special proficiency.

When you follow your heart and piece your life together with someone else, you become a very useful member of the society. But when you get opposed to your love or reject it due to material reasons, you can fall into danger for your mental energy-oriented only around material areas and will no longer yield anything fruitful.

You have a weakness of striving for peace at all costs in your environment. During life struggles, instead of attacking directly or defending your interests, you first have to consider the advantages and disadvantages, and in the process, losing yourself in abstract meditation instead of concentrating on the action.

If you are a woman born on this particular day, then you easily become a victim of confusion and even if you get involved in a fight or struggle, you think only of how you can back off. Under the pressure on your opponent, in a point of confusion, discussion, you retreat, step by step.

But when everything is back to normal, and the atmosphere is clear, you will stand in your usual place and defend your views with an independent intellect without having to give in to external influence.

Characteristics and Personality  of February 13

You are adorned with the necessary strength to concentrate on one goal at a time that you set your eyes on and you will not stop until you achieve it. This results in a very distinct character that is less obsessed with ideas that are irrational and only interested in what can build foundations for development that is harmonious with your personal interests and personality.

You are not like all other Aquarius who belong to, you lean more to foundations that are firmer than anyone else. You are capable of creating a profound originality which will then lead you to happiness and success in your life. You have the chance to achieve a continuous process between physical and spiritual vibrations.

The spontaneity, originality, the openness of spirit, love for spirituality and life, are united to make you one very active being whose ideas are not easy to follow nor are people able to foresee your work. To allow passage of your ideas, there is usually a need for you to fight for some higher purpose in order to expose yourself to the broader audience. It is something that excites you, but at sometimes, you have a naïve view of the world and this is not only a disadvantage because it allows you to prove to everyone else a remarkable freshness of your opinion.

You can become unhappy if your goals are not achieved as you had planned, leading you to fall into a slow progress. You are firmly on the ground, regarding your abilities and are confident in your identity, despite the jealousy that you encounter during life since you are blessed with many amazing qualities that others see too. You can only associate with people who are honest and confident.

Your life is actively devoted to achieving well being and significance for the world and you want to attain enormous value in your life. It is a fascinating personality, a fruitful and active one with your vivacious spirit. At a young age, you tend to be carefree and boundless. You have a great sense of possibilities, living in your own world.

As you grow older, you become more stubborn. It takes a lot of time for you to let go of corrosive or unproductive expectations and assumptions. You find yourself holding onto things you shouldn’t be hanging on to. You lose a lot of possibility and wonder.

February  13 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Your zodiac sign is Aquarius because of being born on February 13 and that is why you are full of ideas that motivate you in life. You get a lot of energy from things which you decide to believe in. According to you, a good life consists of believing in the right principles and ensuring that, you develop a character that is right.

Until you achieve a certain objective, you will not stop at anything else. Ideas are your main challenge in life,  because, you find it hard to commit to any one idea. You keep on drifting from one idea to the next based on how motivated you feel.

Love and Relationships of February 13

You are someone who is restless in passion and your approach to the world is immediate instead of being diplomatic. When you are in a relationship, you seem to be stubborn and extrovert, thereby needing a partner who will understand you before everything else.

You are a dominant partner who has the character dynamism and courage and you want to lead in the relationship. You love to fight for your beliefs when the need arises, but most of the time, you prefer to use spirit when you are seducing and playing love games. Since you are different from other people in your own way, you get misunderstood most of the time and you also have problems understanding your future partners or lover.

When you finally get someone that you feel you, love, you don’t hesitate to say what you think no matter how your potential partner will react to your words. As a lover, you are adorned with incredible curiosity and idealism which is almost inexhaustible, making you to at times, have high expectations of your relationship that end up the sour taste. You are idealistic in terms of your emotions. You have a fixed mind on how love should be, look like and feel.

Whenever you find yourself getting close to somebody you often refer what you are seeing and feeling to the ideas. You always overlook and in the process, end up ignoring a relationship that could have formed due to your unrealistic expectations.

February 13 Planetary Influence

You are ruled by Uranus as your planet due to your date of birth.  It is a strange planet because of having an interesting gravitational pull. It is mysterious, deep, and it reflects a lot of your idealism and sense of possibility. On the other hand, its pull can be very restricting that it leaves you with less room to maneuver.  Uranus is manifested in your beliefs which you follow in your day to day life.

February 13 Element

Your life is governed by air as your element. The air is normally fleeting, occupying a large space and moving really fast. Those are the three traits about the air that impact on your personality and the ideas you tend to hold.

Career and Purpose of February 13

You are always ready to share your ingenious and creative ideas and at the same time, implement new plans and quickly start them; always full of promise and optimism. The thirst you have towards adventures and freedom along with your tendency to embrace risk and your pursuit ideals make you be a great researcher, entrepreneur, stubborn predecessor and born to be a pioneer.

You are mostly endowed with high mobility and unbelievable self-confidence if you do the job you love. It is necessary for you to work in an environment where you can cultivate a bit of restraint of the power that you possess and maintain consistency.

You are very intelligent and thus, you normally structure ideas well and develop your unique thoughts towards efficiency. At the end of the day, you are someone who will invest your enormous energy into what you believe in, being able to beat other contestants, outrun them and eventually succeed.

The challenge you have is to be motivated with the right idea. You don’t need to wait until you are inspired, but instead, you need to work on a skill, ensure that it is perfected, and then get motivated.

Luck and significance of February 13

Your lucky color is black and it is the one that summarizes your personality. It is calm, cool, and possesses a great power in the form of potential. But in order for the black to bring out its power, it has to be transformed into another color. You will need to let go of your motivating ideas in order for the positive side to become manifest in your life. Your other lucky colors are purple, olive and red.

Your lucky numbers are 32, 29, 26, 13, 7, 4, 3, 5, 39, 50, 54. Your power lucky number is 21. Your lucky plant is a Red oak tree. Your lucky animal is Snapping turtle. Your lucky stone is quartz. Your lucky professions are a baker, sound engineer, and locksmith.

February 13 Positive Traits

Your loyalty is what outshines everything else. Once you give your word to someone else, you will keep it and fulfill your promise. It is not about pleasing those around you, but it is a personal trait that is deep inside you. According to you, your principles, and character are what is relevant to your life.

February 13 Negative Traits

On the negative, you find it hard to be motivated by an idea that will add value to your life. As you get older, it becomes even harder because you allow your past idealism to dictate how you choose to respond to the present.

February 13 Tips

You will need to stop taking yourself too seriously and remember that, ideas get outdated at times and when it happens, it is time to forget about them. You need to start challenging the things you assume in order to be truly active. You have what it takes to be successful with the only problem being that, you become too connected to certain beliefs which you at times, find yourself stuck to that worked in the past. Your stubbornness can be your undoing and thus, you need to learn and let go.

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