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February 15 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February 15 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:    Talc

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   Oval

One word:    Complete

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Free to shine

Weakness:  Superficial

Best Color:    Blue

Most compatible with:   Leo

Your nature is very inquisitive and full of intuition. You are quite withdrawing though ever friendly and polite. You take interest in music, literature, art and often struggling for reforms and social changes. Fighting patiently and vigilantly for the realization of your goals is what you do well.

You are decisive, calm, patient and faithful. You can focus your thoughts and exhibit philosophical disposition. You enjoy it when you make others feel good. Your surroundings gladly follow you as your calmness inspires trust. You can be physically in danger during your trips.

You need to be careful not to fall into a tall spot. You need to always keep in mind not to make your projects and ideas too chaotic and unclear because that is likely to jeopardize you. For you pay no attention to your environment and do not want to adapt to it, which might impact on your career negatively.

If you are the developed type, you will strive for harmony in life and there are no conflicts or dissonances in your soul and mind. You show a lot of tolerance as far as religious matters are concerned as you fully understand that religion has little to do with prejudice, atavism, and bigotry. You feel somewhat sorry for fanatics. As a child, you enjoy reading and understanding books which are intended for older people.

So toys meant for ordinary children don’t interest you and your parents have to be the first and foremost pay attention to your physical condition such as a developed as a child. As a child, there is a need to play in places where there is fresh air and stay physically active. Your merciful instinct finds your outcome in caring for animals.

You feel overjoyed if you can take care of a puppy or a kitten. You find little interest in your peers due to the fact, as a child, you are more intelligent than your age mates and thus, prefer the company of older people.

Characteristics and Personality of February 15

You are naturally very witty and your mind is colorful and inventive. You are relaxed and that is why you go through life without getting stressed. For you, there is a solution to every problem and you are never worried about not being able to resolve a certain problem. Being an Aquarius makes you be positive and optimistic and it is your driving force in life.

Mind stimulation for you is very important. You cannot stand not being mentally stimulated and engaged in a conversation that is stimulating and interesting. When you meet someone new, the main thing you notice is how this someone speaks and what this person says when they speak. Having a challenging and interesting conversation with other people is very important because being part of a mundane and boring conversation is out of your interest.

You are always far away from the activities of routine and you completely dislike being involved in such activities. That is the reason why, choosing the right profession for you is very important, due to the fact that, it can either break or make your life. What interests you most is being involved in activities that are unusual and fun while at the same time progressive and mindful. You will also be found being part of a group and activist organizations which are fighting to change the world and make it a better place to live. Being surrounded by people who feel and think the same way as you are what will make you succeed in life. People who weigh you down with their emotional struggles or make you think way too much about mundane things are not interesting to you.

On the negative, you are too sensitive and can become depressed if the same amount of attention and care is not given to you in return. You can also be irritable and arrogant, which doesn’t make you such a great first impression person, especially if someone catches you on a bad day. Your reaction is often impulsive and you can the bare sense of reality and logic.

If someone wants to distract you, they can easily do that,  because your attention span is not very strong. You tend to disappoint others because of your constant search for the excitements and adventures.  This can make you forget your obligations to others or even to lose interest in performing your obligations because according to you, there is something more exciting that is happening somewhere else.

You also have a tendency to change your mind suddenly which most of the time, leaves people in the wonder of what happened. You are fascinated by things that are unexpected, new, and shocking. You have big connections and look at things in an unconventional way.

If someone wants to attract your attention they need to come up with something nice to say. You tend to attract people because most of the time, you stand out from the crowd and it has something to do with your mind.

February 15 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Your zodiac sign is Aquarius due to your birthday being on February 15. You have a rebellious nature and you believe that you are an unconventional person, looking at life with a set of eyes that are fresh. You easily get bored. One of your highest values is spontaneous and it is one of the things that you look for in any situation and social connection that is perspective.

According to you, you are an original person and you find it hard to hold back when it is time to speak out your mind, especially where sensitive topics like religion, politics, and lovemaking are concerned.

Love and Relationships of February 15

You are most compatible with Gemini, Libra and sometimes Aries and Leo. When it comes to relationships, you cannot keep your attention for very long because you like meeting new people and experiencing new things which can lead to spontaneous and short relationships that don’t lead to anywhere.

It is something bad, but you enjoy being in this short relationships. Even if you happen to end up in a long relationship, something can happen along the way and you find yourself becoming distant and cold towards them.  You are attracted by lively and imaginative people and you detest people who are overly emotional or depressive.

It is not easy to be won over because someone has to be interesting enough and unique in order to attract you. You also tend to be attracted to people who are secretive. You like someone who will leave you wanting for more, their personality and character. You cannot stand not being mentally stimulated and engaged in conversations that are interesting.

When you meet a new person, the main thing you notice is how the person speaks and how you say it. You enjoy people who are not boring and ordinary. You can get along with Gemini and Libra with mental interaction being the most important thing to you. You like being surrounded by optimism and positive energy and that is why it is important for you to avoid overly emotional surroundings and negative energy.

You form strong friendships with people from your past relationships because you don’t value physical attraction. You can form strong relationships with people born in 15, 18, 27, 24, 6, 10, 9, and 1 of any month of the year.

As a lover, you are hard to get. And due to your high standards, you find it hard to commit because you hold yourself to these standards, expecting everyone to meet up or at least match the standards. You are frustrated and disappointed.

You demand a high level of wit and intelligence. You also require your potential romantic partner to know how to hold up your end of the conversation. While you, don’t hesitate to have a good time with your partner who looks good, you are always selective as to who you are going to give your heart. You don’t like to be held down, restricted or forced to work within your rules. You look at rules as things which should be broken.

February 15 Planetary Influence

You are ruled by Uranus as your planet of choice because of being an Aquarius. It portrays itself in your personality by your mystery and remoteness. Uranus is a planet that is mysterious and remote and it seems as if, scientist are still learning more about it. This same trait applies to your personality; even though you have a public persona which people easily associate you with, there are many hidden parts in your life.

February 15 Element

You are paired with air as your element and it is the one that represents unconventional associations and ideas that you have. Just like air, you move around very fast depending on how far your ideas can get. It is very impossible to pin you down and get you committed. But once the air is frozen, it gets cold and solid and this applies to you too; once people get committed to you in their hearts, they find it hard to shake you off.

Career and Purpose of February 15

Because of being born on February 15, you are someone who is very progressive. You always think about the future and you don’t like talking about the past or taking your mind back there. You are very inventive and you can create something out of nothing.

And that is why, you can create a successful career in whatever branch you find yourself in but your most preferred include researcher, physicist, philosopher and fields which are related to progressive action and thinking. If you do a routine job and which aren’t interesting are like a death penalty for you. You simply cannot be a part of something that is mundane and boring.

Jobs that allow you to think broadly and use your mind about all that worry the rest of the world are the best job for you. You need to have the creative ability and freedom to ensure that your thoughts are broadened in different ways. Driving towards one goal is what you always do and if you cannot allow anything that will keep you off your goal. Once you set your mind on something you cannot set it off.

You are a progressive thinker and you don’t like to think in terms of linear connections or inside the box. You don’t like to be restricted, held down, or forced to work within the rules. You look at rules as things to be broken, but once someone catches your heart, you will be loyal forever.

Luck and significance of February 15

Your lucky color is blue and it is associated with character, depth, and wisdom. You hold yourself to a high standard and have ideals that are pronounced. It is manifested in the traditional association of blue with traits of loyalty, honesty, and confidence.  Your other lucky colors are claret, pink, and red.

Your lucky numbers are 36, 27, 19, 15, 10, 5, 18, 21, 26, 40, 47, and 59. Your power lucky number is 34. Your lucky plant is a Wisteria plant. Your lucky animal is Ocelot. Your lucky stone is talc. Your lucky professions include a structural engineer, pharmacist, or astronaut.

February 15 Positive Traits

You are someone who is very brilliant and talented. You have everything you need in order to be successful in life. You always act with your highest values in mind due to your perfectionist nature. You are generous, kind and you have a side that humane in you. You try to use your imagination and creativity to champion causes that help those around you.

February 15 Negative Traits

Most of the time, you live within your little world where you try to impose things which are right for you, on other people. You tend to be very idealistic and this gets the better of you and make you not to be on good terms with those around you. You have such high standards with romantic relationships and friendships that most of the time, you end up giving up on your friends and partner, who have been very good and loyal to you all the while.

February 15 Tips

You need to avoid being eccentric for the sake of it. If you focused more on what unites you with other people, you will be able to progress more in all areas of your life. While it is good to look at life in ways that are unconventional, think about your relationship with other people.

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