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February 5 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

February  5 Zodiac Sign, Personality,  Love Compatibility

Keywords:  Profound, original

English Name: The Water bearer

Ruler:   Uranus

Birthstone:  Chalcedony

Motto:  I Know

Exalted:  Saturn

Element:  Air

Shape:   semi circle

One word:    Intelligence

Quality: Fixed

Strength:  Knowledge

Weakness:  Rational

Best Color:    Blue

Most compatible with: Aries

You are always a very decisive proponent of unity for which you can readily fight for. When you set your eyes on a view or some thought, you will not leave it alone. You are peaceful and kind and that is what earns you recognition. Your relationship at home is very good and you can be an exemplary parent due to the fact that, you are stable in both your tendencies and attachment.

Your great mental capabilities go hand in hand with perseverance in everything that you decide to work on, because later on in your life, it is the one that will give you perfect results. You wish to influence your surroundings and make the minds of others along the way to a higher achievement that is more ideal. You deeply care about your reputation and would show a certain pride. Most of the time, you feel attached to your career.

You have a weakness of tormenting yourself and worrying too much at times. Your demeanor is a little disharmonious and very sensitive, which makes you become capricious. You tend to live in uncertainty, subjected to unpleasant life experiences. You are withdrawn and fearful, enjoying solitude and count only on yourself more than it is necessary. Because when you spend a lot of time to yourself, you can fall into the dangers of a certain melancholy, indecisiveness and excessive flexibility.

You are liked by many people and this means that you have a lot of friends.

Characteristics and Personality of February 5

You love being surrounded by others, exchanging new ideas and at the same time, communicating with all types of people. You are always on the move traveling to different places because it is in your blood. You become successful in whatever you do because you give it your all. The Aquarius in you is the one that makes you be what you are.

Being ruled by Uranus, which is a planet of originality and unconventionality, it is the one which makes you be a free minded person with wide views about the world. You don’t like to fit in any type of frame. You are proud of being different from other people and the spirit and willingness to fight convention ensure that the environment you live in favors you. You are cheerful, openness, and social and you enjoy being introduced to new and interesting people.

You are always open to new experiences and happy to try out new things and at the same time, you don’t endure boredom.  You are persistent in your effort to help others by cheering or protecting them.  There is always an atmosphere of optimism, eternal planning and realization of reformatory ideas is always around you.

You have the complex temperament. Most of the time when you are totally disoriented, you o lose self-confidence. In the process, makes you to become completely incomprehensible. People treat you as crazy, removing you from your world. You are also inclined to put all things in their place even when it is considered to be the greatest sin.

Your life is marked by periods of climbs that are turbulent, followed by falls that are dramatic. Personal freedom is very important to you and you always see the need for adapting the whole world without having to impose positions. The air element adds pleasantness, social, and wit into your life. You are not materialistic and do not pay for material goods, but you hardly live without money. And when you have the money, you mostly spend it enjoying yourself and having fun. You earn it and easily spends it away.

You don’t entertain boredom because the Uranus in you will push you into action. To you, living a monotonous life is a punishment and that is why, you will become creative every day with new ideas, actions, and events. It is important that every time, there is something happening in your life.

Mostly you are crazy, then irritable, cheerful and always looking for something exciting and new. Your feelings are subtle, unusual, but not too deep. You will never lose focus because of a bond with a loved one breaking up.

February 5 Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Because of being born on February 5, Aquarius is your zodiac sign and it is the one that makes you a dreamer. Your creativity and imagination are very great that you can be counted on to come up with a creative approach.

Even when a situation seems to be impossible or tight, your mind naturally gravitates towards a wide range of solutions. You are a very imaginative person. You see solutions when everyone else is seeing the obstacles.

You always see a way out in every obstacle that comes your way. When others see walls that are impassible and intimidating, you see a way through. You are innovative, optimistic, and a person who is very hopeful. That is what makes you a very attractive point for rallying for those who are looking for solutions.

Love and Relationships for February 5

When Aquariums fall in love, they will talk about it to everyone that cares to listen to them. Because you are one of them, you do the same. You can indulge in great romantic extraordinary charms and gestures. You are open, cheerful, and social and most of the time, you enjoy being introduced to interesting and new people.

You are happy, life enthusiasts and you like being open to new experiences in your life.  You like to experiment on many things and you don’t endure boredom. In your need to be free and independent, you can somewhat selfish, but basically, you are altruistic and positive and you are ready to give others enough freedom.

When you relax, you are entertaining and happy enthusiasts in whose society you will not get bored. You seek tolerance and that could be the reason why most people don’t like being in a relationship with you. You look for a partner that is not to burden you with jealous failures and who will allow you to have your social life without any redundancy. If you are in a stable relationship with a non sedentary partner then you will not fall into the trap to deceive a loved one.

At times you know how to act selfish and cold and this will definitely make your partner complain that you are focused on your needs. At times you are looking for safety and thus, it is not uncommon to end up with a person who will be able to provide for you even if you are not madly in love with them.

A relationship with someone born in the zodiac sign of Libra is very possible due to the common ground in the desire for new experiences and change. The Cancer and the Aquarius are two worlds that are very different and thus, the relationship between the two zodiacs will not succeed. Scorpio being attracted to mysteries and later on, in the relationship, they start being possessive and jealous will repulse you.

Aquarius and Leo can be strongly attracted to each other, but because both signs cause stubbornness and unpreparedness for concessions, it means the relationship is impossible.  With Virgo, it cannot work because you are two different characters that don’t have any touch points.  Connecting with Pisces and Cancer will make you be sad and dissatisfied because they require constant attention which you cannot provide. Capricorn with over time, the Aquarius will become bored of the unwillingness and the seriousness of the Capricorn will make you get bored.

February 5 Planetary Influence

The planet that governs yours is Uranus. Its size is what influences your personality. There is a sense of expansiveness and possibility with Uranus. Uranus is a big planet, that is what your personality is also like; very big.

It is also mysterious and distant. While your dreams and visions can be practical, they can stray off into the totally idealistic territory and impractical. You will need to be aware of this because in many cases, you don’t know where to draw the line between things that you would rather leave to your imagination and where you can turn into reality.

If you at any given time suspecting that there is infidelity in a relationship and that your lover is not faithful,  you will not think twice before you leave the relationship for good.

February 5 Element

You are paired with air as your element. You tend to reflect the necessity of air in your personality. In order to survive, you need air. Air is found all over.  When you place all these factors together, you get the boundless quality of air which is then reflected in your optimism, imagination, and ability to work through various problems in your life. Creativity and imagination is an absolute necessity for whatever venture or organization and you can bring it to the table.

Career and Purpose of February 5

Because of your birthday falling on February 5, you tend to make great architects, engineers, and designers. You like turning things that are not really into something real that you can feel, smell, touch, taste and hear. It means that you turn ideas into reality.

You know how to solve problems and this means that a lot of your time is committed to seeing this happen. You don’t solve a problem instantly, but need a lot of time to look at it and come up with a solution.  You will then come up with a solution that will greatly work for you.

In case you feel that you are being rushed, it makes you have this feeling that, you are being short-changed and since at some level you are a perfectionist, you feel easily slighted and it is easy for someone to lose loyalty if you have a feeling that you are not being given the resources and latitude you need to truly excel.  As long as you have the right resources, you are going to deliver.

Being an Aquarium, it follows that you are a rebel and idealist and it means that, in everything, you strive to be original and special. You have a creative talent that makes it possible for you to deal with art or something interesting that doesn’t have a fixed working time. You don’t like prohibitions or restrictions on your speech freedom and you will definitely end up conflicting with authorities.

You don’t like loneliness, but with a little bit of joy, you find yourself fitting into groups that will reform or organize in your new organizations or patterns.  You are normally overwhelmed by your perseverance, vigor, and stubbornness by which you will succeed in achieving your goals. Because you are ruled by Uranus, you are good at computer science and all other related areas so you will work as programmers, computer geniuses and web designers among others.

Due to love for freedom, you can end up being a freelancer, or even start your own company since you cannot handle other people ruling over you or giving you commands on what to do. Making money and being satisfied at the same time is a struggle for you because unlike other zodiac signs, the Aquarius cannot do something that doesn’t bring satisfaction to the table.

When you are working with other people, you seem to go along well and you enjoy hearing new ideas and proposals. The problem sets in when one has to step back and accept the proposal from someone else and because you feel that your idea is the best and most valuable, you feel it should win the day. 

Health and well being  of February 5

Even though your organism is resilient, you at times show a certain predisposition for blood circulation of blood which manifests itself by cooling of the feet and hands. But when you start going out in the fresh air, the problems seem to clear. Because you are phlegmatic, you can show a predisposition for laziness which comes out more clearly if you are undeveloped. You need to direct your thoughts to healthy expansion as it will positively influence your organism.

Luck and significance of February 5

Your lucky color is blue, which is a color of loyalty. It is also a full and deep color that is normally associated with so many things. It can easily combine with other colors, making a cool, relaxing and calming effect. Other colors that might be lucky for you include red, orange and crimson.

Your lucky numbers are 47, 27, 18, 15, 7, 1, with being your power number. Your lucky animal is Proboscis Monkey. Your lucky professions are a doctor, structural engineer, and tailor. Your lucky plant is Magnolia tree. Your lucky stone is Chalcedony.

February 5 Positive Traits

You have very many positive traits, but your optimism surpasses them all. It is very easy for the people around you to get jaded as you get older. It is easy for you to look at what is missing instead of what is currently working for you. You don’t seem to lose sight of your resources and what you have to work with.

You look at the glass with a half water not as if the amount of water is less, but as a base which you will use as a building block. In fact, you don’t need much to work with in order to get a way out of a situation that is frustrating.

February 5 Negative Traits

On the negative, you tend to attract people who are out to use you; the freeloaders. They are going to join your group of work and take the credit from you without having to do a single job. It might seem to be very annoying but you find your love life to be messier. You tend to attract a lot of users, losers, and abusers. You will need to do yourself a favor by trying to show these people your negative side so that they get off your hook. Show them that at times, you can be unpleasant, a jerk, or be mean from time to time. This might just scare them instead of them using and abusing you.

February 5 Tips

When you are faced with various struggles, there is nothing more uplifting to you than giving yourself out. Your giving is in terms of ideas, but it can also be in terms of sharing your money and other resources. You will need to do yourself a great favor and ensure that, you only help those who are not going to harm you in return.

Avoid leeches, parasites, and anyone else who will want to reap where they didn’t plant.  Be choosy when it comes to doing things to people around you. If not, don’t be afraid to walk away.  This is true especially when you are in a romantic relationship. If your partner is not holding out to their side of the bargain, open the door and walk away.

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