March 28 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 28 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Keywords: Challenging, Impulsive

English Name: The Ram

Ruler:   Mars

Birthstone:  Agate

Motto:  I am

Exalted:  The Sun

Element:  Fire

Shape:  Bended Arrow

One word:  Rush

Quality:  Cardinal

Strength: Passionate

Weakness: Suppressing anger

Best Color:    Red

Most compatible with:  Sagittarius

The March 28 birthday makes your sympathies to be very lively and your nature to be friendly. It is hard for people to hide anything from you. It is very easy for you to discover what is bothering your friends without having to utter a word and be able to know the cause of the concern, work on being able to remove the causes which are unpleasant.

When it comes to your friends, you become blind to their flaws. But when you are dealing with strangers, you become very keen, observing and being able to notice their shortcomings. You are someone who is disposed progressively and are able to easily adapt to new ideas and strive for utilization and progress of methods which are the latest available in all your line of work, be purely practical, artistic, or intellectual.

If you happen to be developed, then you will always have this willingness to fight for transformation into inquisitive that is exceptionally intellect, making you a dangerous fencer when it comes to fields of thoughts.

The eagerness, industriousness, and expansion that you possess go in various directions in your life but in most cases, you tend to follow the lines where you are the one to govern others, subjecting yourself to your will, standing at the forefront. You find a possibility to face whatever adversity that shows in your way and conquer it in the best way you know. In order to prove your skills, you tend to challenge the opposition.

Restless, impulsive, uncontrollable, turbulent, and vengeful are some of the flaws that come to your birthday on March 28. Most of the time, you find yourself quick to explode with anger, thereby causing confusion around yourself.  You tend to stand up against beliefs that are commonly accepted and which you feel, disturb your environment.

Entering dangerous situations is something you find yourself getting involved, thereby becoming at risk of your own carelessness. If you are a man born on this date, then it is very hard for you to run away from a fight, you don’t retreat and you will do all it takes to be able to win. When you have to give in to your enemy, it becomes a big disappointment.

For a woman born on March 28, you tend to see only the good things about your friends, but you tend to have a sharp tongue which at times, gets onto the nerves of those who are less sympathetic to you.

Characteristics and Personality of March 28

Realistically speaking, you are someone who is honest and open, with a good sense of humor, which doesn’t hurt anyone as you are considerate about other people’s needs and feelings, and you are compassionate, even you don’t want to be.

In life, you move through the path that you choose to be, but it happens that, you don’t always have a clear picture of your movement direction regarding your life purpose or career.  It is possible for you to be spontaneous and even without instructions that are proper, since you have several talents, it is very hard for you to fail as you can always pick yourself and move on.

Even when you don’t want to do something, you can still do it and become successful.  As someone born on March 28, you can be a great professional as you love doing your job correctly as that is your obsession. Even though you don’t have feelings for the needs of those around you, you tend to be popular in your environment due to your honesty and openness. That is what proves that, even when you say something which is stupid, it doesn’t follow that you mean any harm, it might just be that, you are being too honest and unrestricted in your communication with others who are unknown or known to you.

In order to keep your peace, you like occupying the lower positions where there will be no conflicts as far as interpersonal relationships are concerned, you ensure that you are on lower ranks than you deserve so that, you are easily accepted. In case you are offered a higher position, due to lack of confidence which makes you be overwhelmed by anxiety, you will tend to reject the position.

Even though you might be ready to take up the position, opinions by the public are often suspected of the correctness of your decision. It is very important for you to be protected, but when it comes to professionalism, you are always ready to fight for what you deem belongs to you. It seems that you have an inborn sense of sufficiency for your own self, meaning, you are an extrovert.

There is a need for you to try and avoid depending on others as you have an inbuilt strength.  The good thing about you is that you don’t make a big deal about your self-confidence, and instead of going around talking about it, you would rather set it into actions and that is what makes those around you to respect you very much. You talk less and tend to achieve more, setting you unique from the rest of those around you.

March 28 Zodiac sign – Aries

Being born on March 28 automatically sets you to belong to the Aries zodiac sign and that is what makes you be known to be an ambitious person. Instead of going around chest thumbing for your success, you choose to take a low profile and let your actions speak louder than your words.

When you set your mind on something or are given an assignment, you become passionate, enthusiastic, outgoing, courageous, and adventurous. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you, but you will ensure that you get the job done correctly. This could be the reason behind many people considering you to be a born leader.

Love and Relationships of March 28

There are some signals, signs, and the language of the body which can make you be attracted in love, but it is not a simple matter.  As a man, you are the type who likes to speak beautiful love songs when you are deeply in love. You become so persistent, not stopping until you get what you want as far as love is concerned.

If it happens that, the person you are trying to win over doesn’t seem to recognize your love, you will completely lose your head.  When you realize that the person whom you want to be your partner is not compatible with you, you will tend to become aggressive and unmanageable due to the fact that, you are unable to express your emotions. If you fail to feel loved and accepted, you will become distant, retreat until you feel safe to mingle again.

No matter how you feel, when you get the right partner, you will definitely fall in love again. Your best match is those who are temperamental and fiery. You are known to suffer from being undecided. In matters concerning business, career, and education, you tend to be a very decisive person, but when it comes to your love life, you are the kind of a person who prefers to sit on the fence.  This could be as a result of your trait of being a leader and thus, you are never short of members of the opposite sex who are attracted to you. That could be the reason why, as someone born on March 28, you tend to be a latecomer when it comes to long-term relationship or marriage commitments.

March 28 Planetary Influence

As an Aries, Mars is your ruling planet and it is the one which is making you have tension between real strength and perceived strength.  If you have a desire to go far in life, then you will need to understand that, there is a correlation between the two.

March 28 Element

Being an Aries, you are governed by fire as your element. You have a fire in the belly but unlike other Aries, it is not a fire that is burning bright when it comes to cosmetics and optics.  You don’t seem to make a big show or big deal of your belly fire which you possess, but as long as people pay attention to you and the way you live your life, they will notice it.

Career and Purpose of March 28

You love to have a successful career above everything else, followed by a social life that is functional.  These are the two things which are very essential to you and you are ready to do anything in order to achieve them. If you cannot have them in the normal way, then you will be forced to work any other way, like marrying someone.

Born on March 28 means that, you are a great improviser and whatever problem that comes your way, from finances to business, it is simple and easy for you to get a solution, working harder than ever before with one thought in mind, to succeed with nothing else interesting you. It is possible for you to earn a lot of money and since you are a generous person, the chances of losing it are very high.

Any career that involves leadership is good for you due to the fact that, you are direct, don’t beat around the bush, and you tell people what they need to do and what they know. You have a personality which is forceful and thus, it works in your favor.

Even though you are forceful, you phrase things in a way that it becomes clear to those who are paying attention to you and thus, it is hard for you to make enemies. There are a lot of doors which open for you with no much effort on your part and this is as a result of your natural leadership which you gather over time.

Health and well being of March 28

The level of health that you experience due to your birthday is good as you tend to have a sensible approach in the way you take care of yourself.  As a result, you are able to avoid falling sick, which is normally initiated by neglect of health.

The things which you tend to be prone to include sensitive skin and anxiety. Work or personal problems can make you experience sleepless nights and eruptions of a dermatological nature. It will be beneficial for you to drink a lot of water in order to assist you in getting rid of the proneness. It could also be to your advantage if you relaxed in case you feel stressed.

Luck and significance of March 28

Red is your lucky color and this should be self-explanatory. Being a color of passion, red is most suitable for you as you have a lot of power and passion. Whatever you set your eyes on, you can easily achieve it. Other lucky colors for you include scarlet, blue and gold.

Numbers which tend to bring luck into your life include 1, 17, 24, 38, 60, 2, 5, 18, 37, 39, 40 with number 6 being your power lucky number. The tiger shark is your lucky animal while Basil is your lucky plant. The stone that attracts luck into your life is agate. Professions which you can be successful in include farmer, agronomist, and anthropologist.

March 28 Positive Traits

Something positive about you is that, whenever you say something, you ensure that you do it and thus, you earn respect for that.  And that could be the reason why, whenever you find yourself in a group, you automatically become its natural leader.

March 28 Negative Traits

The tendency you have to proceed with incomplete information could cause your downfall.  It is important to remember that, when you take an action based on information which is incomplete, there are high chances that you will end up doing something which will be wrong.

March 28 Tips

It is high time that you avoided overworking yourself and even though your self-confidence is high, and have achieved great things in the past, there is a need to take things one step at a time. It is a common trend for people born on March 28 to bite more than they can be able to chew.

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