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March 31 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

March 31 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Keywords: Challenging, Impulsive

English Name: The Ram

Ruler:   Mars

Birthstone:  Beryl

Motto:  I am

Exalted:  The Sun

Element:  Fire

Shape:  Triangle

One word:  Sunrise

Quality:  Cardinal

Strength: Knowledge

Weakness: Loss of direction

Best Color:    Green-Yellow

Most compatible with:  Gemini

Although most of the time you often trip and fall as you walk through the path of life, you easily forget it and develop new path which you use through any obstacles that form, full of courage and industriousness. Showing off your abilities, brilliant, there is no time you surrender to pessimism and your confidence leaves your critics dumbfounded.

Activities that you get involved in are contagious and you like getting involved in social work. There is this belief that you have that, your criticism and views are always just. The mistake you always make is that, when you are supposed to admit, even for your own self, and confront your beliefs with the available facts, you don’t. Because of your birthday of March 31, it follows that you are noble and delicate, sacrificing and willingly giving your time to others.

It seems that you don’t have a strong will and you might be led astray by your willingness to please others. Most of the time, you forget yourself and can be discreet. Try and develop restraint words and avoid your tendency to control every person whom you encounter when you take part in a conversation.

Avoid attracting all the attention to yourself. It is possible that your pomposity could get you involved in various arguments and complications.  In case you allow your intuition to guide you, then there will be no room for making mistakes and the end results will be more correct and logical.

Characteristics and Personality of March 31

The most important thing in your life is the opportunity which is provided several times in your life to make important decisions about how to change your life in whatever way you want. It could be a change of job, partner, or anything positive in your life. You are someone who is blessed and you should make sure that you utilize the opportunity as it is hard to come by.

The life path of those born on March 31 is not easy and straightforward as you have to work hard in order to achieve things in your life. Nothing is going to fall into your lap without effort, but you are competent for hard work and you can be able to endure so much.

If you happen to miss out on changes, your hidden talents will never come out and yet you possess so many skills and talents some of which you are aware that you possess.  One thing that you need to have is to remain optimistic and positive in order to become the best you can along with the many chances to see opportunities which are presented to you. You respond well to challenges and track events, but it happens due to your need for security together with the calculations that you sometimes make, which you are incredibly restrained and indecisive.

When in interpersonal relationships, you give the impression that you are cold, yet you are a very sensitive person in your own way, but you tend to express your love differently. You are not easy to be accessed but in your seemingly cold shell, you have a heart that is warm and various emotions.

When passion strikes, there is a sense of unconscious fear and a love that is very strong, with emotions which lie behind some cynicism and it is like that due to lack of confidence and as a result of your constant fear, you get hurt by others. You have a need to take care of your close family and friends, which at times you take too much obligation to yourself, much more than you should.

March 31 Zodiac sign – Aries

Being born on March 31 means that, your zodiac sign is Aries and it is the one which is making you be an extrovert and straightforward person and at the same time, very courageous. Most of the time, people will give up on a project just because they have a feeling that, it is too tough for them and that they don’t have what it takes to succeed in certain goals.

Although you are aware of the many physical limitations that exist in your path, you don’t allow them to hold you back. Your personality is so forceful that it enables you to mobilize people who are around you to enable things to be done and thus, you become a powerful natural leader. Mind-wise, you are a very civic person, being able to sacrifice your self-interest for the good of everyone else.

Love and Relationships of March 31

In love, you can easily sink into misunderstandings and the selfishness of your own emotional needs. You are not overly romantic and most of the time, you can be referred to as being clumsy.  You don’t oppose becoming intimate with your partners during your first date.  You want to be more intimate with your partner, more than the physical intimacy as that is what you require so badly and you find it hard to get your prospective partner.

There is no need for your partners to be classic as you have a specific taste in love and you tend to be attracted to everything which is interesting and different. Ordinary people don’t tend to attract you as you want something which is extraordinary to match your needs which are specific.  To put your relationship to the next level, you ensure that, you hold serious conversations with your partner. You tend to be good with words and that is what you utilize in your game of love.

Depending on how serious the relationship is, and at what phase of your life you are in, you might end up cheating on your partner or not. You are someone who is passionate and thus, can easily bind your partner cheating in certain phases of your life, but when you find true love, you no longer cheat.  Freedom is something that you yearn for and there is no compromise about it.

So if someone wants to bond in love with you, they should allow you to have your moments, adapt to your rules and accept your way of life. The best match to become your life partner is someone who likes to be lead as you love leading all the time.

March 31 Planetary Influence

You are ruled by Mars as your planet due to your birthday on March 31 and its aspect which is affecting you is your fearlessness. Once you have a chart set up for yourself and you think it is the right thing to do and you have the correct base, there is no turning back for you. According to you, it is always a matter of time until you achieve your goal. Most of the time, you are right and your tremendous willpower seems to work for you.

March 31 Element

As an Aries born on March 31, fire is the element that rules your life with its aspect of fire in your belly affecting your personality. You are a dynamic, very driven person and it is very hard for anyone to intimidate you from your goal, just like fire.

Career and Purpose of March 31

Any job which has some elements of moving, fighting and action can be a perfect profession for you. Most of the time, you set your mind towards being able to realize your goals and you are always ambitious about it.

When you are defeated, you will always acknowledge it and use the defeats to prepare for your next step which will be wiser and better.  You are ready to do whatever it takes to win and have a spirit that is competitive.  It is possible to find you doing sports even just as a hobby.  Regardless of whatever job you do, others tend to see you like the best athletes, conquerors, and warriors. This means that you are born to be whatever you want to be.

Health and well being of March 31

Health fluctuations which you will experience due to your birthday falling on March 31 could be as a result of neglecting the basics. Your attitude towards healthiness can be somewhat unpredictable and you end up making excuses that there is no time.

When you fail to pay attention to your needs, it could lead to you suffering from deficiencies resulting in symptoms which can cause you to slow down. It is important that you carry routine checks of your well-being as well as trying to eat healthy if you want to look and perform your best. You should get to have a regular activity like swimming, walking, or keep it fit classes as a fun way to remain trim.

Luck and significance of March 31

Green-Yellow is your lucky color and it is known to be a color of revelation and growth and they are what boosts your personality. Other colors that seem to bring luck in your life include orange, olive, and teal.

Numbers which tend to bring luck to you include 1, 5, 23, 38, 42, 51, 53, 58, 79, 82, and 97, with 20 being your power lucky number. The duck is the animal that brings luck to you while Lime trees are the plant to go for in order to attract luck in your life. Beryl is the stone that you should carry around to bring great success to you while professions such as carpenter, clerk, and being a musician are what you should indulge in.

March 31 Positive Traits

As a person born on March 31, you are very sacrificing, competent and driven, which is a great combination due to the fact that, most companies will be happy to have you as their employee. Results are what interests you and not labels.

March 31 Negative Traits

Regarding your loyalties, you will need to be very careful as you might end up being loyal to the wrong organization or cause. Always remember that whatever you do have an impact on the world around you and thus, your forceful personality might end up being a force for evil or good.  Ensure that you think things out in terms of implications or else, you might land in some tight spots ethically.

March 31 Tips

There is a need for you to pursue your goals and things which are worth your time. It seems that there are a lot of false paths and false starts on your path and thus, you need to be extra careful.

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